Changing our tactics pt. 2

After I recently posted about changing our tactics, people commented with worthy suggestions.  Those suggestions related to immigration law, the education system and the media.  While all those are worthy goals, I think there are more effective, and realistic, things we can do right away.
First of all, we need to set up a fund (we can call it a “scholarship”) from which sums are awarded based on Educational Blitzkrieg Attacks.  These E.B.A.’s would have to accomplish certain things and avoid certain things.
They must be directed at children or young people.  They must be composed of effective, accurate and positive sound bites.  They must attract a certain amount of attention.  They must be done in a fun and cheerful manner (ideally with a smile).  At least two people should participate, ideally three (one to document it on video).
They cannot be dangerous, illegal or hostile in any way.  They should not appear suspicious or sneaky.  They must not be negative, hateful or “anti” anybody.
An ideal E.B.A. would be to wait outside a school when classes are dismissed for the day.  When the children are out and about, they will be treated to the sound of a bull-horn saying things like “Be proud of your European heritage!  Your heritage is precious!”  This would last only a few moments.  Wait a few days, or weeks, and then do it again – but with a different, related message.  With any luck, those words will get some of the children thinking and asking questions.  We are forced to pay taxes so that government can pollute the minds of our children with leftist garbage.  The least we can do in return is give those kids some truth.
Another E.B.A. would be in the form of fliers.  These fliers would be colorful and cartoonish.  Each one might highlight a different famous white person.  At the bottom, the bold caption might read “Your European ancestors did much to be proud of!”  I know many will disagree with me on this, but I believe it is better to use the word “European” than “white”.  These fliers could be given away with toys – but the child would have to listen to a minute or two of European accomplishments before getting the toy.
More adult-oriented fliers would be used with college and high school students.  Perhaps some of them would mention the plight of whites in South Africa – or even America (as long as it doesn’t mention other races by name or inference).  We want to be careful so that nobody can accuse us of spreading hate amongst children.  It might be a good idea to set up a booth, near a high school, with music.  In exchange for a free school supply or an i-tune gift card, the student would have to listen to a couple of minutes of European history and pride.  When adults walk up and ask “what are you doing?” The answer would be “We are trying to raise awareness of European-American heritage.”  Say it with a smile and offer to share some information with the adult as well.
Many are not willing, or able, to participate in such activities.  But there is no need for them to feel left out; they can always donate to the E.B.A. fund and encourage others to do so.  The fund will provide a monetary award to those who can document that they participated in such activities.   If hundreds of occurrences, like those described above, take place all over America people will start to notice.  Sooner or later there will even be local news coverage.  This sort of movement would be like a Tea Party for white activists.  A campaign like this would be wholesome, American and guaranteed to get results – because we can blog about national policy until we’re blue in the face but, outside of our own circles, few care.  Our future is with our youth and our youth is at school – so this is where they must be reached.

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3 Responses to Changing our tactics pt. 2

  1. kman says:

    Interesting ideas ,but a bit anemic. Many say that we’re in a war for the future of our nation and race. Von Clausewitz taught that war is politics and that one should make war on the enemies centers of gravity. I see the mainstream media, the courts and the schools as the COG’s.

  2. kman says:

    The question remains of course,What actions will influence those centers in the desired direction? Historical examples abound but they’re not for the timid or the sqeamish. As long as we’re content with monday night football significant change remains unlikely.

  3. kman says:

    So yesterday an oppurtunity presented itself her for exactly whay JAY was talking about. 3 black men pulled a young U of M student into a van and gang raped her for hours while they drove around. She said they spoke english to her and a “foriegn” language to each other (no doubt somali).
    Today would have been a good time to leaflet the campus. Links to amren, Vdare and this blog could have been featured in the leaflets. Or we could strap up and go crusing for a green van with passenger doors on both sides driven by somalis. Is this the start of the muslim gang phenomemen in Minnesota?

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