Is there hope for the future?

I have a dear friend who firmly believes that there is no hope for the white race.  He is an atheist so he holds no hope of salvation via supernatural forces.  From a moral standpoint, he correctly points out that the vast majority of whites deserve what they get; they hate their own genes and allow themselves to be trampled upon and enslaved.  There is no government, on the face of the Earth, that has any concern for the white race.  Neither are there any major corporations that possess any loyalty for the white race.  It would appear that there are not even any very wealthy individuals who champion our cause.  If ever there were an underdog, in the history of Mankind, it would be white nationalists and race realists in our own era.  As white nationalists go, so goes the white race in general.
A gentleman by the name of Diamed the roadless writes:

“After twenty years of lobbying for political improvements for the white majority, Amren, Vdare, and their ilk have achieved nothing. In fact, everything has gotten irretrievably worse in all categories. Restoring America is like putting humpty dumpty back together again. The generations born and raised today don’t even have any concept of what America’s past was like. If they learn anything about the past, it’s that it was wholly evil and repugnant. Nor do the young of today have any knowledge or connection to their European homelands. They are completely rootless, tradition-less, and atomized.”

He claims that, in the end, advanced technology will reign supreme, that we shall be replaced by androids or something to that effect.  Follow the link above and read the whole column – if you don’t mind being depressed.  One of the claims he debunks is that “worse is better”.  Indeed, many have pointed to South Africa as proof that virtually nothing can awaken the slumbering white masses, even as they are slaughtered, raped and marginalized to the extreme.  One might counter that South Africa cannot serve as proof of white apathy and obliviousness because a white South African can always aspire to escape to safer, more tranquil regions.  Indeed many have already done so.  The same can be said about white Americans.  They have fled the inner cities for the suburbs and the suburbs for the town and the towns for yet other towns.  Eventually, there will be nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide.  Then what?  I hold an ember of hope that, with his back to the wall, the white male will shake the dust off his manliness and revert to an earlier state of being – when he will be worthy of the name “man”.  I hold some hope that the white female, with her back to the wall, will tire of being the plaything of men of color.  That she will remember how all the great things whites have accomplished could not have been done if not for the power of her womb.  At that point, she will be reborn and merit the name “woman”.
I’ve often claimed that there is a link between the hatred leftists have for the white race, on the one hand, and their ceaseless yearning for a return to nature on the other.  One need not be an expert demographer to conclude that a truly global economy, with free movement of people, will eventually result in the countless masses from failed societies migrating to more successful societies and overwhelming the latter.  Ostensibly, the leftist holds that there are no meaningful differences between the races.  Indeed, he rejects the concept of “race” entirely (except when it suits his convenience of course).  This is why he is not bothered by the eventual colonization, of the entire world, by blacks.  Presented with this possibility, he will laugh.  He laughs for two reasons: Firstly because he doesn’t think such a thing possible – much as he once laughed at the idea that the U.S. would become majority non-white.  Secondly because he doesn’t see that it would matter anyhow; after all, “we’re all the same”.
With the current arrangement, blacks will inherit the Earth because of two things: they have the most babies and, due to their lower average I.Q. and higher impulsiveness/testosterone, their societies are generally not as successful as other societies.  Since their societies tend to be chaotic, crime-ridden and poor, they will be net exporters of people; few non-blacks would choose to live among them given a choice.  Over the course of time, their excess babies will spread throughout the globe and steadily blacken their host countries.  We would do well to look carefully at successful black societies and try to find ways to clone them in other places – but that is a topic for another post.
I do not believe that the above scenario is lost upon the leftist elites.  As a matter of fact, I think it quite likely that they view the black colonization of the Earth as a means to an end: our return to nature.  Once all nations are sufficiently blackened, the elites will be able to control Earth’s population with great ease.  Not only will they be able to control it, they will be able to reduce it.  They aim to reduce our population to such an extent that nature will reclaim what it has lost over the last few hundred years.  As a matter of fact, without majority white nations to prop up third world countries and to feed their starving millions, the elites needn’t do anything.  All they’ll have to do is sit back and watch as the Earth’s population dwindles of its own accord.  Many will starve and many more will wither away from disease.  Yet more will be killed in wars – wars for fresh water and food.  In their eyes, all this is a good thing.  The very last thing a black person should want is the destruction of white nations and the Western societies that they make possible.  If blacks believe they are suffering now, let them wait and see how much worse it will be without whites to give them sanctuary and aid.
After all is said and done, we can rest assured that the elites will be protected in their guarded, gated communities (or perhaps deep underground).  We can also rest assured that most of those elites will be white.  They will be few and they will probably be evil but they will still carry white genes and, the Earth being empty as it is, they will want children.  Even a handful of people can go forth and repopulate the Earth – so I would not give up so easily.

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  1. countenance says:

    On the subject of the environment, Stewart Udall passed yesterday. He’s described as a champion of national parks, yet he served in the cabinet of an open-borders President (LBJ), and his two sons are Democrat U.S. Senators that will push for “comprehensive immigration reform,” such that Mexican drug gangs can grow illicit drugs in national parks, and set fires in them to create diversions for drug running.

  2. FrankBD says:

    There might be some room for optimism in things like the fact that No Child Left Behind is making it obvious to the educational establishment that not all groups are equally able to succeed, along with modern research about the genetic component of IQ. The fact that state and local government budgets are in trouble, might motivate them to reduce the staffs of school administrators preferring to keep actual teachers. Longer term, I think the fact that white women have largely achieved workplace equality will motivate them to drop out of the “diversity coalition” in which they vote with NAMs to discriminate against white men, while each group individually claims oppressed status.
    I still think the weakest link in the chain would be to make employing illegal unprofitable. If the government won’t enforce immigration laws, the people should organize a boycott of businesses that employ illegals. If Obamacare passes, we should also insist the employers cover the mandates for their illegal employees, which should further cut the motive to do so. The longer-term implication of this should be more blue-collar jobs for black men, making them more desirable marriage partners and hence their kids would be raised with fathers. That’s decades away, but would change everything if it happened.

  3. a random user name says:

    Your optimism in the face of the worst case scenario is refreshing and humorous.
    The reason South Africa failed was for several reasons IMO:
    1. Because the rest of the world ganged up on white people there. The media censored news that painted whites as victims. This lead to the political reality of trade embargoes etc.
    2. Because of demographics of the time, non-whites were fairly rare and forced to integrate somewhat because of that. As a result, there was no “Who do I believe? You or my lying eyes?” response to the MSM propaganda.
    3. Whites had a place to flee to. They were not cornered and flight was an easy option.
    Factors 2 and 3 no longer apply to white people anywhere, really. This is a key difference.

  4. a random user name says:

    I forgot to make it clear that with point 2, I’m referring to non-whites in other countries (not in South Africa).
    The other factor relating to that point is that the MSM is gravely weakened through the power of the internet. The truth can’t be contained much longer. 5-10 years ago, something like the Color of Crime would be something you would have to go to one particular site to get (e.g. something like You’d probably feel physically sick from thoughtcrime and navigate out of the site. No one would have the courage to link to it.
    Now people refer to that sort of thing on forums, comments, etc. It’s a definite indication that it’s going mainstream.

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