Taki Takes the Palestinian Side in Conflict

Since I’m a Jew, I have a natural bias toward my own people. This is natural and to be expected, but that’s not to say that Jews cannot take the opposite side occasionally. This does not automatically make one a “self-hating Jew.” Sometimes, there could be valid reasons for siding against your own people.

Does Taki have valid reasons? Here’s what he writes, quoting Professor David Shulman:

It is a regime of state terror whose raison d’être is the theft of Palestinian land and, whenever possible, the expulsion of its Palestinian owners. I have seen this system in operation over the course of the past twenty odd years.

Taki goes on to write:

I’ve met a lot of Israelis who not only agree with him, but are adamant that Israel under Netanyahu has become an occupying power bent on capturing the whole West Bank. One thing is for sure, and I will get to the Hamas outrage and the Israeli reaction later on: To Palestinians living under the occupation over the past several years, state violence against them has escalated dramatically.

It is hard for me to describe what I’ve seen with my own eyes when Jewish religious fanatics—or settlers, as they’re called—mostly young men and women imbued with a burning, racist hate for Palestinians, come face-to-face with them. The Israeli army and the police, supposedly neutral, invariably side with the settlers, and thus one more Arab village empties out with religious fanatics moving in. The plan is a simple one and openly espoused by government officials: If life becomes unbearable, the Palestinians will leave and go to Jordan or Saudi Arabia, or anywhere, and the whole West Bank will be Jewish.

I’m not an expert on Israel, or Jewish-Palestinian relations, but I did spend a few years there, and I did witness some of what Taki is referring to. It bothered me at the time, and it bothered my friends… most of them; one of my friends was a settler, and he treated random Arabs very poorly.

I do have a soft spot for Palestinians, and this is as good a place as any to dispel the popular notion that “Palestinians are not a people.”

It may be true that the nation of Palestine is not mentioned until very recently, and it may be true that there was no political entity of that name, unless we go back to the Philistines, and that was a completely different nation; the ancient Philistines were Indo-European, and had nothing to do with the modern Palestinians, except for the name and probably some residual genes.

All that may be true, but whether they had a specific name or political entity doesn’t negate the fact that every human population, which has occupied a piece of land for hundreds/thousands of years, is a nation. Even if they were part of a larger (Jordanian/Syrian) nation at one time, this doesn’t mean they can’t be considered their own nation – especially if history has deprived them of a state. Whether it’s their fault or not is also irrelevant. Even if there was no “Palestinian people” prior to the 1960s, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist now.

In the past, I’ve written that White-Americans are a people in the making. Government persecution, systemic marginalization and replacement policies are forging a new people. We might say the same about the Palestinians – taking Taki at his word.

I sympathize, to a point, with Palestinians because in some ways, they resemble Ancient Jews more than modern Jews resemble ancient Jews – and Israel’s Europeanization policies have made this even more so. Modern “Hebrew” sounds like German, and far less like Classical Hebrew than does modern Palestinian Arabic. Unless things have changed, the Israeli government subsidizes bread – but only European-style bread, not the flat bread that Oriental Jews traditionally ate.

Israeli Jews are more civilized than Palestinians. The don’t “honor-kill” their daughters or publicly rejoice when their children blow themselves up. To the best of my knowledge, an Arab is a lot safer in a Jewish area than a Jew would be in an Arab area, even if he were allowed to live there.

Taki claims that anti-Arab persecution has grown worse in recent years. While I don’t support brutality, or injustice, to anybody, there are two facts we should bear in mind:

  1. As badly as Arabs may be treated in Israel today, when Arabs were in charge, Jews were treated worse – and there’s no reason to believe this would change in the future if Arabs gained control.
  2. In a multicultural society, there is no such thing as “equality,” much less “equity.” One group will always dominate the other(s).

Jews should be the group that dominates in the Land of Israel; it’s our only homeland. Personally, I believe that such domination should be with a soft touch. Unnecessary aggression, stealing land, destroying homes or businesses, beatings, humiliations etc. should not be tolerated – but the law should recognize Jewish supremacy, much as Muslim governments recognize Islamic superiority.

Taki makes much of the fact that Palestinians suffer in their camps. I never visited one of those camps, but I knew somebody who did. It was a rabbi, and he had gone there to collect money owed him by the Palestinian. When he arrived, and he witnessed the grinding poverty, he realized it was a lost cause. He returned home empty-handed.

