Win-win situation?

It appears that some Muslims object to the new full body scanners now mandatory in the U.K. (thanks to strike the root for the link).  I think it’s abhorrent of governments to force people to reveal their naked bodies in order to travel by plane.  It seems there is no limit to the depths governments will descend to in order to humiliate us “for our own safety”.
I do find it interesting, however, that Muslims might especially have a problem with it – considering that their presence was what caused the threat that served as an excuse for such excesses in the first place.  Muslims, in large numbers, do not belong in European society; they make no secret of their plans to overwhelm Western nations with their numbers and, eventually, subjugate the native populations.
Will Muslim protests eventually scale back the police state?  I doubt that their overall effect will be positive but we can at least hope for positive outcomes now and then.  In this particular case, if Muslims succeed in eliminating this latest government indignity, it will be a small victory for us all.  If they are made uncomfortable enough to leave, in large numbers, then it will be a large victory for the rest of us.  Given the pitiful track record of the U.K., my guess is that there will be special provisions for Muslims so that they can have another Muslim (of the same sex) body search them.  Then, of course, we lose.  Will non-Muslims be reduced to pretending they are Muslim in order to avoid the body scan?  Personally, I think the body scan would be less of an indignity.
As a side note, I think that when we are forced to reveal ourselves in such a way in order to travel by plane, we can have fun with it.  Specifically I’m thinking of using some sort of high-density tape to write messages on our own bodies in such a way that only through the scanner will it be visible.  The government goon who “makes his living” by humiliating the rest of us would be treated to such sublime messages as “F**k you!” or “You’re a loser” or “Get a REAL job”.

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2 Responses to Win-win situation?

  1. fred says:

    You’ve made a very keen observation. Namely, that it was moslem misbehavior which has driven these invasive policies. And that it will most likely be moslems who are ultimately exempted from them. Talk about the tail wagging the hound. And it’s time that tail was docked.

  2. Patrick says:

    People should just stop travelling by planes anyways. They cause lots of wastel.

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