Anti-semitism among race-realists

Once in a while, there are incidents of anti-Jewish sentiment being expressed at American Renaissance conferences.  This has led some people to accuse American Renaissance of being an antisemitic organization.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The first conference featured a rabbi speaker and kosher food.  Since then, historically, Jews have been prominent both as speakers and guests at the conferences.  It is obvious to anybody who knows him that Jared Taylor holds no animosity toward Jews.
Why, then, do anti-semites continue to be a part of American Renaissance?   The blame lies with many of those who make the accusations; it is  something of a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Leftist orthodoxy proscribes any expression of white solidarity.  Therefore, any person, or group, that advocates for whites is automatically branded as “racist”, “bigoted” or “prejudiced”.  Such groups are condemned to the outskirts of society, as if they were intellectual lepers.  Few are willing to openly sympathize with pro-white stances because they fear for their livelihoods, their marriages and even their safety.
Since so few are willing to support groups like American Renaissance, it becomes even more important that such groups take support, and membership, from wherever it may come.  When you’re a besieged minority, you bolster your numbers as best you can.  You cast a wide net to increase your clout.  A wide net invariably catches undesirables because, unlike large groups that contain millions of supporters, marginalized groups don’t have the luxury of being picky.
Since they end up with bad apples who get caught in the wider net, the marginalized groups are easier targets for their enemies.  The leftists can then point and say, “there are neo-Nazis among those race-realists!  How can you associate yourself with such people?”  A person like me can reasonably counter that one reason I associate with race-realist groups is to help remove the stigma; the more normal people who join them, the less need they’ll have for the crazies to bolster their numbers.  So, if you have a problem with anti-semites within Amren, I suggest you subscribe to the magazine, contribute to the website and attend the conferences.  Then you’ll be doing your part in solving the problem.
Of course there’s another, far more important, reason I associate with race-realist groups: they represent the Truth.  Would it really make sense for me to disassociate myself with the Truth just because some crazy people also associate themselves with it?

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  1. Spartan24 says:

    Not that there can be any control over who reads and posts on the Amren website there has been a post lately that somewhat disturbed me. It was about Jews in Sweden being harassed by recent Muslim immigrants- many commentors said that not only should the Muslims be deported but the Jews as well! I was dismayed to say the least. These Jewish Swedes were probably very genetically related to the non-Jewish Swedes and have had a long history in Sweden where the abusive Muslim interlopers might have been in Sweden for the welfare benefits. It was also noted that the Jews could move to Israel if they so desired but the vast majority of people who make Aliyah eventually return to their country of origin within a few years. Lack of jobs, constant fear of terrorism and a depressed economy are just a few reasons given. I agree with you that “guilt by association” is big with the liberal lefties, in other words if you are a White race realist you must have a secret altar with pictures of Hitler on it somewhere even though that might be the furthest thing from the truth. As for the accusation of “Holocaust denial” presented by the groups who nearly cancelled the last Amren conference I have never seen anything even remotely like this in the several years that I have read the website. However, comments like the recent ones that I have read would make a person who was of liberal mindset to read it and say “see- they are just as bad as we have been saying”

    • jewamongyou says:

      I suspect that anti-Jewish white nationalists may be numerically superior to the benign ones that Amren caters to. There are some difficult issues that Jews, white nationalists in general and Amren must confront sooner or later. I’m hoping that this blog might serve as a medium for such discourse. A good first step would be for a majority of white nationalists to realize that it is possible to be friendly to both gentile whites and to Jews at the same time.
      In the meantime, it is not surprising that anti-Semites post to Amren, as you say – and it’s difficult to filter out such posts.

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  3. a random user name says:

    It is admittedly difficult to reconcile a positive or even neutral attitude of a white person toward Jews with race reality, the (current) output of Hollywood and its control, the (current) bloc voting nature of Jews towards political parties that accelerate race replacement, and that’s just off the top of my head. Perhaps the apparent impossibility of that is why this blog is among the first lonely attempts to reconcile matters.
    I sat for a long time looking at that paragraph as I wrote it. I then inserted “(current)” into the appropriate places. That I think is a key to understanding how a mutually beneficial alliance may be built.
    If there is a realistic expectation of things changing, then that potentially changes the whole equation.
    I don’t think any sane person thinks that things are going to change overnight. The religion of PC has massive inertia, and if peaceful change is to occur it will take time. However, until recently there has never been a realistic expectation of change. Every year the TV hits us with more and more blatant miscegenation and immigration propaganda. It is obvious to anyone who has opened eyes that whoever wants us gone, wants it bad.
    The truth is that the vast majority of the media wants it that way, though it is not universal. The other truth is that paradigm shifts in these sort of matters are begun by a few highly intelligent people. They are early adopters. What they start grows at an exponential rate. Several years later it goes mainstream. When it does, the rank and file acts shocked. But if you know what to look for it is predictable.
    Let me explain. Say for example that there are 15 million Jews in the world. If 100 realize that PC is an experiment gone haywire in year 1. 1000 realize that in year 2. 10,000 realize it in year 3. 100,000 realize it in year 4. 1,000,000 realize it in year 5. In year 6, it goes mainstream with 10,000,000 Jews and the remaining 5,000,000 are largely irrelevant geezers about to enter the nursing home who will be listening to Bob Dylan until they die. However, if in year 1 or even in year 3 you say that you can envisage a day when the majority of Jews back someone like Buchanan in a presidential bid, they will think you are nuts. And yet, if these are the true growth rates and those growth rates are such because people are waking up to a fundamental truth, then it should not be a surprise.
    There are so many examples of this sort of thing in life. Discoveries in physics (e.g. Wave vs particle nature of light etc.) that involve paradigm shifts. Some young upstart publishes a few papers, the establishment is outraged, but as they retire the dominant paradigm follows the truth. Another example is PC itself – a few Jewish intellectuals in Frankfurt school created a monster 90 years ago. As Sailer points out, a lot of Jewish output (e.g. in musicals) was not PC early in the century. But PC became the dominant paradigm.
    The important thing to understand about exponential curves is that the numbers matter far less than the growth rate. Something that is exponentially growing fast with few numbers will beat out something that is more established but growing at a slow rate. If you want to identify what is going mainstream, pay attention to exponential growth.
    I already see the signs of the early adopters of a Jewish and white alliance growing in numbers. This blog and the interested comments by other Jews suggest that it is the start of something big. As another example, see:
    Note that 5 of the 6 comments that appear to be from Jews are against the Mexican immigration. This article is 1.5 years ago btw. I would not have expected to see any comments supporting that viewpoint say, 10 years ago.
    “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo.

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