The "Jewish problem" and white nationalists

In case you haven’t already noticed, I’m Jewish.  But this does not blind me to the fact that there seem to be Jews lurking behind very many leftist movements and anti-white organizations.  How does a decent, law-abiding black feel when a high profile criminal turns out to be black?   It probably makes him sick to his stomach because, at some level, it makes him feel guilty by association.  Well I’m the same way when I discover Jewish names, symbols and organizations associated with causes that I hate.
Is there a vast Jewish conspiracy to exterminate white people or to take over the world?  If there is, somehow I did not get the memo.   Neither did Professor Michael Levin or Rabbi Mayer Schiller.  Books have been written on why Jews are particularly susceptible to leftist brainwashing and it is not the aim of this post to explore this.
I have had email exchanges with individuals, associated with the white nationalist movement, who refuse to believe that my motives are pure.  They’ll scrutinize every word of my comments on Amren in order to find “evidence” that I’m part of some “Jewish supremacist” movement.  They’d have just as much luck finding such “evidence” among random posts by gentiles because I do not believe in Jewish supremacy.  Just as a white person should care about his own people, put them first, advocate for them and identify with them so too should a Jew relate to his own people.  Just as such a white person need not be a “white supremacist” so too the Jew need not be a “Jewish supremacist”.  Of course, in my opinion, many Jews are also white so the same person can identify as Jewish and as white.
That there are Jews who sympathize with white nationalists should be a source of comfort.  Yet we find many white nationalists rejecting such sympathy.  I cannot delve into their minds but one of two things might be going on here.  Either they are so paranoid and suspicious that they truly believe people like me are spies or they find us upsetting because we spoil the well-ordered world they’ve constructed in their heads where all Jews must be evil.
Sometimes I visit white nationalist forums and I’ll find accusations leveled at “The Jews”.   A Jew of thinner skin might take personal offense at such words but it seems to me that, if it’s alright to speak of “white people” or “black people” or “Hispanics” in general terms (fully understanding that not all members of those groups adhere to the generality), then the same should be alright regarding Jews.  So I’ll give such people the benefit of a doubt and assume they know not all Jews are out to get them.
Many, if not most, white nationalists consider Jews to be non-white.  By what magic a religious conversion can change a person’s race I do not know.  It is a fact that many Jews are descended from white converts and so they are clearly white.  But it shouldn’t matter; Jews should consider themselves Jews and only marry other Jews anyway.  As for me, it makes no difference to me whether white nationalists consider me white or not.  Thankfully, I have my own identity that I’m perfectly content with.  One way or the other, this should not affect my sympathy toward white people.  Advocating for whites is a worthy cause no matter what race or ethnicity you happen to be.

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  1. Madison Grant says:

    Jewamongyou, I’ve always enjoyed your thoughtful comments at, so all the best w/your blog.
    I suppose that since Jews have always been a minority everywhere but Israel it lead them to support the Left’s platform of “minority rights”. I just can’t figure why so many of them have been anticapitalist considering how they’ve prospered under the free market.
    And BTW the excellent Prof. you referenced is Michael Levin, not Levine.

  2. Whitedude says:

    For the history of anti-Semitism in Christian Europe, I recommend Joel Carmichael’s “The Demonization of the Jews.”
    The two other comments here are interesting, especially the one that guesses at why so many Jews are leftists. What alarms me as I read posts on websites like Amren is the overwhelming evidence of the lack of historical knowledge of the white race, Europe, Christianity, etc., by the very people who would advocate for white race realism, survival, etc. What many white advocates seem to have instead are their own pet myths. Philosophically speaking, this is not productive and will not contribute toward a white “renaissance” or even an expansion of white realism. Rather, it will guarantee that the tendancy toward infighting that made European history a history of the world’s longest ongoing civil war possible.

  3. Whitedude says:

    Never having posted here before, my comment was rejected as duplicate. Won’t waste any more time here.

