My Amren wish list

Far be it from me to try to dictate the policies of a noble organization such as Amren, but this doesn’t mean I cannot put forward my own wish list and I hope that if Mr. Taylor reads this, he will take it as friendly suggestions rather than complaints:
1)  While Amren is, officially, a monthly magazine, in the minds of many it is more than that.  If it were only a magazine, we would not have semiannual meetings.  My wish is that Amren become a bona fide organization in the sense that it would have membership and annual/monthly fees (aside from the subscription fees).  These fees would be put to good use to aid whites around the world, fund scholarships and fight discrimination against whites.  It would be something like the CofCC only not Christian oriented and, perhaps, with a more libertarian bent.
2)  It has been written that Amren is merely a message board for people to gripe about the evils of non-whites, specifically blacks and Hispanics.  Of course this is not so – but I think it would be beneficial to exercise tighter control over posted comments.  Though I’ve been guilty of it myself, we should refrain from taking cheap shots at non-whites that our enemies can use as evidence of our “racism”.  Our enemies are ignorant of the massive crimes perpetrated against whites world-wide.  Therefore, they do not understand the anger and resentment that most of us feel.  I’ve already written about the difference between expressing bitterness about injustice and mindless hatred.  Those in power use blacks and Hispanics as whips to torment us.  We lash out, verbally, against the whips instead of those holding the whips.  Of course, many claim it is “the Jews” holding the whips and that is a different subject (already addressed somewhat).  So, though it may be comforting for us to spew venom about blacks and Hispanics, we should ask ourselves if this is helpful to our cause.  I think such talk needlessly turns away many good people and helps alienate the good blacks and Hispanics who deserve to hear our message just like anybody else.  So my suggestion would be that Mr. Taylor make it quite clear that Amren hates no one because of their race or ethnicity – and then make sure the comments reflect that attitude.  Amren’s message should be solely a positive one, as Mr. Craig Bodeker rhetorically asks in his video “why is it that pro whites are assumed to be anti everybody else?”  Of course even such a change of tone will not satisfy the leftists for, in their eyes, any negative comment about their favorite ethnicities is a stain that will never fade.  But it is not those hardened leftists who are Amren’s target audience; they will never change.  The target audience is those reasonable people who might get the message if it were presented without what they’ve been raised to consider shrill hysterics.
3)  Expand the “Activists Corner“.  Surely we can come up with more than four fliers – and yes, I’m as guilty as anybody for not creating them (stay tuned).  The Activist Corner might have a wider variety of suggestions how to make a difference in our communities.   It could list emails and phone numbers, of people willing to have such information posted, so that others in their area can contact them.  It might include links to short, and effective videos that people can send to their friends and family.  The Activist Corner should not be hidden away, as an obscure link under “Contact Us”.  Instead, it should be a large, prominent, link out in the open where nobody could miss it.  Activism should be the primary focus of Amren; without it, we are only preaching to the choir.  Many years ago, I was involved with Habad/Lubavitch.  This is a Hassidic sect known for its activism.  We would stand on street corners asking random people “Excuse me, are you Jewish?” and then, if their answer was “yes”, we would speak to them, give them literature and perform Jewish rituals with them.  This takes a lot of courage and commitment.  Perhaps Amren should learn from Habad.  Mr. Taylor could be the Amrener Rebbe!
4)  The American Renaissance magazine is always a pleasure to read but I think there is room for improvement, at least in the electronic version.  It would be more entertaining if they could find a more-or-less talented cartoonist to spice it up with humor.  The letters to the editor section could be about twice as long.  There could be a quiz or puzzle in each issue – whose solution would be in the following issue.  In short, Amren could stand to steal some ideas from traditional newspapers.  Ideas that were implemented in order to encourage people to read them.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel; shamelessly copy those ideas.

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5 Responses to My Amren wish list

  1. Ryan says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is just a venting system put into place by those who created the problem to begin with.
    I am not allowed to post on Amren. The moderator/editor will not allow any of my posts to go through. Why? Because I myself want fair and balanced comments that are logical and make sense. If I posted stuff like I hate non-whites then i’d be allowed.
    I sent an email about an newsreport to Amren about a year ago detailing some very flagrant anti-white policy. The one where they refused to provide funding for a disease because it was a “White Disease”. The next day it was on Amren. I then made my first comment there about me wanting this kind of information to get out and people needing to know about it, regardless I myself am not racist.
    That was it, my comment was deleted a few days later, and I wasn’t allowed to post there anymore. I see the point where I should not have put I am not racist in light of everything, however there is the occaisional non-white who is allowed to post anti-white comments, and not only get away with it, but continue to post them as much as they want.
    I sent an email to Amren about 6-8 months ago telling them this, that it wasn’t fair that I am not allowed to post where as others are allowed to do so who add only negativity. It seemes to me that they only want hatred on their site, and they don’t care who is adding it.

  2. FrankBD says:

    I agree that I have a hard time deciding if Amren is Jared Taylor’s and other speakers’ thoughtful speeches and debates, or the vitrolic rantings of the commenters. I get the idea that the people there don’t think there are incremental steps that can or should be taken, and that either American society is about the implode producing anarchy, or that we’re “one election away” from completely overthrowing the political status quo to establish gated white enclaves.
    Personally, I think some things could actually be done if they current unemployment rate, plus the “in” the new health care bill provides, could be used to un-employ a lot of illegal immigrants, motivating some of them to go home. That would open many blue-collar jobs for blacks and lower housing costs. That would make some of them less reflexively liberal on everything and allow a gentle dismantling of diversity.
    Somehow, Amren never seems to speak in baby steps.

  3. Spartan24 says:

    I have gone through cycles where nothing I write gets posted but lately most has been getting through. I would like more moderation as you said since this kind of stuff is more than likely used out of context on liberal websites to smear us to look like a bunch of Nazis or other antisemites. It is just the same type of people who managed to get the conference cancelled several times. I have also wondered what to do about anti White discrimination myself but come up empty. Any thoughts that I might have would be shot down as “racist” before the door hit them.

  4. fred says:

    I agree with suggestion #1. I think Amren should go the fraternity route and create local chapters.
    Regarding suggestion #2, most of the comments don’t seem out of line to me. I’ve noticed some want to sanitize our position and make it politically correct without realizing the problem is political correctness and not our position.
    Regarding suggestion #3, I’m not an activist. And I’ve always been strongly opposed to leaf-letting. We should collect and organize those who agree before trying to convince others.
    I agree with Frank’s “incremental steps” policy. But those incremental steps should be taken with an ultimate objective in mind. I also agree that current circumstances are fertile ground.
    In spite of liberal smears I don’t consider the Tea Party to be “teabagging racists”. But I do see them as being fed up with being walked on and finally willing to stand up for themselves and America. It’s more of a coalition of many of groups concerned with the issues mentioned in your comment. But I’m not as optimistic as you. I already see professional politicians and political hacks scrambling to hijack it.

    • fred says:

      I don’t think we need to appeal to minorities. That’s a trojan horse. But I do think there are a number of policies that have been disastrous for blacks that we should address because it’s been bad for them and us. Immigration and minimum wage have shut them out of the job market. Welfare has destroyed their families. Those things combined with the war on drugs have encouraged gangs and crime in their communities. I rely on Friedman for much of these opinions.

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