I won’t pretend to know the reasons Palestinians suffer so much; it might have something to do with their propensity for violence – which goes back decades before the State of Israel was even founded. Israel responds by making it more difficult to find work. Poverty is a result.

At this point, it seems clear to me that both sides have erred. People like to characterize Israel as the responsible party, since it has the state and a powerful military. I don’t believe this is entirely true. Demographics, especially on the global scale, favor the Palestinians. The Great Replacement has ensured that Israel’s old allies in America and Europe will shift loyalties toward the Palestinians. As electorates become more and more brown and black, sympathy toward Israel will disappear. Politicians will follow suit, as will foreign policy. In the long run, Israel is the underdog.

In conclusion, Israel’s abuses and bad policies notwithstanding, I think that if the Palestinians were to collectively recognize Israel’s right to exist, and announce a willingness to forgive the past and make a fresh start, that would force Israel to change its ways. It would be far more effective than killing babies and raping women.

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I Congratulated a Dutchman Today

I was at the beach with friends, and there was a man there I didn’t recognize. Introducing myself, he revealed that he’s Dutch. Naturally, I congratulated him on the recent election, in which Girt Wilders won the most seats. He wasn’t the first Dutchman I’d congratulated – but he was the first to disagree.

It turned out he’s a socialist, and a brainwashed lemming who actually believes the globalist narrative.

He told me that “all of the migrants are working,” but that an economy needs about 4% of its population to be out of work – so that they can be available when jobs materialize.

I wasn’t in the mood to argue, and arguing politics at the beach with a bunch of guys is not a winning proposition…

However, I mulled over what he had said, and I wondered about a few things:

Let’s assume that he’s right about the economy, that the migrants are good for the economy, that they contribute mightily, and that the Netherlands needs 4% of its population idle.

If we accept all this, then we must conclude that the Netherlands’ economy will continue to thrive (he told me the Wilders cannot form a coalition, so he won’t be able to deport anybody).

With a thriving economy, it’s obvious that more and more migrants will arrive. It’s also obvious that, with their bourgeoning population, their political clout will grow.

It’s obvious that they’re not going to abandon Islam in large numbers. On the contrary, they might become even more radical, as we’ve seen in the rest of Western Europe.

Additionally, African/MENA migrants have higher birthrates than Native Europeans. It’s inevitable that they will dominate the country, rule over the natives, and replace the native population.

If there’s a mechanism whereby they will either a) assimilate into Dutch society or b) decrease in number over time I’d like to know what it is – because nobody with power, in Western Europe, has a plan to make this happen. At least nobody has a plan that could actually work.

Therefore, I’d like to people such as the one I met today:

Is the economy more important to you than the very survival of your people? Is it more important than the freedom of your descendants?

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I’m So Glad I Left the Portland Area

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t pat myself on the back for leaving the wreck of a country that is the United States, and specifically the Portland area.

I still read the Nextdoor posts associated with my old area. Recently, I discovered that electric bill are set to increase by 17% next year. Crime is still out of control – and I saw this first-hand during my most recent stay. It’s ridiculous.

Here’s a Nextdoor post I just saw today:

My sister and I reside in central Beaverton in a home we have owned for decades. She posted on here about things we have had to encounter on our property in the last couple months. Our house has been broken into and she had hot coffee thrown in her face by a man in our backyard. There have been many more things, but i will not go into them here because apparently nextdoor frowns on people sharing negative occurrences involving the “houseless”. Somehow this is disparaging our homeless community and further making them victims. If this is not a platform to inform eachother and caution eachother then what is it? They have suspended her account for this. She makes her living by reselling things on this platform. So not cool. We came home last night after dinner to find someone had attemped to kick in our back door, damaging the moulding, doorknob and lock. They were only a couple kicks away from getting in. Who knows what would have happened if we came home and interrupted a burglary. Now we have to come up with the finances for repairing the door and a full on surveillance system which won’t be easy as i live month to month on disability and she can no longer sell on this platform. I hope this post doesn’t go against nextdoor’s guidelines, but think this is a safety concern that people need to be made aware of. Thank you.

During my four-month stint in the Portland area, I was renting a room in what I thought was a nice area: Tigard. It looks fairly affluent, has lots of trees and parks, and there are plenty of shops nearby…

… but I soon discovered that loud cars race by at all hours of the night, even on the small residential street where I lived. Laws against loud vehicles are on the books, but there is no enforcement.