  4. MrAnon says:

    I’m a Jew who also reads AmRen regularly; I simply don’t post. I do enjoy your posts along with many others, especially John PM. Anyway, I have no idea why so many Jews are the way they are; I have siblings and we have totally different political views, it’s weird…

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  6. Whiteguythatisafraidofjews says:

    Jews are not White. But further to the point, the reason why so many people act as they do about jews is because they own the Fed, Central Banks, Media, Hollywood, Government and education system.
    …..Seriously, do I need to say anymore?

  7. Phil says:

    As a nationalist (white), the bulk of suspicions aimed at Jews are mainly (in my opinion) due to the monopolisation of various sectors such as finance and media. We cant trust that the media will report fairly on the Gaza strip, we can’t trust that the financial sector of the goverment isn’t going to send billions in aid to a country who’s state sponsored religion calls for “Jew’s to rule the world with an iron fist” (not to mention harsher bouts of Talmudic hatred). We can’t trust that Jewish backed pro-immigration groups aren’t going to displace the white majority with teeming masses of third-worlders, we can’t trust the Republicans or Democrats will not accept millions from International Jewish banking firms and other such companies like Goldman Sachs or Oppenheimer. If we can’t trust all of that, then it’s surely not unreasonable for white nationalists to generally distrust all Jews (not that it’s fair to lump everyone in together like that, but you get my point right?). But the 1st and foremost problem I think is the character assisination the poeple endure for pointing out things such as these, for example go to and listen to what this man says and I’m sure you’ll find that he is no anti-semite, but thanks to consistant defamation by the media anti-semite is the 1st word to come to someone’s mouth regarding Dr Duke. Accusations of anti semitism have even been directed at JEWISH individuals who speak out against Jewish extremism such as Prof Norman Finklestein, Walt and Mersheimer, and Dr Hajo Meyer (a Holocaust survivor). So it stands to reason that if nobody can dare queston the almighty Jew then of course people are going to be naturally suspicious of their actions and motives. I feel for Jews who don’t buy into all this Jewish supremacism but can see how a powerful Jewish cabal is either going to crush freedom and liberty in the west (partiularly free-speech) and/or generate another massive backlash against the Jewish community. I hope that more moderate Jews will stand up and voice their opossition to such extremism as all people should oppose all extremism regardless of race/religion etc…

    • Daniel says:

      Phil, excellent response. I have heard jews admit that many jews are anti-white and support anti-white organisations and causes, but I’ve never heard a jew admit that jews wield undue influence for their numbers in finance, media and government in the US and other gentile countries. It’s as if they have this feeling of entitlement when it comes to such things, like we owe it to them to let them have such power over our affairs and we’re bad people if we suggest that their influence should be reduced to something that’s more proportionate to the percentage of the total population jews make up. I do know that there are good jews out there who aren’t against us but they need to understand we have good reasons for being distrustful and suspicious of jews as long as they hold such power.

      • John says:

        I am sure you would be against affirmative action or preferential hiring of say firefighters to reflect the diversity of the City in which they fight fires. Why would you suggest that the positions of power that you detail as being over represented be “affirmative actioned” to reduce the number of Jews. yes, the Jews may have the numbers but unless you feel that Jews favor Jews and or hate everyone but jews, then it’s not relevant.

  8. Dana Roccapriore says:

    I appreciate this blog. As a white nationalist, i fully accept jews who show beyond a shadow of a doubt that they support the western imperative for self-preservation. The reason why this is a problematic issue is because when you say “jews should be jews and put jews first” – this is exactly what they do, resulting in disastrous consequences for the greater white society in which they live – through the various movements and intellectual trends they support, which in no small part have contributed to the destruction of our nation. The push for “diversity” was spearheaded by jewish groups because they know they are safer in a mixed society, not to mention they blend in better and through their cohesive tribalist identity they dominate. the very identity of jewry has defined itself as being at odds with the west, so jews in my opinion who reject their own tradition/culture are no longer jews, except in biology – and that is a messy topic. when you find rightist jews often they have alterior motive, such as being against immigration because they want to limit muslims from entering the nation, not because they care about the well-being of a white demographic. there are many true-hearted anti-zionists such as norman finkelstein, israel shamir, etc. – and occasionally when i find a jew who identifies himself as “white” and refuses to belong to an alien cult operating within white nations, and he/she proves this by openly repudatiating judaism and working against them – there is no reason not to accept their support.

