Gregory Hood’s 2021 Amren speech now online

I hope y’all enjoy this speech as much as I did:

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Black Airbnb Tenant Triggered by Cotton Field

I know it’s a cliche’ but you can’t make this stuff up. From The Daily Dot:

‘Cotton fields is not normal’: Black TikToker says she showed up to Airbnb with cotton field, sparking debate

“Y’all why did my cousin book this AirBnB with a cotton field in the yard?” TikToker @thechocolateweeb writes in the overlay text of a now-viral video she posted on Friday…

“It is actually pretty decent inside,” Bell says. “Being put in an area like [a cotton field] unexpectedly as a Black person does trigger you a little bit and makes you feel uncomfortable.”

She also mentions that she experienced an “urge” to pick the cotton—not that she wanted to “go back to slavery,” of course.

“It’s an odd feeling that you feel so close to history,” Bell says.

Three questions come to mind.

Firstly, did her sensitivity to history come to her through family tradition, by word of mouth from her grand parents or great grandparents? If so, then I might have some sympathy. In my eyes, the transfer of family history, from generation to generation is a beautiful thing; it’s an important component to a natural, organic, self. If she was brought up, from an early age, with such family traditions, because she came from a family of sharecroppers, then (at least in my mind), her being triggered might be a normal thing. In a sense, she’s living her own history. Good for her…

But it’s more likely that her sensitivity comes from years of public school “We Was Slaves!” curriculum, corporate media victim-indoctrination and Afro-centric movies. In other words, junk-sources.

I’d like to take credit for first noticing this type of distinction, but I actually saw it in a YouTube video concerning historic Chinese traditions. I think it was a video by Laowhy. I can’t locate the specific video right now. In any case, After decades of destroying authentic Chinese traditions and artifacts, the Chinese Communist Party is now encouraging Confucianism, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Traditional Chinese Medicine – and harnessing the power of these traditions to its own nefarious ends. The result is an outer shell of what LOOKS LIKE traditional Chinese culture, but is actually a tool of tyranny. Communists in the US have done the same thing with black history.

My second question is: Where does all this end? Does this woman get triggered by trees? After all, many blacks were lynched on trees. Maybe her cloths contain cotton. Why is she not triggered by that?

My third question is: If something as innocuous as a cotton field can “spark debate,” then we should ask ourselves how we allowed our society to become so fragile. We should be looking for ways to cure this insanity.

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New Information Prompts Federal Charges Against Rittenhouse

Thanks to the good work of CNN’s investigative reporters Melanie Ellis and Blake Hicken, the Federal Government can be more proactive in prosecuting white-supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse.

Though The Independent, and other sources, had retracted their initial reports that Rittenhouse’s victims were black, it turns out they were right after all.

Ellis and Hicken were able to obtain results for the two BLM martyrs, and it turns out that Joseph Rosenbaum had 2% Nigerian ancestry. Anthony Huber had 1% Senegalese ancestry.

“This is a game-changer,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland. “In light of this new information, ‘self-defense’ is no longer applicable in this case. Systemic racism renders any claims of ‘self-defense’ null and void when the killer is white, and his victim black.”

President Biden, backtracking on his earlier statement that we should respect the decision of the jury, has now announced that a new (Federal) trial will be forthcoming, and nothing less than life in prison would be an acceptable outcome for Rittenhouse.

Biden’s announcement was met with cheers by The Squad, who have vowed to stamp out white-supremacy wherever it rears its ugly head.

In related news, Pope Francis has announced that, “in light of these new developments, we now believe that Rosenbaum and Huber are good candidates for sainthood, and we’ve started the process of beautification… especially Rosenbaum, as we’re impressed with the way he dedicated his life to children.”

It’s also likely that the two martyrs will receive a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize.

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Two Powerful Must-See Videos

They speak for themselves. The first is on Odysee, and it doesn’t appear that it’s possible to embed Odysee videos into WordPress, so follow this link:

We Have a Serious Racial Issue in America

Here’s the second, from Paul Joseph Watson:

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ProPublica Struggles with Traffic Stops of Hispanics

In an article titled “If Everybody’s White, There Can’t Be Any Racial Bias”: The Disappearance of Hispanic Drivers From Traffic Records Richard A. Webster, Hannah Fresques and Irena Hwang complain that police departments are in the habit of listing Hispanic drivers as “white” during traffic stops. This hides any racial profiling that might be taking place:

This kind of misidentification is widespread — and not without harm. Across America, law enforcement agencies have been accused of targeting Hispanic drivers, failing to collect data on those traffic stops, and covering up potential officer misconduct and aggressive immigration enforcement by identifying people as white on tickets.

