Racial awareness for those invested in diversity

My own path to racial awareness, though somewhat smooth, had its challenges.  For one, the vast majority of race realists are white and most of the intellectual infrastructure of the race realist movement is built upon the assumption that its adherents are white.  Though marginally “white” myself, my children (their mother being an Indian Jew) are certainly not white.  Of course I see no contradiction in being a race realist/white nationalist and, at the same time being very close to non-whites in my personal life – even, some might say, as close as my own swarthy skin (more so in my younger years).  This is because I hold no animosity toward non-whites.  I have never been victimized by violent racist Indians and most of my experiences with Indians have been positive (even with tech support).  Maybe a sojourn in India would give me a different perspective.
As for my experiences with blacks, I am mature enough to refrain from harboring ill feelings toward individual blacks until they give me reason to do so.  I see plenty of reason to be cautious of them as a group but no reason to poison my heart with hatred and violent thoughts.  This would hurt me more than them.
As it stands, blacks hold a special place vis-a’-vis race realists due to their high levels of crime against whites and Asians and their overall high time-preference.  So I sometimes wonder, in a parallel universe where I’d married a black woman instead of an Indian Jewish one, would I still have been capable of reaching the racial insights I now have?  In general, is it possible for the human psyche to allow one to hold race realist convictions on the one hand and still love his black children on the other?  If so, would such a person be an outcast amongst other race realists and, especially, amongst white nationalists?  Would attitudes toward such a person be different if she were a woman as opposed to a man?
A couple of Amren conferences ago, Fred Reed was invited to talk about Mexico, where he resides.  During the question and answer session, one attendee verbally attacked Reed for being married to a Mexican woman who is not even clearly non-white.  Many of us booed the “questioner” for his rudeness.  Here is Reed’s account:

If the latter means people who want to exterminate this or that group, I encountered none. The closest anyone came was an overwrought dingaling who, in question and answer, denounced me as a race traitor for having married Violeta, my Mexican wife. I considered an appropriate but anatomically unorthodox repositioning of my microphone. However, the audience told him to sit down and shut up. Later a dozen people apologized for his behavior, and I met a fair number of men who had Chinese, Mexican, and Colombian wives. Race traitors all, I suppose.

Reed’s “Mexican” wife might actually be of Mediterranean ancestry or perhaps she’s a bit of a Mestizo.  Either way, it is doubtful if Reed would have even attended the conference had his wife been black.   If he had, there might have been more than just one “dingaling” to raise objections.
People make mistakes in their younger years.  Some have been known to make mistakes in their later years too.  Given the chance to live my life over again, I certainly would not have married that Indian Jewess; we have been happily divorced for many years now.  But marry her I did and I do love my children.  It would not be fair for me to expect another person, who had committed indiscretions with a black, to disown his children.   Each of us has done what we’ve done in the past and now we must make the most of it.
I have a good relationship with my children and I teach them what I know about race though I get mixed results.  To any enlightened readers out there who have begotten children through miscegenation, I urge you to teach your non-white children the truth about race.  There is nothing hateful about the truth and teaching them the virtues of white civilization will not hurt their self-esteem.  This would apply to any non-white readers as well.  In a perfect world, non-whites would teach their children to refrain from dating whites so that whites would date exclusively amongst themselves.  Alas, these days it probably would make no difference to the white race; the white in question would probably just move on to another non-white to date.  However there is still the principle of the matter: teach your children to refrain from miscegenation!