During the brief time I was there, my landlord’s car was broken into, which she caught on her ring camera. They appeared to be Mexicans. Not long after that, a neighbor’s car was stolen right off the parking lot. Also, somebody had pooped right outside our street window. Owning a car and parking there was dicey. It’s one reason I chose to sell my car, especially considering my model was a targeted type of vehicle both for auto theft and catalytic converter theft.

Things are good for me here in Dominican Republic. I have plenty of friends, politics (if any) are low-key. I don’t have to worry about Antifa confronting me as I go about my business. I feel safe, and I get to swim at a beautiful beach almost every day. Snorkeling is good too. Maybe I’ll include an underwater video some time. Things have gone up in price here, but it’s still much more affordable than in most of the US.

If shoplifting is a problem, it’s not a huge one. God help the shoplifter if he’s caught. Products aren’t locked up, and there’s no gang activity that I’ve noticed. We do have petty crime – mostly targeting drunk gringos in the wee hours on the street. We have pickpockets and those who will swipe your valuables if you’re too distracted. Luckily, it hasn’t happened to me.

They’ve got some interesting mannequins around here:

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Why are they called “Islamists?”

Over and over again, I see “conservatives” using the term “Islamist” to describe Muslims who act badly. When I see this, and when possible, I ask them, “What is an Islamist?”

I did this on Quora, and here are the results:

It wasn’t long ago that I had a minor debate with a leftist relative. I used the term “Oriental” to describe East Asians. She said I should use the term “Asian” instead – because people deserve to be called what they call themselves. Let’s use that principle here; I’ve never heard of a “political Muslim” refer to himself as an “Islamist.”

What do they call political Christians? I’ve never heard the term “Christianist.” What about political Hindus? Political Jews are pretty much called Zionists – and most people in the West support that.

Why is it only Muslims who merit this kind of treatment, where the dangerous ones are excluded from the larger “Muslim” community, and given their own category?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because ALL real Islam is “Islamist.” By its very nature, it’s a political ideology – but leftists can’t bear the thought of condemning all Muslims in this way. The term “Islamist” is a mental trick. It’s a sneaky psychological deceit to make it seem like “mainstream Islam” is not a threat. It’s only the “Islamists” we need to worry about, but “normal Muslims” are harmless and wholesome.

“Conservatives” who buy into this farce are either leftist infiltrators or just plain stupid. Every time we see or hear the term “Islamist,” we need to loudly object.

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Israel Must Ignore “International Law”

Warning! The following video depicts gratuitous killing. Don’t watch it if you’re easily disturbed by such scenes. It disturbed me, but I watched it to the end – so that I could write about it.

Gazan men, trying to flee south, are mass executed by Hamas.

If you did watch until the end, you might have noticed that at least one of the executioners was having fun killing his own countrymen, his fellow Muslims. It was a game to him.

If you doubt the stories about decapitated babies, and other atrocities committed on October 7th, consider this: If Hamas considers the lives of its OWN CITIZENS to be as worthless as we see in this video, how little value must they attribute to the lives of Jews?

The demands of Western politicians, including Joe Biden, that Israel adhere to “international law,” are not only misplaced, but grossly misplaced. Such demands are so ridiculous that they need to be ignored, and I hope they are ignored. We cannot demand that only one side adhere to “international law,” while the other side does not even recognized such guidelines or standards – except when it’s politically expedient for them to do so.

It’s true that Western nations also have a history of executing deserters. Generally speaking, I oppose such executions; most wars are fought for the benefit of the elites. Today, they’re typically fought for government bureaucrats and corporations.

In Gaza, this is certainly the case. Hamas wants to cling to power for the benefit of its own elite – who live in luxury far from the fighting. Gazans, who suffer from a low average IQ (partly due to widescale cousin-marriages) might not realize it, but they’re much better off under Israeli rule than under Hamas. This invasion, painful as it is, has the potential of greatly improving the lives of Gazans in the long run. The United States has invaded countries to liberate them from lesser atrocities; it has no moral right to demand a ceasefire.

I do feel badly for the men who were killed, and for their families. They were truly stuck between a rock and a hard place. They did what they felt needed to be done, what the invading army DEMANDED that they do – and this is what happened to them. We can assume the worst for the women who were caught trying to flee.

Many innocents have died in this war and will continue to do so. At this point, we can only hope that their sacrifice will not have been completely in vain. We can hope that some good will come of it.