If the authors of this article are concerned about such misidentification, perhaps they should dig a bit deeper to understand WHY it occurs. The article does touch upon the reasons, barely, in a couple of places:

State Police spokesperson Lt. Melissa Matey, as an explanation for not counting Hispanics, cited the current National Crime Information Center standards, which don’t include Hispanic as a race.

“You could say the person was lazy,” del Carmen said. “You could also say, well, maybe the officer intentionally did that to be able to lower the number of individual Hispanics that he or she stopped, because they were being scrutinized.”

And there’s the rub. Hispanics are not counted as a separate category most likely to make white crime-rates seem higher than they actually are. This has been a widespread policy for a long time – and here we see the catch-22 that the Left has created for itself:

Count Hispanic offenders as “white” so that white crime-rates appear higher, and there’s no evidence of alleged racial profiling – leaving leftists unhappy.

Count Hispanic offenders in their own category, so that “evidence” of racial profiling can be conjured up, and low white crime-rates become painfully obvious, especially when compared to black crime-rates – leaving leftists unhappy.

What the authors of this article want is for traffic offenses to be exactly in proportion to each respective ethnic group, and yet they present no evidence that Hispanic/black drivers are identical to white/Asian drivers in their habits…

… Actually not. The authors of this article do NOT WANT such equality, and even if it existed, they’d find a way to make it appear that it did not. They make their living off of racial grievances, real or imagined. Here are some of the other articles they have vomited out for us:

Louisiana Deputy Who Slammed a Black Woman on the Pavement Was Named in Multiple Suits, Records Show

Three Children Attacked a Black Woman. A Sheriff’s Deputy Arrived — and Beat Her More.

In a California Desert, Sheriff’s Deputies Settle Schoolyard Disputes. Black Teens Bear the Brunt.

Black Workers Are More Likely to Be Unemployed but Less Likely to Get Unemployment Benefits

In the South, Bankruptcy Is Different, Especially for Black Debtors

How the Bankruptcy System Is Failing Black Americans

ProPublica is a perfect example of what we mean when we describe “anti-racism” as an industry. It’s a grievance mill, churning out article after article about how terrible it is to be non-white, specifically black, in America – and yet millions of black Africans risk their lives to come here, and the black proportion of the population steadily increases. If things were half as bad as they say, almost all American blacks would have died out by now.

Regarding Hispanics, and this article, the authors spill much ink describing how police officers engage in fishing operations for illegal immigrants:

Traffic stops are the most common interaction between citizens and police, and often lead to finding people who have outstanding warrants or who are in the country illegally. As a result, they present the most opportunities for abuse and misconduct, said Jeffrey Fagan, a professor at Columbia Law School…

For years, many in Jefferson Parish’s Hispanic community have accused the Sheriff’s Office of targeting them for stops with the intention of investigating their immigration status…

In a 2011 report on New Orleans, DOJ investigators noted that “Latinos in New Orleans, especially young Latino males, reported that NOPD officers stop them for unknown reasons or for minor offenses that would not ordinarily merit police attention, and then question them regarding immigration status.”

And yet they openly admit that many of these same Hispanics are, indeed, illegal immigrants:

Since 2000, the Hispanic population in Jefferson Parish has more than doubled, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, growth driven in part by Central American immigrants arriving in search of work during the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina. Many of these immigrants settled in Jefferson Parish due to affordable rents and landlords willing to accommodate undocumented people…

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded the Sheriff’s Office multiple grants since 2017 to assist in the identification and deportation of undocumented people. One of the key tactics in doing so is traffic stops, which has left many Hispanic people in Jefferson Parish afraid to drive.

“I think we just leave our houses kind of terrified,” said a local activist who asked to remain anonymous due to his immigration status. “I’m white-knuckled on the steering wheel, just making sure I’m always going the speed limit and that everything on my car is perfect. Because for any tiny thing, you just don’t know how the police might react and what could happen.”