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  1. I think you’re writing here is a bit too much self defensive positioning, although I generally agree with you. It’s easier to talk about this subject if you’re not white, or if you’re interracially married.
    And being white (and having a native american mate, and mixed race children) I have a real problem with people hating me because of my position in society that is determined by my race, and my distribution (high on the right of the curve) within my race.
    That said, I’ll write a similar post on my site and cross link it. In general, most people I think, are not interpersonally overly concerned with race. However, they are very concerned politically with race. And that’s because people ACT politically according to racial preferences.
    Frankly, since there has been so much written on this topic, I don’t see why it’s an open question. The vast body of work consists of a majority of opinions on what people SHOULD do, and minority of analysis of what people ACTUALLY do.
    People are ACTUALLY racist, nationalist, theist, classist, even sports-team-ist. People aggregate in groups. Groups have properties determined by the distribution of the properties of their individuals. In general, the lighter colored races are higher performers. We are starting to collect genetic data as to why, and as an article in The Economist points out, its one of the dirty little secrets of the Human Genome Project: races and classes appear to be genetically hierarchical. (For example the Germanic ability in spacial and temporal reasoning, the east asian for complex memory, logic and permutation, and the small but effective european jewish populations verbal exceptionalism (Due to what is apparently a recessive reaction to malarial defense? I am watching that one carefully.)
    But that doesn’t mean that we should enact political policy favoring races. That makes no sense because there is a difference between the mean of a distribution and the individuals on either side of that mean.
    My problem with racism is that the vast body of people on this planet are actively working in groups as races against white people. Who for all their sins of expansion, still gave the world more science and technology than any other race, and more importantly, because of it’s european fraternalism mixed with reawakened enlightenment greek republicanism, gave the world a model of limited corruption and property rights.
    It’s seemingly acceptable and rational for every other group on the planet to be racist, as long as they’re racist against white people. But no man is a hero to his debtors. No tribal hero is a hero to a different tribe. No policeman is a hero to a den of thieves. No physical champion is a hero to the nerd. No mythology of competitive heroism is heroic to a mythology of egalitarianism.
    But there is some reasoning behind the bias against white people. WHite people have for 500 years built and expanded the western empire and brought capitalism to the rest of the world. And while this capitalism has made the world wealthy, and we have converted the world to our religion of secular humanist capitalism, we have destabilized all those cultures as well, and in particular, made visible those cultures for whom meritocratic society is extraordinarily detrimental. No man wishes what he has experienced, what he values, be confronted with inadequacy in the light of day. There is no difference between the physical man and the content of his memories. If those memories are mistaken dreams in the light of day, then he must become yet another man.
    Should white people (the USA) withdraw troops from the world, and give up their naval bases, then the world would be a different place with multiple forms of group persistence forming localized barriers to the technology of meritocracy, which, by definition is a BIAS TOWARD WHITE PEOPLE who are less corruption oriented, more comfortable with abstractions, and more technical by nature.
    In other words, a meritocracy helps asians, jews and whites, but works against everyone else. The secular humanist solution is to create a global state whereby the wealthy distribute to the not so, or the meritocratic redistribute to the less sophisticated societies, but this economic strategy ignores the problem of STATUS. In other words, as regional and racial groups each group can have the HIGHEST status within their group, whereas in a vast democratic order, these groups would be permanent STATUS underclasses.
    So, there will be no change in anti-white culture until we withdraw from our empire. And as it appears, whites will be the minority river-valley and plains people both here and in europe in short order. The other races will exert themselves, their religions, their cultures, their values, and one of the values that they will propagate will be CONTROL, not MERITOCRACY.
    Because that is the only competitive solution available to them as groups.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, not every post here is meant to be an Earth-shattering revelation. This one is more introspective and defensive, as you pointed out. Thanks for the cross-link.

      • Portland realist says:

        J.A.Y. My wife is half Mexican, her grandparents were immigrants. Her father was killed by the Mexican mafia in prison in Phoenix when she was just two years old. Her white mother remarried a white “redneck” type who raised her. So my 3 children are somewhat genetically Amerindian, but look completely white, so I believe will suffer from ant-white policies.
        Anyway, it is important that you post this information because I feel it better defines what type of “white advocate” we are. The fact that we came to the same conclusions separately shows it has something to do with logic.
        Curt Doolittle, you are quite eloquent, but I disagree with ending our (US)empire. Here is an argument I made on Robert Lindsay’s blog:
        US power is not exercised in a vacuum. So lets say we completely evacuated all troops out of the middle East. Liberals would cheer and Obama would get another Nobel Prize. Then something very disturbing would happen. Russia might start finding the terrorist threat to herself just too grave and invade Iraq. Hey, they are just doing what we did right? This is not out of the realm of possibility considering the invasion of Georgia and the very visible Russian consolidation of power among former soviet satellites.
        Well, just like Russia plays games cutting off the natural gas supplies to the rest of Europe, they could do the same with middle east oil. Then you have 20$ or 30$ a gallon gas. I think everyone on this blog is smart enough to know what that would do to our economy.
        Then the Chinese may get into Saudi Arabia, which they would love to do, and it’s bye-bye the evil American empire. Would the people in the Middle East be better off under the US, China, Russia, or a Muslim fundamentalist regime? Those are the choices my friends. That would truly be a “New World Order”. One we should truly fear.

