Is it racism or anger and resentment?

It is normal for members of oppressed groups (even if they only perceive themselves as being oppressed) to deride their oppressors.  Thus, if a native American tribe, that had just been dispossessed of its land and suffered massacres at the hands of whites, referred to whites in derogatory ways few would blame them for it.   Could we accurately describe such native Americans as “racist”?  I don’t think so; they are only venting their spleens.  Since, in this scenario, the difference between the oppressed and the victims is primarily racial, race is the attribute that a native American would latch onto for his verbal arrows.
Society at large is blissfully ignorant of the crimes committed against whites, both as a race and as individuals.  The mainstream media, government, schools and the business world conspire to keep them oblivious to the horrors that race realists and white nationalists are painfully aware of.  Race realists bear the burden of knowledge and this knowledge leads to anger.  Sometimes it leads to hatred.  I believe that anger is justified and constructive.  It leads to activism and the education of others.  Hatred, on the other hand, is more like a temper tantrum; it is destructive and counterproductive*.  I believe that anybody who is aware of racial truths and dynamics must feel angry.  If not, then something is wrong with that person.
An angry person will sometimes vent his spleen.  In the throws of his anger, he might sometimes use crude terms, exaggerate or fling insults at those who oppose him.  While I cannot say that such behavior is always justified, I can certainly make the case that such behavior is excusable on occasion.   I do not believe that such outbursts, in and of themselves, make a person a racist.
Take the case of Craig Bodeker, creator of the excellent video “A Conversation About Race“.  While feebly trying to attack him, the SPLC (which truly is a hate group) cites some invectives that Bodeker let fly within the framework of a heated youtube exchange.  Bodeker retorts:
“Have any readers ever been to the comments section on Youtube? Does anyone NOT KNOW what a mosh-pitt of “free expression” it is? There are, sometimes, actual screaming matches, even though they’re conducted in written form. Sometimes people say harsh, mean things there, in that last remaining refuge of Free Speech. Am I to assume that the SPLS’s Sonia Scherr has never made a sarcastic comment? Or even a distasteful one? Or that anyone who EVER has should be stereotyped, marginalized and disenfranchised? This seems to be what the SPLC suggests. . . .”
The above accusation, by the SPLC, illustrates how race-realists are expected to be more than human.  I’m wondering if Sonia Scherr is married or has a boyfriend.  If so, I’m wondering if they’ve ever gotten into a spat.  What might have been said during such a spat?  Would it be fair to record every word, said in anger, and regurgitate it each time we wish to pass judgment upon Mrs. Scherr?  Well I’ve got news for the goons at SPLC:  we race-realists are real people with real feelings and we’re really angry and, by God, we’ll express our anger using whatever colorful language suits our fancy.
*Here, I’m speaking of blanket hatred toward particular groups, not hatred of that which is evil.

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