What the authors are really saying is that such stops are an effective way to apprehend illegal immigrants, but they simply do not want our immigration laws to be enforced. Also, there can be no doubt that the authors fully support Biden’s open-border policies, which inevitably result in many more illegal aliens who are Hispanic. They want nothing less than the wholesale invasion of our country.

The vast majority of people, even in America, lack critical thinking skills. They see article after article claiming that white people are oppressing non-whites, in myriad ways, and in their minds, this amounts to “evidence.” In reality, the proliferation of such junk articles and studies is evidence only of a huge financial/ideological motive to push The Narrative. It does not amount to evidence of anything else.

If a proliferation of such articles were actually evidence of their claims, then by the same token, the proliferation of religious writings, throughout the ages, would be evidence that angels actually can dance on the head of a pin; the only question is how many at the same time. This is the 21st century, and we’re supposed to have outgrown such primitive thinking.

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A Benefit of Living in Latin America: The Simple Life

A few years ago, while vacationing in Mexico, I decided to rent a scooter. It was an old, beat up, scooter, but it was functional and cheap. I had a lot of fun with it, and the day came when it was time to prepare to go home, so I headed back to the shop where I’d rented the scooter, and proceeded to cross the street to return it, but I hit a barrier and took a minor tumble. A piece of plastic broke off the scooter – and the owner had been sitting in front of his shop the entire time watching me!

I wasn’t hurt… at least not physically, but I was embarrassed. I expected the owner to have me fill out a bunch of paperwork, pay a hefty fee and document everything. That’s how it would work in the US. Instead, he laughed, looked at it, and suggested $10 as compensation. This was in Cozumel, an island with a reputation for friendliness.

Fast forward to 2021, and I’m about to check in for my flight from Nashville to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. It was a fairly long wait to reach the check in lady, and when I got there, she asked me for my “electronic check in code” or something to that effect. I had no idea what she was talking about, as this was not required last time I’d traveled internationally. She explained that this requirement had been in place for a few months, and she gave me a piece of paper with a bar code on it. Luckily, I was able to struggle through the process on my smart phone and produce the bar code she needed to get checked in. It was a stressful situation – and nobody had said anything about needing such a bar code to enter Dominican Republic at the other end of my trip…

Upon arrival in Puerto Plata, I breezed through Immigration, but when I got to Customs, the attendant asked me for my electronic check in barcode. When I made it clear that I had none, and hadn’t realized I needed it, he smiled and said, “try to remember for next time,” and let me through.

What is it like to rent an apartment in Costambar, the suburb I’m now staying in? Having helped my daughter look for apartments in the US, I did expect some paperwork, a background check, a deposit, first and last month’s rent, fees and an interview of some kind. Instead, all that was involved was taking a photo of my passport, paying rent for the expected time I’ll be here, and actually moving in. I’m guessing that evictions are a lot simpler here than in the US. Therefore, rentals are also a lot simpler: Establish your ID, pay the money and move in. I haggled a bit about whether I’m paying the monthly rate or the daily rate, and right now it’s “daily with the option of monthly if I choose to stay longer.” I’m hoping to move to another apartment if it becomes available. They seem to all come furnished and with swimming pools.

Life is too complicated in the US. Practically every human activity involves government bureaucracy, and is subject to reams of regulations and codes – all to “keep us safe.” At this point, many of us simply want to be safe from the bureaucracy, codes and regulations. It’s a case of the “cure” being worse than the disease. I’d rather live free and take the risks.

A Guanabana fruit. Tastes like a guava but bigger and with large seeds
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Imgur: An Anti-White Cesspool

Sometimes, I enjoy mining Imgur for cute cat/dog videos. Yes, I like that sort of thing, and Imgur is a good place to find it. But when it comes to politics of any kind, Imgur is infested with Marxists and anti-whitism.

Sometimes, people will post questions. One of them asked:

What is the most unbelievably racist thing you’ve ever had happen to you?

This question was followed up with a story from a white man and his adopted black child, and how they were harassed by a black woman. Various people related their own experiences with racism in comments.

Of course, I chimed in with a synopsis of my experiences during forced busing in L.A.:

I was attacked by a mob of blacks because of the color of my skin. I also had a knife to my throat and rocks thrown at me – all by blacks

Longer comments aren’t allowed in Imgur; it’s a bit like Twitter in this regard.

Hardly a day later, I got this warning from Imgur moderation:

Hi there!