My wish list would include:

  1. Greater awareness of the evils of Islam, and greater pushback against it.
  2. Greater security for Israelis, with a more secure border.
  3. Greater freedom for Gazans, including freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
  4. Greater pushback against mass migration in Western lands, hopefully culminating in mass deportations.
  5. A wider recognition that, just as Jews have a right to live in peace and security, so too do Whites. This should not be controversial.
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A Two-State Solution; Let’s Do It!

White House occupant Joe Biden has recently promoted a “two-state solution” to the Israel/Palestinian conflict. From MSN:

On the 18th (local time), President Joe Biden of the United States visited Israel and proposed a ‘two-state solution’ by establishing a Palestinian state to solve the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine. He also pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza and the West Bank.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), on the 18th, President Biden said at a press conference after a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Israel, “We must continue to pursue a solution where both Israeli and Palestinian residents can live safely with dignity and peace. This means a ‘two-state solution’.” The two-state solution refers to the coexistence of Israel and Palestine as two separate states.

In other words, it makes perfect sense to have an autonomous state right next to the tiny State of Israel. This autonomous state will be a Palestinian-nationalist state, whose stated purpose is to eradicate Israel, kill all the Jews, and impose Islamic law upon all residents…

If this makes sense to Mr. Biden, then I’d like to propose another two-state solution – based upon Biden’s own words:

President Joe Biden denounced white supremacy as the “most dangerous terrorist threat” to the nation in his commencement address to Howard University’s graduating class Saturday.

“White supremacy … is the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland,” Biden said.

Unlike Islamic Palestinian nationalism, White-nationalists very seldom promote the eradication of other races, they very rarely descend upon non-White people and murder babies, and they have no “holy book” that makes them believe that their destiny is to rule the world. On the contrary, the vast majority of White-nationalists only want to rule over THEMSELVES.

Therefore, if a two-state solution makes sense for Israel and Palestine, how much more so would it make sense for multi-racial America and White-advocates. Set aside a portion of the United States, and grant autonomy to White people.

If it’s good for the Palestinians, then it’s good for Whites – but consistency is too much to expect from our current White House resident.

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Rideshare; Who Slams Doors?

After almost 6 years of driving rideshare, about 3 of those years full-time, I’ve become an expert on passenger behavior. Now that I’m retired, I’m free to share my observations.

Generally speaking, rideshare drivers appreciate it when passengers are gentle with doors. Newer cars, which we are usually required to use for this service, require only the gentlest push to close the doors; anything more than that can easily be considered “slamming.”

What’s the harm in slamming? Firstly, the weather-strips take a beating. I had to replace the weather-strip on the right rear door twice – at $70 a pop. Secondly, in some model cars, the seatbelt doesn’t consistently retract, and slamming the door means that there will be indentations where the seatbelt is crushed against the door. Thirdly, slamming can be loud, and it can be annoying having to hear it dozens of times a day. Fourthly, the sensor can get damaged. This was the case in my most recent (rental) car; the “door open” alarm would sound randomly, and the rear right door would have to be opened and closed again.

Not all demographics behave equally when it comes to door-slamming. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Latinos are, by far, the most respectful toward our cars. As a rule, they’re gentle with the doors. This only applies to Latinos who were born outside the United States. Those who were born in the United States behave the same as other Americans. That is to say, they can go either way.

Women are much worse than men. While travelling, I had an Uber driver bring this up to me, and I’m sure many other rideshare drivers have noticed this phenomenon.

East Asians are slightly worse than Whites, and blacks are slightly better than Whites. I think this latter observation might only apply to the Portland area and similar areas. I say this because the native blacks of Portland seem to be more friendly overall. Sadly, I’ve seen this change recently as more East Coast blacks move in. Many of my most pleasant passengers have been black women.

Any group of 3 or 4 (4 being the maximum for most cars) passengers is going to slam the doors. I don’t know how such a group of Latinos would behave, as I’ve never had one – but if you see such a group (non-Latino) about to get into your car, you’re about to get slammed, almost guaranteed. If it’s a group of women, then God help you.

I’m not going to share my theories in this post. If you do have a theory, share it in comments.

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You Can’t Win with Multiculturalism

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written about the atrocities in Israel, and the justified Israeli reaction, it’s because the subject has already been written about a million times. I really can’t add much to what has already been said.

