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When government stereotypes

Imagine, for a moment, that you a white physician.  A man, who you have never previously met, has made an appointment with you.   You see that his sir name is “Garcia”.   Being a bit old-fashioned, you greet the … Continue reading

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Equatorial Africa 2 – treatment of women

Regarding the treatment of women amongst sub-Saharan Africans Chaillu writes (pg. 333): Polygamy exists everywhere.  A man’s great ambition is to have a great many wives.  These cultivate the ground for him, and it is, in fact, their duty to … Continue reading

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Asians are beneficiaries of affirmative action

Following is the full text of the section of chapter eight of “The Affirmative Action Hoax” by Steven Farron that deals with Asians benefiting from affirmative action (reproduced with his permission).  He did mention that a new edition of this … Continue reading

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Jewish belief in a physical god

We don’t know, for certain, how the ancient Jews perceived God. It could be some viewed Him as a physical entity and others as a spiritual one. We just don’t know for sure. To Maimonides it was clear that there … Continue reading

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The Greyhound station gulag

One of the privileges of being race realists is that we are able to see the story within a story.  We notice not only what is said, but also what is not said.  We notice how things are said – … Continue reading

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Our Asian pet

Our Asian pet is a hard worker indeed, a diminutive  granny of the Buddhist creed. Friendly to all and a really good cook, her ethics are pure and she works by the book. But for lifting and high places she’s … Continue reading

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Any organization that helps white, or Jewish, identity serves a valuable function.  In this sense, even Bnai Brith is valuable – at least for me;  I would not be alive if not for Bnai Brith since my own parents met … Continue reading

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Protecting children. A moral dilemma

Government agencies that are charged with protecting children have earned a bad reputation.  If power corrupts, then power over the fate of children must be the most terrible kind of power.  When it comes to a government agency such as … Continue reading

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Explorations and adventures…

… in Equatorial Africa.  I’ve come upon a travel book, published in 1861 by Paul B. Du Chaillu.  This delightfully illustrated volume describes his travels in the interior of Africa, its fauna and native peoples.  I believe there is much … Continue reading

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The reinvention of white people

Have American whites lost their nationhood and then had it resurrected – by leftists?  It would not be the first time a nation unknowingly transformed from a natural, organic nation into one whose existence is somewhat artificial and, therefore, whose … Continue reading

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