We’re writing to let you know that the comment you shared,, has been removed from Imgur’s public community for violating our Community Rules located at

Your comment:

“I was attacked by a mob of blacks because of the color of my skin. I also had a knife to my throat and rocks thrown at me – all by blacks.”

Imgur is open to anyone and we do not tolerate abusive, hateful, harassing, bullying, or discriminatory content. We want to keep Imgur a fun place for everyone, so we ask that you please keep the rules in mind when posting. If you violate our rules again, your account may be suspended or disabled.

If you would like to learn more or contact our support team, please visit This is a no-reply message.

Obviously, Imgur considers it “harassment, abusive and hateful” to relate stories of racism if the perpetrators are black.

Meanwhile, Imgur users bash whites at every opportunity. For example:

There is no indication that the white man’s race had anything to do with it. His whiteness was brought up only in order to attack white people in general. Of course, I reported it, but it’s doubtful anything will be done about it. This is normal on Imgur. The comments were just as bad, often assuming that the white man was simply bothered by the presence of a Mexican.

I continue to mine Imgur for cat videos – but I also take jabs at Marxist memes, and challenge some of their assumptions. I don’t expect to last long before they ban me. The echo-chamber must be maintained you know.

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Good News from Kenosha

Like all decent Americans, and freedom-loving people around the world, I’m greatly relieved by the not-guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. My relief, however, is tempered by concerns over his safety. If he stays in America, he’ll have to look over his shoulder the rest of his life. I’m also disgusted by the usual suspects decrying this verdict with the nonsensical claim that it will encourage others to “take the law into their own hands.” When police can not, or will not, enforce the law and protect our safety and property, then it the DUTY of citizens to step forward and do so. It can only make sense to condemn “taking the law into our own hands” in a society with a functional police force and court system. The United States has neither – and this case was, in my opinion, merely a stroke of luck.

In other news, y’all may recall that I traveled to Dominican Republic last year, and that I was sick the entire time. Therefore, I decided to make up for it and try again. This time, it’s an extended stay. In fact, it’s a trial retirement. If I’m happy living here for a few months, then I might make this my seasonal home, snow-birding between the tropics and Oregon.

So far, so good. I haven’t gotten sick, and I’m gradually adapting to life here – which is very much a life of leisure.

Interestingly, just about every white person I’ve spoken to here seems to be a race-realist to one extent or another. It’s mainly older men who have been around and experienced the world. They have no illusions about the reality on the ground in Dominican Republic. Sure, people are friendly, but there are good reasons the country is so poor – and it has nothing to do with white-privilege, colonialism or historic injustice; it has to do with a high time-preference, though nobody’s actually used that term with me.

A few of my friends have asked me to take lots of photos, and share them. Here’s one I took last night:

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The 2021 American Renaissance Conference

We had a smaller crowd this year than previous years, at least partially due to Covid travel restrictions; The Biden regime has no problem allowing untold thousands of unvaccinated illegal aliens to storm our borders – because they’re “not intending to stay here a long time,” but legal visitors from Europe are required to be vaccinated even if they’ll only be here a few days. Two of our speakers did not want to subject themselves to the vaccine, so they addressed us via pre-recorded video: Ruuben Kaalep, from Estonia and Dries Van Langenhove from Flanders.

Two other speakers, Colin Flaherty and David Cole, couldn’t make it for medical reasons. While Cole’s situation is not life-threatening, Flaherty is struggling with cancer. Sadly, he might not be with us for long. If you are able to contact him, please send him your best wishes.

As for the other speakers, they were all extremely good – and these speeches will be available on Bitchute within a few days.

F. Roger Devlin spoke about envy, and if you think this would make for a boring speech, you’d be wrong; it was quite entertaining and informative. I thought it was a great way to start the conference.

Peter Brimelow spoke about the political situation in the US, and he never disappoints.

Michelle Malkin, appearing for the first time at Amren, gave an emotional speech about open borders, focusing on her own experiences as the daughter of immigrants from the Philippines. I had no idea she was so well-versed in Amren history, and so well-acquainted with our heroes. She expressed deep regret at not having seen the light until after the passing of Sam Francis and Lawrence Auster. If there was ever any doubt regarding her loyalty to America, and the white people who founded it, they are now dispelled. In any case, I don’t think she had even one minute without being hounded by her admirers, including myself.

A long-time follower of Colin Flaherty gave a moving musical tribute via short musicals poking fun at Diversity, and set to popular tunes.

