The crypto-hater

I’ve known some fine people, in my time, who happened to be black.  I enjoyed their company and genuinely valued them as friends.  What would they think if they saw some of the comments I’ve made online about blacks in general?  Most likely, they would feel betrayed.  Perhaps even violated – because they would assume that I had been deceiving them, pretending to like them while I actually hated them in my heart.  Confronted with two personae (one flesh and blood and the other an online entity), they’ll choose the online persona as the “real” one.  It’s easy to see why; the anonymity of the internet allows people to express their true feelings while doing so in public, or at work, comes with serious risks.  A more mature approach would be to ask me what I meant by my online comments and why I posted them.  Then, if they listened, they would realize that there is no contradiction.  Racial differences express themselves on the group/societal level.  An individual can be what he chooses to be; there is always some level of free choice when it comes to being forgiving versus vindictive, charming versus offensive, hard-working versus lazy.

I don’t think it should be our business to determine what secret emotions might lie deep within the psyches of our acquaintances.  Some of my best friends might be secret anti-Semites or anti-libertarians or anti-American.  As long as they treat me right and express no such animosity toward me, it makes no difference to me that, deep inside, there’s an ember of hate.  I suspect we all have private feelings we’d rather not reveal to our friends, family and co-workers.  One could only imagine the chaos that would ensue if all of our innermost thoughts became public.  Society would probably collapse.

We have free will regarding what comes out of our mouths.  I’m not sure we have free will regarding what comes into our minds.  Such things should certainly not be held against us.  I opine that internet posts are, in some cases, closer to thought than to speech.  If speech is a private matter that should not be limited by government, how much more so free thought.  But now I’ve strayed from the topic of this post.

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  1. Marion says:

    Trust me you are not alone..
    Africans behave the same way. In the work place they socialize like ” brothers” even though they are of different tribes.
    When they go home that is another matter.
    They will tell their children don’t marry from such and such tribe they are Thieves or Womanizers or Lazy etc… even though they work with peoples from that Tribe.
    Not only that Africans HATE ABSOULUTELY HATE Americans Blacks more than any other Persons in the world.
    In fact they call them Akata which is a Nigerian language slang for
    ” Cotton Picker”
    True I am African. Many black people don’t know this but Africans would rather their children not marry THAN MARRY AN AMERICAN BLACK!!
    Many a parent has threatened murder against a child who attempted to marry an ” Akata”.
    In fact Africans joke that they reason they sold the ” Akata” to the white man is so be rid of weirdos.
    In African cultures only Weirdos and hostile tribal members who are captured in battle are made into slaves.
    True story but Africans will never say that to anybody but another African.
    Some of the Stereotypes that Africans have about ” Akata’s”
    1. They are lazy
    2. Loud
    3. Their women are not Submissive
    4. They have no drive to succeed
    5. They are scoundrels
    6. They are the bottom of the barrel in terms of all civilizations.
    Yet they will casually socialize with Akatas in the workplace, school or where ever yet when the Akata is out of earshot they SPEAK REALLY BADLY OF THEM AND THEIR CULTURE!
    In fact while Outwardly many Africans celebrated the Election of Obama
    Many and I mean many thought that his election would spwan doom for the American Nation because he is Black and that just screams INEPTNESS to an African.
    Africans are very vested in what goes on in Western Nations since that is whom they do the most business with.
    So yeah don’t feel ashamed we all do it. Even blacks do it to Africans and Whites so don’t have a guilt complex about it.

  2. Marion says:

    Oh yeah another thing
    Africans HATE IT when Akatas ( American Blacks) use African names to name their children
    Such as Kenya, Mandela etc
    In Africa tribal names are the exclusive domain of the Tribe
    It serves also as an identification as all persons are black so when we see these Akata’s naming their children names from tribes they don’t belong to we get really incensed!

    • tulio says:

      In fact while Outwardly many Africans celebrated the Election of Obama
      Many and I mean many thought that his election would spwan doom for the American Nation because he is Black and that just screams INEPTNESS to an African.

      Okay, I don’t believe this guy is African. And if he is, he doesn’t represent Africans. It’s pretty damn clear that most Africans were/are thrilled at Obama’s election. Of course white nationalists eat this stuff up like Thanksgiving dinner.
      As to jewamongyou’s original post, why don’t you show this blog to your black associates and let them be the judge. Why keep it so private unless you are ashamed of something?

      • jewamongyou says:

        Why don’t I show this blog to my black associates? Either you have no clue about the work environment in America or you’re just trying to be silly – and succeeding.

      • Marion says:

        Blacks are not Africans okay.
        Why do u think that Africans make fun of Blacks and Blacks make of fun of Africans?
        Not representative of Africans?
        Unlike you I have the inside knowledge.
        I speak to my Kenyan relatives and also know what Africans say in their VERNACULAR Media which is not transmitted in the states.
        Try me I can send you articles that would SHOCK YOU about what Africans think about Obama!

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  4. Marion says:

    @ Tulio
    I am an African and I live in Kenya.
    And I can tell you many Kenyans and Africans were not thrilled with Obama’s election.
    Even now.
    To them Obama has done nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING
    to help their continent. Not only that some Africans depend on support from relatives in the US and they are really hurting because of the Economy.
    I tell you Africans themselves don’t like their black leaders why?
    Coz they are INEPT!
    Try me if you don’t think I am an African ask me a question about Kenya which only a Kenyan would know I will answer it.
    We know what we speak off!!!

  5. kman says:

    I believe that you’re Kenyan. Why else would you be waiting for Obama and the US to help Kenya instead of understanding that it’s your duty to help yourselves?

    • Marion says:

      Where did I say that I am waiting on Obama to help me?
      I personally no. But some Africans yes!
      There is two types of Africans
      1. Those that love Western Aid and want to do nothing
      2. Those like me who Work and love our Countries to the best of our abilities by attracting investors or creating investment opportunities within our own countries with or without Govt help.
      Both types of Africans were disappointed with Obama
      The former being that he hasn’t done anything for them.
      The latter being that his INABILITY to revive the US economy has made it difficult for us to invest or some have lost money in investements made in the US.
      Now I will explain why nothing gets done in Africa
      Because of the 1st types of People I was talking about. These people ARE THE MAJORITY in Africa and they dominate Politics and Society in general with their stupidity.
      1. They elect leaders who are only from their tribe year in year out even if they are corrupt so that other tribes don’t get an advantage.
      2. They have more children than they can afford that is why they are constantly depended on Foreign Aid. I say let them starve Suffering puts one’s priorites in perspective.
      3. They engage in risky Sexual behavior contract HIV/AIDS then EXPECT Western Nations to send them FREE AIDS DRUGS
      That is why they are disappointed in Obama’s election.
      Obama can barely take care of his own country yet even they want him to take care of Them.
      Others like me look at Obama with a different kind of disappointment because he has hurt businesses all over the world with his inability to fix the US economy. Face it, the world depends on a Healthy US economy.
      Africans know from their own experience that Black leaders are inept whichever way you look at it they didn’t want Obama elected!

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