  9. The Mighty Tig says:

    Hi. Like you, I’ve been posting on AmRen for some time. Unlike you, however, I use the default-moniker “Anonymous” because some of the folks at AmRen have taken to censoring my thoughtful and always polite postings (I committed the unforgivable sin of criticizing Northern Europeans and esp. Nordicists).
    Like you, I’m a member of an “undesirable” ethnic group (I’m Sicilian). Like you, I don’t care what others think of me and my people. I know what I am. Unlike a lot of White Nationalists, I am not antisemitic (though I am not philosemitic, either).
    I recognize that Jews (Ashkenazim, to be exact) as an ethnic group have made enormous contributions to this thing we call “Western Civilization”. Example: Albert Einstein and the theory of relativity.
    At the same time, however, I also recognize much harm has come from them as well. Example: Jewish groups have openly bragged of their contributions to “civil rights” legislation and “immigration reform”.
    I do not subscribe to the bulk of conspiracy theories out there for the simple fact when the harsh light of logic and critical analysis are shined upon them, they usually wither away to silliness.
    Your blog looks interesting. It’s now in my favorites. Ciao!

  10. jewamongyou says:

    Thank you Dana and Mighty! Hopefully I’ll soon get over this cold (or whatever it is) and start writing meaningful posts again.

  11. crypto aryan says:

    hi there, jewamongyou, its really neat that you’ve started a blog. i’ve wanted to meet you for awhile, saw you at the 2008 Amren conference, when I was first getting interested in these ideas, but didn’t say hello. for 2010, even though i live in metro area, jared and stephen evidently didn’t know me well enough to invite me to the semi-private conference that actually went forward, even though I had been in touch with them by email the whole week and had said I would go to the event at the last hotel that cancelled.
    I think the “Who Is A White” question remains vitally important. “Whites” don’t know, in contrast to Jews, Germans, Poles, Japanese, Koreans, each of whom know who they are. And the upshot is that all sorts of group traditionally considered to be “caucasian,” are in dispute when it comes to regarding themselves as “white” or not.
    My revolutionary suggestion: let people decide whether or not they’re white. This is problematic, I know, but I think its the only workable solution until there is some means of making a sharper definition that will be widely recognized.
    You say that you have your identity that you’re perfectly comfortable with. Good for you. Is this just a Jewish identity, or do you have another one? In particular, do YOU consider yourself to be white? Or are you just a sympathetic outsider among whites? I don’t care what others think, what do you think?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Well, you probably already guessed that you would not get a simple “yes” or “no” answer to that one. In short, I believe I’m mixed Mideastern and white. Unlike many white nationalists, I do not believe in the “one drop” rule for being other than white. So, even though many Jews have some Mideastern in them, it’s probably so little that I would consider them white. As for my family, I think it’s a bit more than “a little” so this would make me a mongrel. Until somebody comes up with a scientific method for determining who’s “white”, it will remain a guessing game for many of us.

  12. Lonewolf says:

    I agree with you. Im white, proud of it, proud of my european heritage, and I dont approve miscigenation because it destroys cultural identity. Still I cant get along white nationalists, national-socialists and neo-fascists because 99% of what they say its about jews, jewishness, jew domination, jew media etc, and they attribute some magical powers of manipulation to them. Its fucking disgusting. I live in Brazil and this country is governed by communists, and not one of these politicians is a jew. I known that communism was started by hasidic jews but I dont see jews following it today. I see communists trying to destroy the whites on my country with laws like negro privileges, negro cult, interracial dating, etc, and also in Europe. I check them and notice they (these leftists) are gentiles, so why keep this discourse about jews, if most if not all of those leftists are gentiles? 30% of population in my country is white people, most of them midclass, something around 50 million people, and still some of those white nationalists in my country say they dont care about them, they care only about whites in Europe, and that here “all is lost because the jews dominated everything to such an extent that nothing can be done” (about afrocentrism, miscigenation, etc). Its fucking defeatist retarded argument, especially after noticing people in the government are not jewish but leftist communist scumbags. Its sick, there nowhere to rely on. If you are white here you are alone. Any movement for white identity is perverted from the start, and “no solution can be given because its already dominated by the evil jewish cabal”. We whites have around 100 IQ, the negroes have around 80 IQ, this is proven by science alone (I myself have 126 IQ), and still we are “the manipulated ones”. I cant stand such insults to our dignity. Most of inventions we use today, if not all, came from european inteligent men.