Jared Taylor spoke of the the current status of our ongoing struggle. Taylor is as emotional as he is passionate, so he broke into tears a couple of times during his speech – and it’s hard for me to maintain my own composure when this happens.

Gregory Hood was the last speaker on Saturday, and his speech was titled “The Real Racial Reckoning.” This was the first time I’d ever heard him speak, and I was shocked. Never had I heard such an eloquent and moving speech. Do yourselves a favor, and even if you don’t have time for the other speeches, make sure to watch this one. It’s remarkable.

On Sunday, we were addressed by Sam Dickson, as the conferences always end with a speech by him – and his speeches are always good. It was titled “A Time Whose Idea Has Come,” and the gist of it is that we cannot live peacefully with leftists. They want us dead, and (as true Stalinists), they’ll stop at nothing short of this. It’s up to us to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from their evil.

Near the end of his speech, Dickson defined “white people” as those whose ancestors were Nicene Christians in 1492. His definition does exclude Jews. One Jewish attendee took exception to this, but I explained that we shouldn’t be bothered by it. Firstly, such distinctions are strictly academic, and secondly, it’s up to white Europeans to determine who is “white” and who is not. Dickson is well within his rights to exclude Jews, and this doesn’t mean he hates us or wishes us harm. Also, Jews routinely exclude white non-Jews from our tribe, so we shouldn’t get upset if some whites exclude us from theirs.

In his video, Ruuben Kaalep described himself as an Estonian Pagan, and that his faith enjoyed continuity back through the ages. I did point out to Mr. Dickson that, according to his definition, Mr. Kaalep would not qualify as “white.” I cannot explain his answer, because I didn’t fully understand it myself, and it seemed unsatisfactory. Hopefully, Mr. Dickson will explain himself more fully in the future.

There were a few protestors, relegated to a distant location. As far as I could tell, we didn’t have any problems from them; security was tight as always.

In previous years, some of us would enjoy lunch at a small restaurant in nearby Dixon. However, this year VDare had reserved the entire venue for its donors. Alas, I was not able to attend.

Overall, this conference was a huge success because of the quality of the speeches, and the quality of the attendees. There were very few weirdos, but we did have a good demographic mix, including a few children. All indications were that everybody was invigorated by this event, and we all left with a renewed sense of purpose.

For a more comprehensive overview of the conference and its speakers, click here.

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Bonei Olam: A Lesson from the Jewish Community

Y’all may have noticed the dearth of posts here recently, and the reason for this is that I’ve been on the move, traveling from place to place visiting family – ultimately ending up in Tennessee for the upcoming American Renaissance conference.

Without going into specifics, I’ll tell you that my daughter lives in a highly functional, close-knit and thriving Jewish community. It’s the sort of community we conjure up in our minds when we think of the best that 1950s suburban America had to offer. It’s clean and safe. Neighbors know each other, help each other out and share each other’s joys and sorrows. In his Sabbath sermon, the rabbi at the shule I attended implored his flock to be honorable and honest in their business dealings, and emphasized the importance of keeping one’s word. No distinctions were made between dealings with non-Jews or fellow Jews. The worst behavior I encountered there was a failure to return my greetings when approaching people on the street. The Jewish sages refer to those who fail to return a greeting as “thieves.” I was told that the influx of New York Jews, who tend to be less friendly, is a cultural challenge to the community. New York Jews pose another kind of threat, in the form of higher housing prices they’re able to afford, pushing prices out of the reach of most of the locals.

My impression is that a majority of this community is politically conservative, and I even had a short conversation with a man whose parents had survived the Communist gulags. He understood the challenges America now faces.

My daughter, who is soon to give me an additional grandchild, received a lot of assistance from a Jewish organization called “Bonei Olam” (“builders of the World”). This organization collects nominal fees from its many members, and provides fertility services to couples who need it. Religious Jews understand the importance of strengthening the next generation. What use is the world if no one is there to enjoy it?

Though Bonei Olam is a Jewish organization, its website does not seem to exclude non-Jews. In any event, the non-Jewish white communities of the world should definitely have similar organizations. If such an organization, geared toward American whites, existed, surely millions of people would make modest contributions, even a dollar a month, to this cause. Such contributions add up. After the birth of a child, parents could express their joy and gratitude by donating to this cause.

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