The FBI-ADL Incestuous Relationship

I’ve been reading Laura Loomer’s book Loomered, which I’d purchased from her at the Amren conference. I highly recommend it.

In the chapter “What Happened in Vegas,” Miss Loomer makes a solid case that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was acting on behalf of ISIS. He had recently converted to Islam, ISIS had specifically taken credit for the shooting, which it rarely does if it’s not the case, and several witnesses point to a specifically terroristic motive behind the shooting – the worst mass shooting in modern US history. The FBI has staged a coverup from the very beginning, when it presented a false timeline to the American public, and ignored important testimony.

To this day, the Las Vegas shooting remains an official non-entity, where the perpetrator’s official motive is “no motive at all.”

At the end of the chapter, Miss Loomer points out that the Las Vegas shooting served as justification to further infringe the gun -rights of Americans, by making bump stocks effectively illegal. Even the NRA went along with the ban.

While I applaud Miss Loomer for her tireless work in this case, I think her analysis of the motivations behind the coverup is anemic.

I’ll point out some issues that she could have/should have mentioned:

The less lethal Orlando nightclub shooting, which Miss. Loomer mentions several times in the same chapter, targeted a largely non-white and homosexual demographic. It’s considered an act of terror. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas shooting, which targeted mostly straight white people, is all but relegated to the memory-hole. I don’t think this is coincidence, since the lives of straight white people are, at best, of low-priority in the eyes of the FBI.

Secondly, a glance at the ADL’s “heat map” for 2017, the year that the attack took place, yields these results for Las Vegas:

According to the ADL, there were no extremist murders in Las Vegas in 2017. Conveniently, the 60 mostly white victims of (probable) Islamic terrorism are not even acknowledged.

The ADL narrative, that white people present the greatest threat to “our democracy,” is bolstered by FBI corruption, coverups and lying. Including the sixty fatalities of Las Vegas would present an inconvenience to the ADL’s “statistics.” Can’t have that!

In case you weren’t already aware, the FBI uses the ADL’s “hate-crime” reports for its official policies – and, accordingly, it has placed great emphasis on combating “right-wing extremism,” even going so far as to pressure its employees to find such threats.

The FBI generates false information to the American public, which the ADL then shapes into misleading “reports” – which get fed right back to the FBI, so that it can continue its jihad against America’s founding stock, with the full blessing of the Biden administration.

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Canadian Retailer Simons Wants White People to Commit Suicide

Canadian Retailer Simons Wants White People to Commit Suicide

I found this gem on Twitter:

What fresh hell is this?
☠️ New Canadian ad campaign selling suicide

Kingsley Cortes writes: I’ve never seen so many white people in a commercial— Angel.A (@angelalambert14) November 28, 2022

Funny how Diversity goes out the window when it’s suicide, or birth-control, being discussed. Then, all of a sudden, it’s mostly whites that are depicted.

birth-control, being discussed. Then, all of a sudden, it’s mostly whites that are depicted.

Here’s another example, from a white back:

Billboard in London Encourages White People to Sterilize Themselves

A billboard has appeared in London encouraging white people to sterilize themselves to solve overpopulation.

The sign, which was put up on Holloway Road, says “Imagine a city less crowded… do your part–get sterilised! Yay!”

Spotted in London (Holloway Road)…

Funny, this sign doesn’t meet the usual ‘diversity’ requirements of all the others around London.

— Charlie (@CharlieIDM) October 24, 2019

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Academic Disparities Detected in Zygotes

From an article in The Conversation:

Racial and ethnic disparities in academic skills occur far earlier in the U.S. than previously known. Our new study finds that 13% of white zygotes and 16% of Asian zygotes display advanced academic potential. The contrasting percentage for both Black and Hispanic zygotes is 4%.

These results were made possible by new techniques that can measure academic potential almost from the moment fertilization occurs.

These disparities then manifest themselves throughout elementary school. By fifth grade, 13% of white students and 22% of Asian students display advanced math skills. About 2% of Black students and 3% of Hispanic students do so. Similar disparities occur in advanced science skills.

What explains these disparities? Factors that consistently explain these disparities include the family’s socioeconomic status and systemic racism. Systemic racism, scientists now say, causes eucrasia (an imbalance of humors) in the mother’s womb, which then traumatize the developing embryo.

There can be no other explanation. The Science has spoken!

