Provisional whites

Earlier, I quoted diamed from his blog The Road Less Traveled.  There is much of interest in that blog and I recently came across his take on borderline “whiteness”.  Any white movement must, sooner or later, resolve the problem of how to define “white”.  I recommend reading the entire post but here is his idea in a nutshell:

If someone is 3/4 white and 1/4 black, he’s provisionally white. If he acts like a decent white man who calls himself white and defends other whites, he’ll stay provisionally white. He can never be pure white, because he is too genetically distant. But he can be provisionally white. If he identifies as a black and walks around with a chip on his shoulder blaming everything on whites and saying ‘kill the white man,’ then he’s a black. For this reason, Jeremiah Wright, who’s clearly genetically closer to white than black, is a black. He lost his chance at whiteness by damning us to hell. See how it works? In all borderline cases, the cases constantly thrown at us by anti-racists: “Well what about mixed races? What about jews? What about Armenians? What about –?” The answer is now solvable. “These people are provisionally white, their own behavior will determine whether they are included by us, or excluded by us, as white or non-white.” If anyone wants to be included by us, all they have to do is ‘act white.’ Behave well, behave righteously, identify yourself as white, and be loyal to the white race.

Tentatively I like his idea because, in practice, many of us have been looking at things this way for a long time.  If we encounter a light-skinned “black” who speaks and behaves just like a white and whose attitudes are those of a healthy white, do we not look at that person (for most purposes) as a white?  What diamed did was put into writing what has been lurking in the backs of many of our minds anyway.  Codifying it is a step in the right direction.  He goes on to list three tiers of “whiteness”:

First Tier: Genetically white, whitey-mc-white-whites. These people should be given free admission to the country, on the sole basis of loyalty and abiding by the laws we set forth. This is the easiest level of admission.
Second Tier: Borderline cases, provisionally white. These people would be included on a case by case scenario, based on their loyalty, behavior, and character. This is a stricter standard than the previous standard, but admission is still open. IE, as many people of this type as qualify, are allowed in.
Third Tier: Non-whites. These people would again be included only as individuals. But they would have to have exceptional abilities. For instance, an IQ no less than 120. Perfect health. Good looks. Extremely talented athletes. Extremely rich. Skilled workers. Scientists or artists who have proven their stuff. You get the idea. In addition, they must be loyal to our race and abide by our laws. Obviously, if they make trouble, they’re gone. Whatever compassion or patience we show for the first tier, will not be shown to the third tier. And in addition to this, they can at no time exceed 10% of the population. So no matter how qualified you are, if our quota is full, you can’t enter. Through this simple measure, the white genome can’t be extinguished, AND we can select non-whites for their quality. This way, we do not cut ourselves off from the gifts and genes of exceptional non-whites, but we do not destroy ourselves either. It’s fair and balanced. If non-whites resent all the restrictions we put upon them, tough, they still have the rest of the world to live on. They don’t have to live here. Humorously enough, even if jews weren’t provisionally white, I’d still allow many of them in as non-whites with exceptional ability. Excluding jews entirely, who hold the secrets to a 15 IQ boost somewhere in their genes, would be sheer folly.

It seems to be as good a system as any but I do have a couple of problems with it.  Even though I am not a subscriber to the idea of a “pure race”, it seems to me that we do have relatively pure races.  As it stands today, most people who consider themselves “white” are relatively pure; it is likely that they have, in their distant past, some non-whites but they are still pure-blooded enough to be considered of “indigenous European” origin.  I doubt that “Native Americans” can say the same.  We Jews lost that relative purity long ago so that now we’re reduced to various degrees of mongrelization.  It would be a shame if the same thing happened to whites and diamed’s suggestion of allowing 10% of the white population to be non-white would certainly lead to gradual degradation.  Furthermore, in any large nation, politics and corruption would surely come into play when determining who has the “right attitudes” (amongst borderline whites) to be worthy of being “provisional whites”.  There would be many grey areas and, in the end, who you know would carry as much weight as anything else.  Perhaps it would be best if any future white nation be a small nation or a confederation of small nations.  This might help curb corruption.
I think this would be a good place to point out what many of us already know: in the long run, the only way to ensure the survival of the white race is for there to be a white nation with strong territorial integrity.  In the long run there are only two possibilities: the extinction of the white race or the creation of a white nation.  This cannot be said of any other major race of Mankind.  There is no danger of Orientals or blacks becoming extinct.  As for Australian Aborigines, Polynesians, Pygmies and various Native American tribes, they need to have their own nations as well.  I would not want them to disappear either.  Polynesians, given their own exclusive nation, would also have to grapple with the question “who is a Polynesian?”  As for those who wish for the extinction of whites, or any other race, what they are really advocating for is genocide.  In civilized society, we do not hold those who promote genocide in high esteem.  It could reasonably be said that such people are “haters” and “bigots”.   Therefore you, the reader, have a choice: either you are a “white nationalist” or you are a “bigot”.  Which will it be?