But actually, I can:

Biden sent arms to, and spoke in favor of, Israel. For this, he’s facing fierce criticism. McDonalds Israel distributed free food to Israeli soldiers. As a result, there are calls for a boycott against the franchise. Everybody, including top politicians and corporate CEOs, has an opinion – and it appears that there are no “safe opinions” in this matter. No matter what you say, you’re going to offend somebody.

Isn’t this the essence of multiculturalism? “Many cultures in one land.” In other words, many points of view, and many loyalties, in one land.

Establishment leftists have, to a certain degree, become spoiled; they’ve gotten used to being mouthpieces for official “truths” and approved opinions. In recent days, they’ve discovered what many of us have known for years: One cannot be pro-(fill in the ethnicity) without being anti-(fill in the other ethnicity). Today, “pro-Jewish” means “anti-Palestinian,” and “pro-Palestinian” means “anti-Jewish.” There’s very little middle ground.

Since Jews are, by and large, more White than Palestinians, Establishment Left support for the latter was predictable. We would have been shocked if Yale student groups did NOT come out in favor of Hamas. We would have scratched our heads if BLM had not done the same. Both did so – and found out that their “approved truth” isn’t necessarily “approved” anymore. Both organizations find themselves in murky waters of their own making.

Jews are a nation, and Palestinians are a nation. America is no longer a nation, and (increasingly) neither are the historic countries of Western Europe. Western countries have lost their nationhood due to multiculturalism, and the mass migration that comes with it.

It’s patriotic for a Jew to support his own people, and it’s patriotic for a Palestinian to support his – but there is no single patriotic stance, in this conflict, for Americans. The official view is that pretty much anybody who lives here is “American,” whether legally or not. Officially, the opinions of hordes of illegal immigrants, who just crossed the Rio Grande, are as valid as the opinions of descendants of the Mayflower. Increasingly, those illegal immigrants, or at least their children, vote in our elections. Unlike founding-stock Americans, these invaders form strong voting blocks. In a democracy, what this means is that we’ve allowed them to rule over us.

Henry Kissinger, recently interviewed, opined that Europe had allowed too many foreigners to enter. At 100 years old, he can say anything he wants. It was pointed out that the same is true of America, and Kissinger should have said so. Perhaps he considered that too controversial. A true American patriot would have found NOTHING too controversial when it comes to the future of his nation. Perhaps he realizes that we no longer have a nation.

For now, Establishment Left elders still cling to old alliances, and a few old values. As they die out, Israel will find itself without allies. As a Jew, this is not a pleasant thought to ponder.

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On the Genetic Nature of the Jews, by Curt Doolittle

I found this excellent post on Twitter (now X) from my old friend (and scholar) Curt Doolittle. I’m reposting it here with his permission. I’ve corrected obvious typos, and tried to keep the style the same as the original. Not capitalizing certain words appears to be a stylistic choice, maybe inspired by HBD Girl, if any of y’all remember her. Here’s the original Tweet.

Curt Doolittle@curtdoolittle


Just for clarity since this nonsense in genetics props up on the right now and then.

Preface 0 – Until very recently we did not understand how much of our behavior was genetic, how much cultural, and how much education and experience. And worse, until now we did not know the differences between the sexes, classes, ethnicities and races. And it turns out that the pre-war academics were correct, and the postware pseudoscience was just another attempt at a pseudoscientific religious conversion and nothing more (the feminine leftist sequence we call the marxist series.) So in my work I assume most of us are bots. And that while there are bad actors and good actors in every group, we must acknowledge both may just be bots, and we cannot assume we are all the same at all, and that we must alter our institutions to accommodate those who think they act morally but in fact act immorally and often criminally.

The Jews 1 – The genesis of the arab-jewish population PREDATES the ethnogenisis of the Jews.

2 – The Jews and Arabs share the same genesis at the intersection of the horn of Africa and Yemen.

3- In the literature this group is referred to as ‘Marsh Arabs’, Haplogroup J.

4 – Jewish reproductive insularity is a property of the diaspora, not their genesis or ethnogenesis. All diasporic groups, largely male, chose local women for wives and returned to inbreeding.

5 – The difference between Ashkenazi (europeanized) and the other Jewish groups is 14 IQ points, or one standard deviation. This is the same as the difference between Europeans and all other MENA populations (99-100 vs 84)

6 – The current IQ in Israel is measured at 95, which is what we expect from hybridized european and middle eastern demographics. As of 2005, 61% of Israeli Jews were of full or partial Mizrahi/Sephardi ancestry, while in a 2015–2016 study 45% of Jewish Israelis identified as such. You will find always and everywhere that group IQ is a product of the average IQ’s of the primary racial groups.