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The 2022 Amren Conference

Attending this year’s conference was more difficult than previous years; I had chosen to stay in Dominican Republic prior to the conference and do a round-trip flight from here. This decision meant that it wasn’t practical for me to attend the Saturday night party, due to the fact that I had no winter cloths. It also meant that I would visit Chicago with a friend and fly back to DR from there. There were no good flights back to DR from anywhere near Tennessee.

Others have already written about the conference:

All the speakers did a great job, and I was especially surprised by the fact that ex-congressman Steve King not only showed up but delivered a speech that was very much in line with our beliefs. He is, indeed, a white-advocate and a champion of Western Civilization.

I especially enjoyed meeting Laura Loomer, though she avoided talking to anybody at length, probably to avoid being misquoted. She still has political ambitions. She must know that her very attendance at our conference will probably doom her political career.

Loomer is a courageous woman who speaks her mind, and fights for what’s right, against all odds. She is a true American hero. She was banned from all mainstream social media platforms, so she’s been relegated to Gab – which is full of neo-Nazis.

Those neo-Nazis, like a bunch of schoolyard bullies, have been flinging childish insults at her, based on her appearance. Please click on the link and give her words of encouragement.

Daniel Vinyard, the retired Idaho police officer, spent most of his speech telling tales of black depravity, pointing out that certain types of crime are overwhelmingly committed by blacks. There is now an investigation, by the State of Idaho, to ascertain whether Vinyard’s ties to “white-supremacy” may have impacted any of the cases he was involved in.

Vinyard’s crime? He paid attention to things we’re not supposed to notice. Instead, he was supposed to remain oblivious to patterns that became evident to him over his 22-year career. The State of Idaho has it backwards, Vinyard’s “racism” didn’t impact his policing, instead his policing caused him to become “racist.” I suspect that some of the black criminals Vinyard had arrested, or testified against, will have their convictions overturned. People will die as a result.

It was also nice to meet ZMan (AKA Zeeman), whose columns I regularly read at Takimag. The first question at the conference was, in fact, mine. This year, they changed it so that questioners are no longer on video. I asked ZMan if Ann Coulter, who also writes for Takimag, might ever become more explicit in her pro-white stance. My understanding was that the answer is “no.” When the videos are published, you can hear the answer yourself.

Sam Dickson is more extreme, in his views, than Jared Taylor. Mr. Taylor is willing to view our enemies as misguided souls, who might still find salvation. Indeed, that was the theme of Mr. Taylor’s speech. Mr. Dickson, on the other hand, views them as pure evil, with no redeeming qualities. Mr. Dickson also outright condemned Thomas Jefferson for writing “All men are created equal.” Since Dickson’s views were so distant from Steve King’s views, I was constantly glancing at King for his reactions. At first, he looked concerned and grave. Over the course of Dickson’s speech, however, his demeanor changed to a smile. I didn’t ask him about it. Perhaps I should have.

Henrik Palmgren’s speech was actually a slide-show presentation. It was rather dry, but informative.

Gregory Hood’s speeches are always excellent, and this one was no different. Actually, he gave two speeches, a eulogy of Chris Roberts, and his feature speech “Nationalists Without a Nation.” In his eulogy, Hood described Roberts as “a leftist,” and he pointed out that we need leftists, because they’re concerned about the welfare of the underdogs. Dickson also delivered a eulogy for Roberts, which was very touching. I finally had my opportunity to extend my condolences to Dickson and the rest of the Amren family.

This year, I got lucky. Normally, there’s only one speaker per sponsor table, but this year, there weren’t enough tables, so we have two speakers at our table. Yes, the banquet was a special treat for me. On my right was a dear friend, on my left was Jared Taylor, and across from me was Steve King. We were treated to many interesting stories from Mr. King. Mr. Taylor did a parlor trick with a wine bottle cork. I declined trying it, due to the fact I’d already downed a couple of glasses of wine.

One of my Quora friends was at the conference. It was the first time I’d ever met somebody from Quora face to face. I also had long conversations with the organizer of Unite the Right, Jason Kessler. It’s interesting to hear, first-hand, how our “justice” system is so broken that a person can be found guilty of conspiracy without even knowing the people he supposedly conspired with.

There were two issues where the attendees seemed to be more or less equally divided:

  1. Trump versus DeSantis
  2. Russia versus Ukraine

In his video speech, Ruuben Kaalep, specifically supported Ukraine. The overall message of his speech was one of solidarity with nationalists everywhere, and that Estonia is an ethno-state.