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    Interesting post. As a young adult who came of age in the Bay Area during the 21st century, I too have had to reconcile being a white advocate while simultaneously having large numbers of non-white friends and acquaintances.
    At the same time, I don’t think that it’s too difficult. In fact, my experiences with diversity is the primary reason why I’m now a white advocate. Being able to interact and befriend non-whites, while being the only white guy in my high school friend group, heightened my racial consciousness and shattered the myth that non-whites are all these innocent angels who only want harmony and equality. I was often reminded of my race, and in often unpleasant ways (yeah, I know the anti-racists will say “well now you know what it’s like to be a ‘person of color’ in this society!”).
    I’m not trying to say that I’m some victim or that my experience is in any way indicative of most white kids (my experience is probably unusual). However, I think it was very educational for me, and it gave me a taste of what might happen to whites if we continue to allow ourselves to be displaced by non-whites.
    In general, I think that people can make exceptions with individuals from different races while still distrusting the group as a whole. For me, this phenomenon is less true for Asians and Hispanics (I’m more willing to trust and give them the benefit of the doubt) than it is for blacks. We are a very tribal people, and individuals from different groups (particularly blacks) will have to earn my trust.
    At the same time, once an individual from any group proves himself to be a trustworthy and pleasant individual, I’m willing to suspend my prejudice and distrust when it comes to that individual. That’s why there are interracial marriages and friendships on an individual, but not group level.
    Therefore, I find absolutely nothing wrong with being a white advocate while simultaneously being friends with various non-white individuals.

  3. Ryan says:

    This topic seems to be made for me. I have a difficult time coming to an understanding of the situation, and I fear even if I do, then I might not like the conclusions to be drawn from it.
    I am white, and my wife is Black. We were married last August. We have been together for nearly five years now, but I don’t know if I had the choice if I would ever go out of my race again. I love her, but there are so many problems. Problems not outside of us, because our friends and family have been very good with it, but between us.
    I can’t say if her beligerant attitude is because of her race/culture, or because it’s just her personality. Yet often times she would say that this is how black people are. But I am not so sure, because her mom was somewhat abusive. We clash a lot, simply because I don’t give into her controlling/demeaning fits she tends to go through nearly every day.
    She’s not some ghetto trash or, fat/ugly for that matter. She is actually quite attractive, being mixed with Syrian, and Caribb. She also does well for herself, she has a degree, and financially pulls in 80K plus a year. If anything I am less successful than her when it comes to money/education.
    But considering that I am a writer with his first book complete, and trying to get it published that incorporates race, and politics into my fantasy story. I have to always be careful of what I say, here and to everyone lest one day it gets used against me. I agree with a lot of things said by these white nationalists, yet for the sake of my wife, and my work I could never been one. I want true equality at best, not one so lopsided as it is now.
    My goal is human understanding, and of addressing our wounds to heal them as a species. I did not date/marry my wife for political reasons, or for political correctness. I did so because I found an attractive woman that had a lot of love to share, and I was in the right place at the right time. Yet the frustrations I go through with her nearly every day has made me regret my decision. Maybe we could eventually work this out, maybe not.
    This talk of genetic inferior people has really bothered me. I am not discounting it, yet its so ugly for a person in my position that it hurts to look at it. Maybe its true, maybe its a partial truth. Does genetics = culture, does environment = culture, or is it both? Can a white person go ghetto for reasons of genetics? Or can a ghetto black become rich and successful because of genetics? I do not know the entire answers to these questions, and I am not sure if they are worth even persuing in the end. Because if they were, then I do not like what will happen.
    If it comes to common thinking that race = all then we might find ourselves in a serious race war. And with our globalization and technology it will lead to the death of one or more races.
    I would teach my children that they are human, and not of either race. To believe otherwise is racist. But would that work in light of the bombardment of the media and their peers? I do not know, I can only do the best that I can.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I sympathize with your plight. Many years ago, when I was first getting interested in Judaism, I knew a young man who had recently married his sweetheart. He was Jewish and she was not. Unfortunately for her, he had begun returning to his Judaic roots. The tension in that house was tangible. Just one of the hazards of interfaith/interracial marriage. It is a crime that the powers that be indoctrinate us to believe ethnicity doesn’t matter when it comes to dating and marriage.

      • tulio says:

        It matters about as much as people make it an issue. Sometimes when I hear WNs talk about intermarriage, you would think it was some recent phenomenon. Races have been intermarrying going back into the ancient world anywhere that there was a crossroad of civilization. Why is Latin America composed mostly of mestizos/mulattos? Why is E Africa such a mix between sub-Saharan and Caucasoid DNA? Why do the people of central Asia have Eurasian phenotype? Native Americans intermarried both with blacks and whites and there was no taboo in their culture that made race a problem. Ancient cultures have always recognized racial differences, but they didn’t attach much social significance to them. A lot of the differences that cause conflict are differences not of race, but of culture. And I don’t believe culture is a product of race, I mean does Margaret Cho have much in common with a rural Chinese rice farmer? Does Michelle Obama have much in common with a Masai cattle herder on the plains of Kenya?

