Vigilante justice at the hands of police

Eve Carson was just one of the many beautiful young white women murdered by young black men.  Leftists like to cheapen the lives of victims like Eve by reminding us that the victims of young black male criminals are chiefly other young black males, that the growing roster of dead white women only represent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and that we should read nothing into it.  Those leftists have little to say about black women murdered by white men – because such crimes are a great rarity; interracial violence is overwhelmingly black against white and has been so for as long as most Americans have been alive (if not much longer).
Of course, the above facts are common knowledge amongst white nationalists and race realists.  I suspect that there is another class of Americans that is aware of this phenomenon: urban police officers.  It wouldn’t surprise me if a great many police officers, while not actually race-conscious, are acutely aware of the lopsided nature of interracial crime.
I would be surprised if this knowledge did not cause anger and resentment among police officers.  Then we read something like this:

Lawyers for one of two suspects accused in the 2008 killing of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill student body president Eve Carson said their client was beaten by police when he was arrested. Suspect Demario Atwater was assaulted by Durham police while he was laying on the sidewalk and while handcuffed in a police car, according to court documents filed Monday by his attorneys.

This is one of those cases where, at first glance, the libertarian in me disagrees with the white nationalist in me.  On the one hand, the police are agents of the State and so they should be kept on a tight leash.  On the other hand, given the opportunity I would probably beat the “suspect” himself if I was reasonably certain he was the perpetrator.  Of course he might not be the perpetrator; this is what trials, lawyers, judges and juries are for.  But look what has become of our “justice” system and consider the frustration of many cops:

I think that a lot of that “final retribution” talk is our way of expressing our frustration with a criminal justice system that leaves murderers and child abusers on the streets. It’s a way to cleanse our spirit and voice our feelings in a context and atmosphere that other cops will understand. Cops, especially guy cops, are often accused of not sharing their feelings. We’re told that we don’t like to talk about being depressed or frustrated. But that’s not my experience. I’ve heard many cops open up and say “I’m going to kill every single one of those motherf****** before I go out,” and other cops will support them, me included. How much more open than that can you be about your feelings. We just can’t share those feelings with the public because most of the public, victims of violent crime excluded, would never understand our level of frustration.

The frustration expressed above is at criminals in general.  Can there be any doubt that this frustration is increased when a white officer is confronted with interracial crime against his own race?  I suspect that years of police work would serve to dull the effects of anti-white propaganda even to the point where a white officer might feel more kinship with a white who was victimized by somebody of another race than the victim of an intraracial crime.
I think an underlying issue here is that even though a police officer is acting as an agent of the State, at the same time can he not also act as an individual?  Is he expected to cast aside his human baggage and become a by-the-book automaton?  Do we not, as moral humans, have duties and rights of our own and what becomes of those duties and rights when we put on a badge?  It seems to me that any decent person, when confronted with a dangerous criminal – who he knows just committed a heinous crime – has a duty to mete out punishment to the best of his ability when can be reasonably certain that otherwise the criminal will continue to pose a danger to others and not be adequately punished.  Many millions of people all over the world would agree with me.  Most Americans used to agree with me on this as well – but something has changed.  Americans have become too “civilized” for vigilante justice.  As a result, sociopaths and savages run loose in our society.  Because of massive third world immigration and differential birth rates, things are only going to get worse.  At some point, Americans will have to revert to their earlier mentality regarding vigilantism or face grave consequences.  The question is should police officers participate in this aspect of crime-fighting?