  13. Tom says:

    Many/most white nationalists consider Jews to be non-white for two reasons:
    1. There is ample evidence that Jews (as a broad ethno-political group) consider themselves to be Jews. That is, they do not consider themselves to be racially German, British, Dutch, etc, but racially Jewish and distinct from these other “white” races who, in the modern multicultural state, have had their identities homogenized to a single convenient “white” identity under which all can be attacked. In addition, despite righteous well-meaning Jews such as yourself (I hold righteous people to be those who would convey the same rights to others that they would reserve for themselves) it is difficult to resolve a Jew as being politically “white” until that Jew is subjected to all of the political vulnerability that comes with being such. As it stands, even Jews that self-identify as white, for whatever reason, enjoy political protection as Jews. Should “whites” ever come under increased political or perhaps even physical attack, the Jewish “whites” could then claim to be Jews and not white (as they often do). This dichotomy allows disingenuous self-identified Jewish “whites”, such as Tim Wise, to attack “white supremacy” but still enjoy the political privilege and protection that comes with belonging to both groups at once. He can claim that he is an awakened white, usher in political hostility under the guise of enlightened self-sacrifice that he is attempting to model for other whites, but later claim all of the benefits of being a part of the protected Jewish politic while “white people”, who he claims to be one of, are left out in the hostile cold with no political protection. How can we analyze every Jew for their intention as a means of granting them ethno-political identity? That is too much to ask, and still wouldn’t make sense until the broader politics are resolved. The fact is that the broader political Jewish community is extremely anti-white, and extremely liberal except when it comes to themselves. When that changes, and Jews align with whites, we can talk about White/Jewish identity politics as it pertains to shared identity of millions of people.
    2. Whether you believe it as a matter of probability given the extreme repetition, or you don’t believe it as a matter of casting the anti-Semitic claim toward any criticism toward Jews (not you – but it is a pattern), European whites have more than two thousand years of complaints, that we know of, of Jewish hostility toward them. The take-away is that white nationalists tend to believe it, and while I would like nothing more than to end all inter-group animosity and hostility, the accepted history states that you have never seen yourselves as “white” or, before the last few centuries, as members of whatever tribe of Europeans amongst which you lived.
    I do consider Jews such as yourself culturally white (I have no clue about your specific genetics – you tell me), allies, and righteous. I would like to support Israel on the philosophical grounds of consistent support for nationalism. However, the everyday extreme hostility of Jewry toward whites makes that support difficult if not impossible for me. If someone want s to destroy me (aka: my identity) then why should I support their identity?
    Rejecting Jewish sympathy is a matter of reflex for WNs at this point, However, I believe this to be a foolish perspective if the future is to be considered. On the other hand, I don’t blame WNs from a logical perspective that considers the past. They feel so utterly steamrolled by Jews in the past and present, in their eyes, that they have taken a militaristic view of their continued subjection to Jewish influence. Because they see no way out and nothing that they have done no matter how extreme or well planned has brought them separation or has ceased the hostility, many see the very genetic essence of Jews as the enemy.
    To be fair, many Jews look almost Turkish (Sahsa Baren Cohen) and so, while many Jews are undeniably genetically European (Scarlett Johannsen), many if not most have their share of middle Eastern genetics (dark curly hair, olive skin etc). However, a lot of that genetic heritage is only faintly discernible for many (Seth Rogan for example). It doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned, as long as they are culturally western/white and don’t try to fuck us (figuratively). The intelligence is more than a fair trade for some faint middle eastern genetics. Despite the propaganda to the contrary, the extreme racialism of Nazi Germany was a result of perceived helplessness under Jewish influence and did not arise out of a random aesthetic or mythological racial preference. It was a reason for action that was used to draw very distinct lines between perceived hostile Jewry and Germans. It was designed to completely sever perceived hostile European Jews from Europe. It was not a cause of action. Given the chance, integration with Jews would be preferable should such integration cease all hostility. Herzl even suggested this solution, but was turned down.
    I feel terrible for Jews such as yourself. I’ve found many Jewish people to be good friends, and can count one as one of my better friends. I went to a heavily upper-class Jewish high school. While I think that many externally liberal/group-internal nationalist Jews are aware of the deadly hypocrisy in which they engage, and have a simple sense of entitlement if not malice to practice these politics, that others have never pondered the effects of these politics on gentile groups.