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17 Responses to Provisional whites

  1. fred says:

    Ethnicity has two components – genetics and culture. Therefore, the “provisionally white” argument doesn’t hold up. It smacks of the “race is a social construct” mantra.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Would you enforce a “one drop” rule for being excluded from the white race?

      • fred says:

        The “one-drop rule” is a very interesting question. Particularly in light of James Watson’s DNA results. There are jewish sects who won’t even allow entry to other jews. And unless I’m mistaken, only full-blooded souix and mohawk are allowed tribal membership. The reason is that even small admixture adds up over time.
        Now, I agree with you that no race is “pure” but that’s not the same as saying no race is “distinct”. And if people who just have a little admixture are continually added then its the death of a thousand cuts.
        Last but not least, you didn’t really ask but I’m sure you’re wondering. So I’ll answer it like this. I find many things objectionable about abe foxman. But his genetics isn’t one of them. And I would have no objection to Wittgenstein.

  2. FrankBD says:

    Fred and I obviously disagree on a lot of things, and I don’t doubt he’s more in tune with most WN thinking than I am. But in the medium-run, one priority has to be breaking up the “diversity coalition” in which white women and NAMs vote together to discriminate against white men while individually claiming oppressed status. Our political strategy has to involve pointing out the differences in interests in these groups (or parts of them) so they stop voting together on the one thing they have in common (wanting white men’s money).
    Whether it’s Mr. AmongUs’ plan or not, we need to devise some kind of dis-unification strategy.

  3. the friendly grizzly says:

    I have two VERY black (pigment) folks at my office who show about as much sign of acting like blacks as some midwestern blue-haired grandmother. So, I’d hate like crazy to lump them in with the ghetto trash.
    I can understand the reasoning of the article, but “provisionally white” is where I’d end up being assigned because I am Jewish. Oh, goody goody. The pure whites, (let’s call them “the master race”), decides I am allowed to exist and function, but likely by their rules.
    Isn’t there some recent history about that sort of system?

    • jewamongyou says:

      We Jews could either choose to live within a different white nation – like Amrenland, that accepts us as full whites – or live within our own Jewish homeland if the above scenario bothers us. The fact remains that, for whatever reasons, most white nationalists do not accept Jews as “pure” whites. If they create their own homeland and don’t want us living amongst them, I certainly would not want to force myself upon them. If they choose to allow us to live amongst them, but only under certain conditions, then I might accept or say “no thank you” but the choice is mine.

  4. fred says:

    Isn’t there some recent history about that sort of system?
    Yes. And there is some ancient history about that sort of system, too.
    Moses – Hitler
    Torah – Mein Kampf
    Promised Land – Lebensram
    Chosen Race – Master Race
    Amorites, Hittites, Amalekites, etc – Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, etc.
    But what’s done is done. And I’m more concerned with the future than engaging in some petty blood libel. There are over 50 white ethnicities. And jews are one of them. DNA doesn’t lie. Yet jews are the only ones who haven’t found a place within WN. Now, I ask you. If there’s a kid who has problems getting along with ALL the other children would you say it’s his fault or everyone else’s?
    Personally, I’d love to see jews join WN. But one can’t place their ethnic interests above the common interests and expect others to accept them as an equal.

  5. Vanessa says:

    This is interesting. I was wondering where I would stand amongst the three tiers, because my parents were born in Cuba but all my family originates from Galicia in northwest Spain. I myself look very Spanish, but many of my family are very fair and often get mistaken for Irish. I’ve had people say that Spaniards aren’t quite white and I was wondering about that. Also, my younger brother is fairer than me but he has high-functioning autism, where would he fit in?

    • jewamongyou says:

      It doesn’t sound like anybody would seriously question your whiteness Vanessa – except perhaps some radical Nordicists. It would be nice if Diamed would join us here for this debate. After all, it was his idea.

    • Aoirthoir says:

      Spainards are of Gaulish and Latin descent. Except for the people of Madrid. They are poopieheads. I think.

  6. Diamed says:

    I consider anyone of European heritage white. I’m not sure what other questions about the article I’m supposed to answer.

  7. Portland bus driver says:

    My wife’s father was born of mexican immigrants, her mother white. Considering the fact her father was 6ft. tall he was most likely mestizo. She looks mostly white, and is quite intelligent. Our 3 children look completely white, our first has blond hair and very pale skin. They are all under 3 1/2 years but ‘seem smart’ as any parent would say. Anyway, this post helps deal with the questions I had about the idea of a pure race, which I also think is nonsense. Except for me, I’m 100% pure Aryan master race…….

  8. Portland bus driver says:

    Also, this sort of movement risks alienating way to many potential allies by advocating for racial purity. That ship has sailed. Action: 1. Stop all non-white immigration, especially from Africa for Christs sake. 2. Stop encouraging non whites to have children and begin encouraging whites to procreate. 3. Stop affirmative action at all levels. Done, simple, problem will then solve itself!

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