Jewish pedigree and racial origins

Due to the haughtiness of some traditional Jews of Eastern/Central European origin they like to fancy themselves “pure” Jews without any gentile admixture. The fact that they are white doesn’t hint to them that reality is otherwise; they imagine that climate alone, over a millennium or so, is enough to noticeably alter the pigmentation of a people. Narrow as many of them are in their outlook on life, they fancy that the ancient Jews were as white as they are or that each tribe had a different appearance and that each one, upon exile, happened to arrive at a place where the gentiles looked the same. No need to waste time debunking the theories of mental children but let it be known that the average Jew, in ancient times, was neither black nor white, but in between. The fact that the majority of the present native Palestinian Arabs are brown would indicate that. The fact that the ancient Egyptians depicted the Canaanites (and there is no reason to suspect they looked any different than the Jews other than hair style and, maybe clothes) as brown also supports that idea. But it also states in the Mishna (Nega’im) “Said Ribbi Yishma’el, the children of Israel… are neither black, like an Ethiopian, nor white, like a German, but in between, like a cedar tree”. I once showed this to a very white Hassidic Jew in Jerusalem and he was dumbfounded, not knowing what to say.
When I was in a Lubavither yeshiva a blond haired, blue eyed Hassid asked where my family was from and I told him “Russia”. He gave a look of surprise and then said “well! Somewhere along the way…” as if to say my forebears had somehow been contaminated. Not that it’s his fault but he is the descendant of Vikings. There is no way to know for sure how much of any Jew’s ancestry comes from ancient Israel but, if you find one who looks radically different from the gentile population from whence he came, and he looks Mideastern, there’s no more likely candidate for “descendant of ancient Jews” than he.
In the old days the Jews placed plenty of emphasis on pedigree and one need not go any further than the books of Chronicles to see that. The emphasis was not to make sure one was Jewish and it was not even purely for halachic reasons but a matter of national pride intertwined with halacha. It was important to them to keep our people as pure as possible – to such an extent that even Ribbi ‘Aqiva wasn’t allowed to be head of the Sanhedrin because he was descended from a convert. See also the “Kuzari” by R. Yehuda haLewi. Over time, due to dispersion and persecution our people became more and more diluted until those making the rules were, themselves, very much mixed. The ancient People of Israel ceased to exist in many ways. The religious aspect of our people, in an adulterated way, continued to thrive among many who professed the faith and, mixed among them, real descendants of the ancient people. Now we are so far gone that no importance, whatsoever, is given to true pedigree. Instead we have a newer kind of pedigree based on ones being a descendant of a famous rabbi. At this point, at least among Ashkenazic Jews, it’s hard to say how much credence should be given to claims like “my family descends from Rashi, and so from Hillel”. That may even be so but that has nothing to do with any type of purity. It’s also hard to say whether or not Ashkenazic “cohanim” are really cohanim. It should be noted however that, among the various Jewish communities among the best at preserving true traditions were the German Jews up until recently. Among the worst were the Eastern Europeans and the Sephardic Jews. The Yemenites, Jarbaim (from an island near Tunisia) and, to a lesser extent, the ‘Iraqis were the most conservative of all.

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  1. jewamongyou says:

    Note: I wrote this piece before I became a race-realist but, even then, I did not mean to say that whites are inferior to Jews or that one skin color is better than another. So please don’t accuse me of being anti-white or Jew supremicist.