There were Antifa protesters, but only about 20 of them, and they presented no problems – although one of them tried to sneak into the hotel. An Amren organizer noticed him, and notified security, whereupon he was arrested. Later I’ll upload a video of the protesters.

Please forgive me if there are typos in this post; I contracted the flu at the conference, and I’ve been struggling with a fever and congestion. Maybe it’s the CCP Virus. Who knows.

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What Is In The Minds of Voters?

JKLP1943 asked me:

What is the mind of your coethnics that their hatred of their so called countrymen and their paranoia causes them to act up to ugly stereotypes?

I won’t address this question specifically, because the Jews I know don’t actually hate their countrymen. I, therefore, have no answer for that.

I shall address the question “What is in their minds?”

Today I had a debate with some of my coethnics. It was about DeSantis sending migrants to Martha’s Vinyard, and his efforts to protect children from groomers. I asked one of them where he gets his news from. The answer? CNN and NBC. In other words, my coethnics are just as brain-damaged as most non-Jewish Americans. Years of watching the garbage spewed out by such propaganda mills, to the exclusion of right-wing sources, will inevitably damage one’s brain – to the point where it’s almost impossible to recover.

This explains our recent election results. Republicans give the US public way too much credit. What’s obvious to them is not obvious to CNN zombies, and there’s no way to get through to the zombies; they’re emotionally attached to their pabulum. The moment we bring up a strong argument, or raise a thoughtful question, they can’t handle it, and they’ll change the subject. That’s what I got today: “Let’s stop talking politics.”

Brain-damaged people should not be allowed to vote, but there’s no way to stop them. Just as democracy fails with an uneducated public, so too does it fail with a MISeducated public. Ultimately, there is no hope for our republic. I do hope that Communist China collapses first.

In a few days, I’ll be in Tennessee enjoying the 2022 American Renaissance conference. I won’t be posting from there, but I’ll report on it when I return, a few days later.

Edit: Today’s Takimag article views this issue from a genetic perspective. It’s by The Z Man, who I’ll be meeting in a few days at the conference:

Rise of the Spiteful Mutants – Taki’s Magazine – Taki’s Magazine (

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A Few Photos from a “Developing” Country

The only “working” treadmill at my gym:

Most of the equipment doesn’t work, and they rarely clean the place. But it’s okay; they compensate by blasting super loud jungle music. When I get back, after the conference, I’m switching gyms.

Need a car wahs? You can probably get a good deal here.

I found Barack Obama wandering the streets here. He’s lost some weight.

I needed my big screen TV fixed (the same one I’m using now for my computer). Victor is from Cuba, and he’s been doing this a long time. He knows his stuff. $36 dollars later, and it was fixed.

The street dogs here are very sweet. I like to give them treats, and they’re grateful. Here are some taking a nap.

There are a few Chinese shops around here, and they sell super cheap knock-off merchandise. I bought these for my daily walks to the beach. Only later did I discover that they’re “original fakes.”

Yes, it’s a third-world country here, but I’ll take this any day over the shithole that the US has become. At least here, if I’m a victim of a crime, I can pay off the police and a lawyer, and there’s a chance that justice can be bought. In the US, you don’t even have that option. So far, though, I feel safer where I am now than in Portland, Oregon.

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Some Nice Memes

I wish I could take credit for these. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do:

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The Guardian and Microsoft Incite Racial Hatred

We’ve seen it before – major news outlets implying that a white-on-black assault was racially motivated when there’s no evidence to support it. White-on-black assaults are like gold to the Establishment Left; they’re relatively rare, and not to be wasted.

Here’s a screenshot from today’s Microsoft News Feed:

When we read the actual story, we find that the assault was over a stolen bicycle. Race had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, the author of this sorry excuse for journalism, Gloria Oladipo, writes:

Many expressed outrage at the video, including Burks’ family, who called the encounter with Walczykowski an example of “hatred”.

“My son didn’t do anything wrong and, if I was to get justice, I would want him to pay for what he did,” said Burks’ mother, Tracey, during a news conference last week.

“That was very wrong for him to do that and he could’ve come at my son a different way. He didn’t have to choke my son. It was a hatred thing what he did.”

Many who weighed in on the confrontation before Walczykowski was charged wondered whether Burks might have been more badly hurt – or worse – if the encounter had happened at a time when cellphones weren’t ubiquitous.