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8 Responses to Vigilante justice at the hands of police

  1. Portland realist says:

    As long as they Know for certain they have the right guy, I think it is there duty to kick his ass a little bit. In prison they will get nothing but respect among the other (black) inmates, so these low lifes need to be treated as such before they are put away.
    I am sure being a police officer more than “dulls the effect of anti-white propaganda.” If being a bus operator has the effect on me it did, I wonder what effect being a police officer had on this guy?
    Yesterday turned out moderately sunny and warm, and I had the unfortunate pleasure of driving the 4 Fessenden to St. Johns at night. This line goes through New Colombia, or “The Ville”, which the Portland low income housing projects are commonly called. What this means is by late afternoon the black passengers getting on are often very drunk, and police cars are dispatched into The Ville to keep the peace. If this police presence isn’t maintained, there will be shootings and fights to the point where, like last summer, Trimet was forced to reroute buses around The Ville. It was just too dangerous. My point being, the police I saw were all white, parked in the blackest place in Portland because crime is so rampant. Anti-white propaganda is lost on them I am sure.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think they should leave that Nazi-sympathizing police officer’s personal life alone unless it interferes with his duties. By the way, it seems there are at least three of us Portland area people here. When are we going to meet face to face?

      • Portland realist says:

        The prevailing wisdom seems to be “If he truly is a nazi sympathizer, he should be fired!” Why, Nazis killed a lot of people? So did communists but you can be sure being a communist sympathizer wouldn’t even get a mention.
        Ummm, 3 of us? I was “Portland Bus Driver,” and changed my name to “Portland Realist”, for various reasons. So I’m not sure if you are counting me twice. However meeting sounds great, how would we contact each other?

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    The funny thing is, anti-racists always downplay black on white crime by pointing out that most whites are victimized by other whites. They point out that 86% (I think that’s the percentage) of whites are murdered by other whites, and that due to white pathologies such as school shootings and drunk driving, whites have absolutely nothing to fear from blacks.
    In many ways, this is true. However, they overlook some important facts.
    Most whites live in segregated white communities, so it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of whites are victimized by other whites.
    However, while 86% of whites are killed by other whites, 94% of blacks are killed by blacks. Therefore, despite the fact that most crime is intraracial, most interracial crime is black on white. Considering that whites in homogenous states such as Oregon, Iowa, and elsewhere are factored into this statistic and that even many of those in multiracial areas live segregated lifestyles, the fact that 14% of whites are victimized by non-whites is unacceptable.
    Tim Wise and others can say all they want about white drug users, drunk drivers, corporate thugs, child molesters and school shooter, but that doesn’t change the fact that white living spaces are far more safer and more pleasant to live in than black living spaces. I don’t care how many misleading statistics and anti-racist tripe Tim Wise throws our way. That doesn’t change the fact that blacks are proportionally more criminal than us.
    All of that being said, as a proud white advocate, I believe that whites need to focus more on their communities and clean up their internal problems, for those are the problems that we can fix.
    I would very much like to see white advocates address internal white problems such as drug use and drug dealing, drinking, the occasional child molesters and school shooters, and other ills. If they would focus on these issues, they would earn the praise of their fellow whites while avoiding the diversity thought police. Even the most ardent anti-racist cannot fault someone for getting drugs and alcoholism out of the neighborhood. After all, I believe that one of the major tenets of nationalism in general (though I don’t necessarily think of myself as a “white nationalist”) is self-improvement and growth.
    The fact of the matter is that we cannot control black dysfunction and black criminality. Do blacks have many problems? Absolutely. Am I one of those anti-racist, black worshipping types who thinks blacks are sweet angels, and at the very most only 3% of them are bad? Of course not. Would I rather live in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle than Oakland, Memphis, and Detroit? Without a doubt.
    However, since we cannot control their dysfunction, what we can control is ours. Don’t get me wrong. I recognize that many aspects of “diversity” harm whites. I recognize that cultural Marxism and excessive non-white immigration undermine whites. I also recognize many other external threats to whites.
    At the same time, before we can tackle all of those problems, we need to clean up our own house first. Ridding our neighborhoods of pernicious influences and showing treacherous and greedy white elites of all political stripes the door would be a good start.
    I recommend that white advocates focus more on their own people and their own virtues and problems, as opposed to zeroing on blacks. That way, we’ll be able to better assess all of our problems, as well as our positive qualities, while also managing to better avoid the diversity thought police’s wrath. Besides, I’m getting sick and tired of dysfunctional white individuals giving the anti-racists ammunition.
    I believe that white advocacy needs to take a new direction.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve often wondered how much of white pathology can be pinned on anti-white propaganda – especially in schools. Kids who feel no pride in their own heritage are more likely to act in less prideful ways. Could it be that there are less black “school shooters” (meaning wild random mass shootings of their classmates) because they are taught that their fellow blacks are “brothers” and “sisters”?
      I do remember reading on the EAIF site long ago about the high incidence of white youth smokers – and how that high incidence was being ignored by the powers that be. The complaint was that anti-smoking efforts were not being focused on the white communities, where they were most needed. Of course it’s up to individuals and parents to get such messages across but, unfortunately, it takes a lot of money to spread these messages to the general public – and we simply do not have that money.
      In a previous post, I recommended we have a general pro-white fund. Monies from that fund could help combat the pathologies you speak of.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        I agree that we need a pro-white fund and activist group to help our fellow whites.
        I do believe that the lack of a solid racial consciousness and pride harms white people. Most whites don’t see themselves as belonging to a race or group, and just see themselves as individuals.
        This is perfectly understandable, considering the fact that white pride and consciousness is associated with skinhead extremists like Edward Norton’s character in “American History X.” Also, as a very young student, I wasn’t exactly taught to be proud of my people in school.
        However, the white youth of this nation need to radically transform themselves if they are to prosper and live happy lives in the future. I think instilling in them pride and consciousness will go a long way.
        Due to my own white pride and racial consciousness, I also think about how my actions might reflect on my race. If more white kids were pro-white and were conscious of their racial identity, potential school shooters and other deviants might stop and think, “Hmm, perhaps I shouldn’t do this because I’ll be embarrassing my people.”
        For all of their attacks on whites and Jews, Louis Farrakhan and other black nationalists have also made great efforts to rid black neighborhoods of drugs, violence, and other pathologies. Despite espousing black pride and recognizing external threats, black nationalists also clean up their communities and encourage responsibility among their fellow blacks, and as a result enjoy support among a sizable percentage of the black population.
        I think white advocates should learn from black nationalists. We can be proud of our people and recognize external problems, but we must first fix our internal problems.
        Also, everyday white people will know who we are and be more grateful to us for helping fix their neighborhoods than they would if we simply speak within our white advocacy circles (while occasionally making media appearances) .
        White advocates need to come down hard on drunkards, meth heads, drug dealers, child molesters, and any potentially loony school shooter.
        Once we take out the trash in our own neighborhood, we’ll focus on the rest!

