"Color Bind"

It seems only “people of color” can be victims of genocide in America:

When Planned Parenthood opens its new center this Sunday on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, it will face a diverse group of protesters.

Many of the 100 or so expected demonstrators will be African-Americans alleging that plopping new abortion clinics in neighborhoods with large African-American populations is tantamount to black genocide…

But Liz Delapoer, Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette’s local marketing director, counters allegations the health-care provider targets African-American neighborhoods for abortion services.

Planned Parenthood has 16 centers throughout predominantly white Oregon, including one in Southeast Portland.  The new 40,000-square-foot clinic on MLK replaces one that is 11 blocks west.  And Delapoer notes that only 5 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortion related…” (WillametteWeek Feb. 10, 2010).

I think it’s peculiar that blacks are concerned about genocide.  After all, their portion of the American population has been creeping up over the decades.  The following table is from Wikipedia:

If anybody should be concerned about genocide, it’s whites.

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3 Responses to "Color Bind"

  1. DK says:

    I would say to you the same thing I say to black nationalists and Muslim nationalists.
    Genocide traditionally necessitates that the population in question has to be dropping in numbers.

  2. Patrick says:

    The white population is decreasing due to their own sinfulness, in particular I am referring to the sin of hubris. Many whites support things like abortion in order to feel progressive which gives them a sense of superiority.
    According to traditional medicine of any geographical region physical sickness is due to sin. An example of this is that excessive masturbation can cause feeble mindedness. Excessive masturbation is hwy young white boys are imitating ghetto fashion because they have become feeble minded due to excessive masturbation. They have no one telling them not to sin. Kids need guidance.
    The concept of good and evil has been forsaken in favor of a notion of mental illness among whites. This is a result of the sin of hubris, trying to demonstrate superiority by avoiding thinking in terms of good and evil like the brown skinned people.
    Abandoning good and evil is why sin is so prevalent among white people. Sins such as pornography and excessive masturbation and homosexuality.

  3. Vanessa says:

    While I certainly agree that pornography and excessive masturbation is bad, I’m not so sure about homosexuality. I think some are born that way and as long as they don’t bother anyone by being promiscuous and contracting AIDS or pushing gay marriage down our throats, what’s the big deal? While abortion is wrong, it’s also legal and short of blowing up a clinic, we can’t stop people from doing so. People have the right to be stupid, but we also have the duty not to be stupid.

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