7 – From this IQ difference we observe something quite interesting, in that Jewish success outside of Europe, by non-European Jews is not attributable to an advantage in intelligence, but an advantage in group discipline favoring ingroup trust, ingroup cooperation, nepotism, high investment parenting, and occupations that produce higher returns. (Something I have covered in detail – but I won’t explain here). And the jewish advantage in europe is the combination of both – plus european’s permissiveness in baiting-into-hazard because of our first principle of individual sovereignty and choice (‘free will’). So europeans are extremely vulnerable to the Jewish group strategy, because it is the female group strategy, and we have only recently (in the past century and a half) given both jews and women, who share that group strategy, access to economy and polity without suppressing the female means of antisocial behavior – despite that it did exist in our common law before the Positive Law movement begun with Bentham and industrialized by the Jewish theorists Rez, Kelsen, Dworkin and Hart.

8 – In my work it’s become increasingly clear that the middle east is closer to female *cognition* than male (it’s complicated, but just take my word for it). That the one-SD lower IQ means half the population is unfit for self-determination in modern economies.

9 – Asheknazi IQ is what we would expect from introgression of female european(R1a/b/I) cognition into marsh-arab(J) cognition, followed by aggressive selection for memory, literacy, and numeracy. And I do not feel like writing yet another dissertation on sex differences in cognition particularly in time preference, categorization, valuation, verbal acuity, mathematics and speech patterns. (The most interesting aspect other than verbal acuity, storytelling, critique, and victimhood seeking, is the rather obvious difference between european and ashkenazi mathematical behavior, which mirrors that male vs female difference in mathematical processing.)

10 – As most people who follow me for a while, and can tolerate this much truth-before-face, I do not see anything fundamentally wrong with our civilization other than the introgression without mandatory assimilation of non-europeans, jews and muslims and women who have the very opposite group strategy, and one that has obviously failed them in producing coherent civilizations, core states, modern states, institutions, and economies, and they are quite literally at war against our institutions and traditions that require trust and responsibility they are either uwilling or unable, or both, to bear. (I don’ t like what I have learned)

As far as I can tell and I don’t know anyone living or dead who has anywhere near my understanding of these matters, we can modify our law to prevent the female, jewish, muslim, method of antisocial behavior, anti-political behavior, and anti-economic behavior.

And we can give women a separate house of government, and restore the senate to its original charter, thus restoring the government as a market for resolution of differences, and the production of commons between the classes who have different ambitions and interests as well as very different cognition.

We’ve learned a great deal over the past two decades and it has pretty much overthrown the entire pseudoscientific corpus begun by the jews and spread by the marxists as the marxists.

It’s just the female mind trying to socially construct an alternate reality that is free of scarcity, and which preys upon the host (men, europeans) who do act in correspondences with both scarcity and reality.

It’s just women. Or rather. It’s just the female mind. And the Jews ‘are all cognitively female’ for all intents and purposes.

So don’t get angry.

Let’s fix our laws.

Let’s fix our education.

And try to be happy together.

Despite the fact that women never admit they are wrong and rarely if ever change their behavior without the social pressure (threat) to do so. Or put differently, a criminal never gives us up his (or her) crimes without threat of punishment.


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My Experiences Driving for Lyft

When it became obvious that Uber could not complete my background check (see previous post), I decided to resort to Lyft. In my early days of rideshare, I’d driven both platforms. This was almost seven years ago, and both Uber and Lyft provided decent income. I had settled on Uber, and drove exclusively for them for the next six years or so.

Unlike Uber, it was easy to get approved for Lyft; their background check (less extensive than Uber) only took a couple of hours to complete. I was also offered a generous bonus for returning to Lyft: $700 if I could complete a set number or rides within a two-week period. This was easy for me, as it was my full-time job.

Everything was downhill after that. I soon found out that Lyft was taking about two-thirds of the fare that passengers paid, and sometimes much more. One woman was charged $60 for a trip to the airport, due to heavy traffic. Of that, my take was only $14. I started telling passengers of this at every opportunity. Every day, at least one of them would tell me that they would switch to Uber; they had previously been under the impression that Lyft treated its drivers better.