Some even referred to the US’s shameful history of lynchings. According to records maintained by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, at least 4,800 Black people were lynched by racists across the US from 1882 to 1968.

False or unsubstantiated accusations of misdeeds sometimes fueled those murders.

The vast majority of black/white interracial assaults are black-on-white – and yet, according to Oladipo, if a white person so much as places his hands on the neck of a black person, it’s akin to lynching. Why would a “journalist” mislead the public in this way? Because it’s her job. According to The Guardian:

Gloria Oladipo is a breaking news reporter for the Guardian covering politics, race, mental health, pop culture and more

It seems if there is no actual “breaking news,” she can always fabricate her own news. It’s all about initiative, creativity and assertiveness. Here is her mug:

A strong, assertive, independent woman of color has to make a living somehow – even if it involves “False or unsubstantiated accusations.”

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Jeffrey Sachs: CCP Shill and Hater of America

A local friend of mine sent me this video, thinking that I might be swayed by it. In which direction he hoped to sway me remains unclear.

If you’ve got the stomach to watch this entire video, and enough brain cells to critically appreciate what Sach’s is saying, then you’ll agree with the title of this post; Sach’s is a CCP shill and an America-hater.

I did not hold my punches when replying to my friend.

How can ANYONE say, with a straight face, that the US has been more violent than any other country (including China, the subject of this talk) in light of the tens of millions murdered (through starvation and other means) by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – the SAME exact party that now rules China? My friend went on to argue that the forced sterilizations of Native Americans, and other non-whites, by the US government more than makes up for that. Really? What about the forced abortions by the CCP? The concentration camps for the Uighurs, that are still operational? I also pointed out that, unlike Communist China, the US actually has a press that is allowed to criticize the government and expose its crimes. How many CCP crimes remain unknown because there is no free speech in China? For anybody, let alone a so-called “expert,” to claim that the United States has been more brutal than Communist China reveals either grotesque ignorance or extreme naivety. Maybe both.

Sachs condemns “his own country” (the United States) as being a “hierarchical, white-dominated, racist society” while praising China as “traditional.” Question: How many non-Han Chinese inner-circle Communist officials have there been? What has the CCP done to advance the careers of ethnic minorities in the national government? How many Uighur upper-level officials are there in Beijing? It takes a special kind of obliviousness to condemn the United States for “racism” while praising the far more racist China. Communist China is a Han Chinese ethnic state that (barely) tolerates the presence of minorities – while actively working to extinguish its various minority cultures…

In contrast, the United States government, and its entire ruling class, actively works to extinguish its historic white founding stock. This is why crimes, real or imagined, against non-whites in America have so much currency. There’s an entire industry based on emphasizing these crimes. School sources are dedicated to them, thousands of research papers published, hundreds of books, memorials, dedicated months and constant verbal reminders by the likes of Biden and members of Congress. Billions upon billions of dollars are squandered upon this grievance industry.

It’s no wonder so many weak-minded people have out-of-proportion opinions about the persecution of non-whites in America; it’s practically all they ever hear about. They’re bombarded with persecution stories constantly – and like the myths of yore, these stories tend to get exaggerated over time. Occasional injustices and indignities, which often pale in comparison with what whites suffer today, get magnified to a ridiculous degree.

Did black Southerners have to constantly look over their shoulders, lest they be randomly selected for lynching? I’ll bet many younger Americans believe this. Did the average white slave-owner regularly rape his female slaves? Did he take sadistic pleasure in beating his male slaves almost to the point of death? I’ll be many people now believe both to be true.

Meanwhile, the constant injustices against WHITE Americans are swept under the rug. We don’t read about them in the New York Times, or the Washington Post. Fox may report some of it. It’s no wonder that the weak-minded masses have such a lopsided world-view – but it’s shocking that a so-called “intellectual,” such as Sachs, would be so easily fooled, or worse yet, so easily fool others.

I should also point out that, while Sachs gushes with praise over China’s “traditional society,” he has nothing but loathing for American traditional society. If it’s okay for China to maintain a powerful centralized authority (almost exclusively Han Chinese), then why is it wrong for the US to do the same, except with whites? Let us consider the fact that American whites have been far more tolerant of ethnic minorities (in recent decades) than have the Han Chinese.

Mr. Sachs, since you’re so fond of Communist China, and since you so disdain the United States, I suggest you move to the former.

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