  3. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Bay Area Guy. The next question might be: do we have the nucleus of such an organization here? We’ve got three of us (I think) in the Portland area and a couple of you in the Bay area. I’m wondering how many like-minded individuals do we need, in the greater Northwest, to found just such an organization?

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Well, therein lies the challenge. Though we are far more conscious and aware than most white people, unfortunately, we remain a small minority of the white population.
      I think we therefore ought to reach out to various other white bloggers and create our own white advocacy network. I read your blog, Robert Lindsay’s blog, and other blogs by white advocates. However, we’re often preaching to the choir, since most whites don’t read such blogs.
      Since most whites are conservative, we ought to forge coalitions with popular conservative blogs such as From what I’ve read on his blog, he seems to be heavily involved in the Tea Party movement. While I don’t endorse the movement and believe that much of the movement is misguided and at times tactless, I’m thrilled by the fact that white masses are actually getting together and protesting.
      The only problem is that the movement has been led astray by neo-conservatives and self-promoting hustlers such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.
      If white advocates could gain a foothold in the tea party movement and other grassroots white conservative movements, that would really go a long way.
      Since we are such a small minority, we have to reach out to the white masses if our movement is to grow. Many whites deep down agree with us, but too many are willfully ignorant and apathetic. This isn’t meant to put down the white masses. We just need to steer them in the right direction.

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