I discovered that Lyft hadn’t raised its pay for drivers in over six years. A short ride (typically anything less than 8 minutes or so) nets us $3.75 – and this will vary from state to state. It doesn’t matter how many miles we drive to pick up the passenger; unlike Uber, Lyft does not pay anything extra for long pickups (at least not in Oregon). If I happened to be in a “surge zone” when accepting the ride, I could get an extra $2-$3 dollars for a trip, sometimes as much as $5. During peak hours, typically late at night, there were more generous bonuses – but I refused to drive at night, partly due to the increased crime and partly because of poor visibility. It’s noteworthy that Lyft is an extremely woke company, and strongly supports the policies that lead to higher crime. More on this later. Here’s a typical text from Lyft:

As stated, Lyft doesn’t pay for long pickups, but this doesn’t stop it from sending us ridiculous requests such as this one:

This is a good place to point out that Lyft fudges (IE. LIES ABOUT) pickup times. If the app claims that it will take 18 minutes to reach the passenger, in reality, it will take 20 minutes or more – which translates into almost half an hour of driving for $3.75.

It gets worse. Lyft’s built-in navigation program is so bad that it’s actually dangerous to use, at least for me. I was forced to use Ways, which works much better. Unfortunately, alternative navigation programs cover up the Lyft app – which means that when new requests are added to the queue, while I’m with a passenger, I can’t see the details unless I manually open the Lyft app. This creates a distraction as I’m driving, and it can happen repeatedly, often as I’m merging or making a difficult turn. If I don’t manually view the Lyft app to see what they’re sending me, I will have accepted the request by default – and we get in trouble if we cancel. At least Lyft does not currently hold us to any particular acceptance-rate; we can reject as many requests as we want, apparently with no consequences. I do suspect that a low acceptance rate leads to fewer requests being sent our way. I can’t prove it, but it definitely appeared that way to me.

At first, I was driving my own (hybrid) car, and it got excellent fuel economy. Due to the fact that I was a seasonal driver, I decided to sell my car, and rent one. Originally, I was going to rent a Tesla from Uber. That didn’t work out, and I ended up renting from Lyft. The process for renting a car, as stated in the app and on the Lyft website, is erroneous. If you follow those instructions, you’ll never get a car. The only way I found out about this was by physically visiting the rental location and speaking to the staff there. They explained how it really works, and, after a week or so, I was able to rent a car from them. All they had available was conventional gasoline cars. I ended up getting about 30 miles/gallon. The staff at the rental location were helpful, courteous, and accommodating throughout the three months I rented the car.

The poor pay meant that I cursed Lyft every day I drove for them. It’s a greedy, soulless, immoral corporation masquerading as a socially responsible, progressive, force for good. From what I’ve seen every Lyft office has an outdoor game prominently displayed near the entrance, as a way of saying, “We’re a fun company to work for.” I’ve never seen anybody actually USING those bean-bag games. Inside, there are rainbow flags, and other symbols of wokeness. Every gay-pride parade has a Lyft booth. If Lyft spent less on rainbow flags and other virtue-signaling, perhaps it could pay its drivers a fair wage. Lyft associates contribute heavily to the Democrat party and Democrat politicians. They do not contribute to Republicans.

I made the above point, about virtue-signaling, to many passengers (most of whom were leftists, being Portland). They were overwhelmingly receptive. I had destroyed their naivety about Lyft, and reaffirmed their conviction that corporations rarely care about the working man. It gave me great satisfaction to work AGAINST Lyft even as I worked “for” it.

It’s not only about unfair pay. It’s also about a systemic lack of honesty from Lyft. I already mentioned how they fudge pickup times – but they also consistently lie about “average wait times” between rides. Here’s what I’d typically see on my screen after dropping off a passenger (the top sum is my earnings for the day so far):

I would see this every day, and sometimes several times a day – and I could sit in my car waiting for half an hour, as the app told me the average wait-time was only one minute. I soon learned to turn off the engine and make myself comfortable. Sometimes, I would take a walk or a nap. The “estimated wait times” mean absolutely nothing. I wonder how much fuel drivers have wasted, as their cars sit in idle contributing to Climate Change. I wonder how this fits into Lyft’s “progressive” worldview.