  14. PeachyKeen says:

    Recently found this site, am a female convert to Judaism, of mostly Celtic heritage, and have been disillusioned by white nationalist sites, even AmRen, because of the preponderance of Jew haters there. I also don’t understand the anti Israel bent, because if you are a WN who hates Jews, wouldn’t you want Jews to have “a place to go to” so you could get them out of your hair? I think WNs should be the most ferocious Zionists for that reason, and yet, they aren’t. I sympathize with and agree with many WN positions, especially criticism of Jewish leftists (all leftists, really) but the relentless hatred of Jews and Israel is just intolerable. I don’t know what the solution is. Jared Taylor talks the talk on accepting WN Jews, but he fails to moderate his comment forums so the Stormfronters are free to bloviate and they are numerous. I also have no desire to hate and exclude from society those black or hispanic people who display good values, though I do think (somewhat sadly) that we would all be happier if we just separated ourselves so that like stays with like.

  15. Dan says:

    Hi jewamongyou
    Here is another in PDF form of how the word “JEW” or more importantly its meaning/s have been skewed over time.
    The truth is “the jewish problem and white nationalism” stems from false government.
    If a “Jew” is someone who practices keeping the Holy Laws of God then what is the main factor for identifying ?
    If or when people who call themselves “Jews” can all agree on what “is” Jewish then this debate can be discussed at length,
    The problem is added to by euphemisms born or created out of group behavioral traits on both sides of the fence, Would it surprise you to know that most of the White National groups being identified are “Jewish” funded and that real White Nationalism is strictly an underground movement that doesn’t borrow from “Jewish” institutions for the disemination of WN thought?
    What evidently persists (I assume compelled you to make this blog entry off the back of also) is from this perpetual grey area of what “Jew” actually means, look at the expulsion or otherwise cyclic revolutions against Jewish governments with a perpetual wars between racial kin (funded by wealthy “Jews” and you will have at least some starting point.
    kind regards

  16. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t let them bother you anymore. They are so fringe it’s not even funny. There is a whole new generation of whites becoming disillusioned with cultural Marxism that are foisted down their throats, and hating Jews is not on their agenda. I am not talking about white nationalists, per se, but people who recognize the double standards and lies and are beginning to speak out more and more. This is in America.
    In Europe, true Nazism is rare in nationalist circles, so it’s almost not even worth mentioning.
    I found this article by accident in google search and it was a pleasant surprise as I have posted here before. I myself used to be one of those white nationalists who were brainwashed into hating Jews. I have since woken up. I was one of those “free Palestine”, David Duke type of white nationalists who was pro-Arab and rabidly anti-semitic.
    That changed over time. I now on the side of Israel 100%. It became very clear to me that the problem in the Middle-East is not the Jews. If Israel laid down their arms it would be a bloodbath. Yet that’s what the left-wing establishment seems to want. Why is it the same people who hate whites hate Jews? These are the types of connections that more and more people are making, and they are the questions that led me to search out the truth independent of what I was hearing in white nationalist circles.
    My heart bleeds for the nationalist Jews who try to find common cause with white nationalists only to be rebuffed. This is as much a Jewish fight as a European gentile fight. European and Western history and Jewish history are intertwined. Europe belongs to Jews just as much as it belongs to European non-Jews. I believe that with all my heart and I honestly feel that it’s because of anti-Semitic morons that more Jews aren’t in the movement.

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