  2. Marion says:

    I know this is a story on Jewishness but I just wanted to digress on a topic I find really annoying..
    Jewish Heritage from an African who is tired of Black Hebrews of America trying to claim a culture that is not theirs…
    In Kenya we have a saying
    Mwacha Mila ni Mtumwa which means
    One who doesn’t know their culture is a slave..
    These descendants of slaves in America have no culture hence they love to hijack other cultures to give them a sense of Identity.
    If you read the Jewish texts it clearly states that the son of Issac Esau was called Adom because he was RED in color.
    Now I know Pure Blacks and Pure Whites are not red in color.
    In fact Esau would have closely resembled his parents seeing that Abraham and Sarai were relatives and so were Issac and Rebecca.
    However Ishmael and his children might have looked different from the Issac because his mother Hagar was an Egyptian and so was his wife.
    That whole Black Hebrew thing is only brought about by Blacks in America who have no culture but want to Hijack the cultures of others. Blacks in Africa have no such compunctions of claiming the cultures of others because they are too engrossed in their own culture ( superstitions and all) to be bothered by the cultures of others.
    Falasha’s in Ethiopia are mostly African Cushitic Converts to Judaism.
    There are many instances in the Torah and Tanakh which show that Cushites mingled freely with the Hebrews ( Israelites). King David had a cushite servant, Moses married a Cushite. Ethiopians are descendants from Cushites. So are Somalis. In fact Abbysinia had a colony in Arabia for many years that finally came to an end during the era of Islam.
    However modern liberals( even Jewish ones might I add) and American Blacks ( majority) have convinced these Cushite Converts and themselves that they are the true Hebrews even though the Tanakh clearly states that God said he would scatter the Israelites all over the world and then bring them back.
    I guess all over the world meant Africa to these folks. Ethiopia is also home to some the most ancient Christian churches but none of the Christian converts are considered the descendants of early Christians ( yeah go figure).
    I tell u as an African I really do laugh at the absurdities of Political correctness.
    It is true Africans did not have glamorous cultures that spawned World wide revolutions or great Civilizations but, that is not a reason to distort history to give ” Black People” a sense of Pride.
    The ordinary African is usually very proud of his primitive culture surprisingly enough, so it is the Liberal apologist and the American Black Power movement that is ashamed of the African roots not matching up to other Civilizations. Think I am lying go to Africa and see for yourself if you can.
    That is why they come up with such nonsense as Blacks built the Pyramids and were also the original Israelites.
    If the Egyptians and the Israelites were the same race of peoples how was Pharoah’s daughter able to determine Moses was a Hebrew and not and Egyptian when he was a mere baby?
    I mean a Black baby is a Black baby so how would she tell it was a Hebrew or an Egyptian?
    Why not a Nubian they were also slaves/workers of the Egyptians?
    I tell you absurd absurd!
    While the Jewish Diaspora may have become racially mixed over time because of Immigration , Conversions and Intermarriage I think that to say that Jews were Black is a fallacy. I don’t know about the White part though.
    Again these liberal apologists. No wonder the Falasha Immigration to Israel never ends. I know one Israeli person who is very miffed by it because it is funded by Liberal apologists from the USA and it causes a great strain to the Nation of Israel!
    Again nice blog you are very informed!

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for the interesting perspective. Many people ridicule American blacks for the odd things they claim and do in order to make their culture more than it really is. I think the underlying motive, for many of them, is to feel a part of something great and ancient – and I can’t blame them for that. It’s just that they let their fantasies serve as substitutes for reality. That bothers me and it also bothers me that those same blacks (and their white leftist enablers) would deny whites that same feeling of belonging.

      • Marion says:

        American blacks are bitter that they don’t have a culture due to ” slavery”.
        Hence they seek to deny the White and Jewish people their culture too.
        Long before Arabs then Whites there was Slavery in Africa mainly Black on Black!!
        In fact entire tribes used to enslave the weaker ones and this even caused some tribes to disappear altogether.
        Slavery spread out because there was already a well estb network in Africa. Asians, Orientals and Native Americans didn’t enslave and sell their brethren to foreigners but Africans did.
        Those are the main culprits of Slavery!

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  4. mutioty says:

    Many people ridicule American blacks—– and your self style Jews are European albinos mutants from the caves of the Caucasus in Russia have no prior history of any ancient civilizations from the past and claim falsely to a hijack racial identity. How do you know you are a Jew? can you trace your ancestry back to 1700 bc to the patriarch Judath’s?.

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