I would often play games on my phone as I waited. As I played those games, more often than not, ads for Lyft would pop up – and the overall message was clear: Lyft is designed specifically for black women. Almost every person depicted on those ads was a black woman (and I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that many of my favorite passengers were black women):

Lyft also misleads drivers about compensation while waiting for passengers. Since Lyft’s estimated arrival times, in the rider app, are notoriously bad, it’s very common for drivers to have to wait; the rider simply wasn’t prepared, because the app told him it would be a few more minutes. Here’s what the driver will see:

Are we really “paid to wait?” Here’s how it works, at least in Oregon:

If the ride is cancelled by the passenger immediately upon our arrival, we get a $2 cancellation fee (unless it was a long pickup, in which case Lyft compensates us more – not for rides, just for cancellations). If the DRIVER cancels immediately, there is no cancellation fee. If the driver cancels after trying to call the passenger, and after a five-minute wait, then he gets $3.02. There is no additional compensation for longer wait times. For example, if the rider tells us, by phone, that he’ll be another few minutes, but never shows up. Even if we end up waiting for 20 minutes, we still only get $3.02. If we wait past the five-minute point, and we do end up completing the ride, we get paid a few cents more for the wait. Bear in mind that the message “You’re paid to wait” appears specifically BEFORE the five-minute period is up. After that, the message changes to “Let’s go. Cancel for no-show.” Is this “getting paid to wait?” What do you think?

If a passenger orders a Lyft, and then cancels after 5 minutes, a $5 cancellation fee is incurred. The driver only gets $2 in such situations – and even that is sometimes withheld.

I once drove to the pickup location for a short ride. It was only about five minutes away. When I got there, no passenger was present, so I tried calling her. There was no answer. I sent her a text, and there was no answer. She texted back a while later, telling me I was in the wrong location, but I had no way of communicating with her effectively except by phone; Edit: There is a way for drivers to type their own texts to riders while waiting, but it’s not always obvious how to do this. Thanks for Haanjo at the Uber forum for clarifying this.

I waited for five minutes, and then cancelled as a no-show – but Lyft would not pay me a cancellation fee. When I inquired about this later, “tech support” told me that the passenger said I left the scene before she had a chance to get to me. There was no recourse and no appeal.

In other words, I was driving for a company that paid slave wages, habitually lied to me, and wasn’t even inclusive of my demographic. Even Uber sometimes shows White men in its ads, though they’re always OLD White men.

When I drove for Uber, I would sometimes encounter situations with unaccompanied minors. Many rideshare drivers do pick up unaccompanied minors, but they’re taking a big risk; if there’s an accident, whether the driver is at fault or not, any injuries the minor may suffer are the driver’s responsibility. Insurance will not help in these situations. The official policy of both Uber and Lyft is that we’re not allowed to take unaccompanied minors, though I’ve read that Uber does now have a solution. This is Lyft’s policy, but they do want drivers to take such rides, as long as the risk is on the drivers. Lyft can always point to its policy and absolve itself of any responsibility. One rider, who used to drive for Lyft, told me he was verbally ENCOURAGED by Lyft to take an unaccompanied minor, since he had a dashcam. This is absurd, since accusations of abuse only represent ONE risk.

When I first encountered an unaccompanied minor this year, I wasn’t thinking clearly, and I cancelled the ride immediately, thinking I could contact Lyft technical support later that night, and have them pay me the cancellation fee – as Uber had done many times for me.

It turned out that Lyft’s technical support for drivers is all but nonexistent. Usually, it can only be reached by text, and the representatives make it abundantly clear that their only priority is to “resolve the issue” and close the ticket. They’re obviously underpaid and apathetic. They’re also extremely poorly trained. I was told that the only way I could get my ($3) cancellation fee in such situations was to remain in the area for a full five minutes, call the passenger (even though I’d just spoke to him face to face) and then cancel. Obviously, this isn’t always possible or safe. What Lyft really wants us to do is either a) take the ride/risk or b) cancel and not receive a cancellation fee. The representatives at “technical support” are not empowered to make any exceptions.

Most Lyft customers, upon learning the truth, would not want to do business with such a sketchy company – but backroom corporate deals have taken the choice away from individual consumers. Much of Lyft’s business comes from corporate partnerships. It has deals with Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, FedEx and many more major employers. Many of my passengers use Lyft because they get a discount from their employers – and those employers often follow similar wage practices as Lyft. This is a situation where wealthy elites form symbiotic relationships in order to exploit the working class. How ironic that today’s leftists so often support an establishment whose policies were the ones that angered Communists of the past to the point of revolution.

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