It is time to change our tactics

What do KKK members, skinheads, David Duke, Don Black, BNP members, Michael Levin and Jared Taylor all have in common?  They’re all pro-white.  Of course they have their differences; some are ignorant thugs while others are refined scholars.  Still others focus on politics and others lean toward militant action.  Some are religious while others atheist.  Perhaps it’s time we have a pro-white organization that encompasses all of the above.  This organization would only act on matters that are not controversial (among pro-whites): aid to South African whites, helping white orphans, teaching white/Western history and pride, bringing attention to medical issues that affect mainly whites, stamping out violence against whites in American/European cities, increasing the white birth-rate and working toward white homelands for example.
During the last Amren meeting, which was abridged due to persecution, some talk was heard of changing our tactics.  While research, blogging and education are all important and should continue, I think it is vital that we consolidate forces as a voting block, as a lobbying group, as a mobile (and reliable) group of protesters and yes, even as an agent of intimidation when necessary.
We no longer have the luxury of being “nice guys in suits” all the time.  While in Virginia, I met John Browne of Tip of the Spear and I found him to be inspiring.  We need more people like him, who are not afraid to stand up to evil, look it in the eye and say “no more!”
Can we take skin-heads and channel their energy to good use?  I don’t know but it might be worth trying.  There is a lot of pent up anger among young whites, who suffer daily from racist aggression – but they are ignorant of racial truths and know nothing of pro-white organizations.  Any “outreach” ideas can be discussed here.

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  1. FrankBD says:

    Can I be a charter member?
    I’d be pretty happy if we accomplished the following:
    1. End all programs based on the assumption that disparate results prove disparate opportunity
    2. Stop illegal immigration on the simple basis that IT’S A CRIME (and employers are accomplices)
    3. Create an expectation in media that pro-black voices (like Sharpton) should be balanced by a pro-white one
    4. Enforce the intent of the H1B visa program, requiring that employers SHOW they can’t find natives to hire
    5. School textbooks and cirricula should reflect the values of the people, not the liberal academics who think society is oppressive
    6. Establish the clear idea that cultures aren’t equal, and those from high-IQ lands are best
    Some immediate tactics are:
    1. Institute a program of economic patriotism, that we won’t patronize businesses that hire illegals or export jobs
    2. Begin a Web-TV program to directly balance media coverage of race issues

    • FrankBD says:

      I’m sorry, I forgot:
      7. Establish that any program designed to help a minority group must include reforming dysfunctional behavior as a primary requirement

  2. WR the elder says:

    While there can be no doubt that some of the people who show up at the Amren conferences are anti-Semitic I think it’s a very good thing that people like jewamongyou also show up — maybe some of those guys will realize that not all Jews are out to get them, and have the same interest in preserving our European heritage and people.

  3. Techno Dan says:

    Good ideas, FrankBD and WR.

  4. fred says:

    I agree with Frank’s recommendations except #4. I’d do away with H1Bs altogether. The economic argument is that if the demand is artificially met with foreign workers then there is no economic incentive (ie higher wages) for native workers to enter the field. The result is a permanent shortage. Also, it’s a loop-hole employers will abuse to drive down wages. They’re abusing it now and they’ll abuse it as long as it exists.
    I also have a 3rd tactical suggestion. I’m all for national organizations and whatnot. But people need to get together locally, if only informally. We need local chapters where people meet quarterly or even monthly. This would help reform / eliminate fringe elements. It’s not having a legitimate option that leads to extremism.

  5. countenance says:

    If there are to be H-1B visas, they should only be given to (1) whites who are (2) from countries and cultures whose wage, salary and expectations of a standard of living are similar to ours, and who are (3) uniquely talented for some reason.

  6. FrankBD says:

    I’m reading “The New White Nationalism in America” by Carol Swain, and at the end of her book she lists some policy recommendations that we might use as a jumping-off point for our implementation tactics. Swain is black, and of course doesn’t agree with the pure WN position, but does sympathize with why people are attracted to it. We might not agree with everything, and some of the recommendations are clearly not steps to implementing AmRen’s vision of America, but it’s a place to start.
    1. Open up political discourse on college campuses, organs of elite news media and the halls of legislative bodies to include unpopular ideas about race, so they can be evaluated in open forums
    2. Address and acknowledge in appropriate venues the legitimate public policy issues that WN raise and governments ignore
    3. Abandon racial and gender-based double standards, in media, education and law enforcement
    4. End all workplace racial preferences
    5. Include vocational training in high schools
    6. Invest public money to allow everyone to attend community college
    7. If racial preferences are to be retained, exclude immigrants
    9. Dramatically reduce immigration and enforce current laws more vigorously
    10.Media needs to move away from the idea that minority communities have a few self-appointed leaders
    11-14.Some economic suggestions about taxes, child support, automobile financing and the like
    She also has a list of what black community leaders should do, which largely come down to making the correction of pathological behavior as important a priority as complaining about white society.
    A lot of these ideas are not exactly what Amreners would like to see, but just as a tactical matter, we need to decide if coming up with some kind of positive of black life is any part of our thinking; or if “we want enclaves and the blacks can go kill each other if they want” is our end-game.

  7. FrankBD says:

    #8 was supposed to read:
    (Long paragraph of new ways to enforce discrimination laws)

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