    • tulio says:

      “She’s not some ghetto trash or, fat/ugly for that matter. She is actually quite attractive, being mixed with Syrian, and Caribb.”
      As a black man, I had to kind of snicker here. It’s like you had to go out of your way to “prove” that your black wife isn’t one of those “regular” blacks, the ghetto trash and unattractive ones. Your black woman is different from the rest! Yeah. But anyway, I get the impression you do not have kids. Whatever you do, I urge you do not have kids until you have your racial drama resolved. In fact, maybe you should show this post to your wife and let her decide where your relationship should go. That would be the most honest direction.

  4. FrankBD says:

    My wife’s Indian also. Her father went to Oxford and raised their family as essentially English. She came to America as soon as she could (college) and became a citizen. She’s the strongest HBD-er I’ve ever known well.
    Like a lot of whites of my generation, I was raised by parents who had worshiped Franklin Roosevelt as kids and had no contact with any racial minority. Of course they fully supported the 60s civil rights era and 70s affirmative action. I’m still a liberal outside diversity issues.
    Among the things my wife and her friends and relatives taught me:
    1) Mutliculturalism is pure crap. Go actually live in any other culture for two months and see how idiotic some of their practices are. The best non-Western societies are the ones that imitated it.
    2) There’s an enormous difference between legal and illegal immigrants. All her relatives talk about all the hoops they had to go through to come here legally, proving their skills and having enough cash not to go on welfare. They despise the people who come here with no skills and can’t even speak English.
    3) Racism is a very easy problem to overcome in MODERN America. They all knew people who discriminated against them. It didn’t ruin their lives. There HAS to be more wrong with the black community than the persistence of racism.
    Which is why I don’t consider myself a white nationalist. I’m a western culturalist. Everyone who comes to America should at least try to live like an American. And if you want to live like a traditional Muslim, go create some ethnic neighborhood like they have in New York so we don’t have to impugn each others’ community. Neighborhoods are strongest when we share the same expectations of community behavior.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Very interesting. We have many Indians in my area and they seem to behave just like white people as far as I can tell. I tend to agree with Jared Taylor that white culture cannot survive intact without white people. Even if this turns out not to be the case, we should ask, “why would we NOT want white people?” The way things are going, whites are going to be extinct and there is no excuse for this to happen.
      By the way my closest friend, who is also a white nationalist/race realist and libertarian, is Indian as well.

    • FrankBD says:

      This in in reply to JAY, because I don’t like the way the board handled second-level replies.
      Can western culture survive without white people? I don’t agree with the late Sam Francis that western culture can only be practiced by people with Caucasian genetics. But it can only be practiced by a people with an average IQ of at least 100. Why?
      Because Western culture is based on the marketplace of ideas, and only a smart society can question its fundamental assumptions and formulate a better change. Western culture threw off monarchy, state-based religion, and slavery (to name just three) because we could identify a wrong and a better way. How many other large societies ever changed internally so much.
      That’s not to say we always get it right. Sometimes bad ideas are replaced by worse ones, like the Russian monarchy was. But we have a problem when we try to let everyone act as if they were smart, such as people who took subprime mortgages.

      • jewamongyou says:

        I agree that it’s difficult, on this board, to reply back and forth more than twice. But, as far as the concept in question, it is becoming clear that racial mental differences include more than just average I.Q. points. Asians, while perfectly capable of sustaining Western civilizations, seem to be lacking in the innovation department.

      • tulio says:

        So is a white with a sub 100 IQ not a Westerner? What makes someone Western exactly? Is Barack Obama Western or is he culturally African? Why aren’t Jamaicans Westerners? They speak a Western language, practice democracy, practice Western religion, celebrate Western holidays and essentially have western cultural norms by and large, I mean they aren’t practicing Voodoo and female circumcision and speaking Swahili. So are Jamaicans Westerners? And if not why not? And if you’re going to say they aren’t Western because they are not white, well that is not a reason. There are Iranians that are white Caucasoids and I certainly wouldn’t consider them Western in religion, language, government or thought. So while culture and race often overlap, that is necessarily the case. Some whites are quite non-Western and some non-whites are quite Western, even at the group level.

  5. Vanessa says:

    This is an interesting topic. I work in a preschool for special needs kids, most of them are autistic but there’s one girl who’s retarded and a boy with Down’s Syndrome. About half the kids are white and the others aren’t, you’d have to have to be a pretty cruel person to hate these kids who aren’t white. The kid I’m personally in charge of is a black boy who’s parents are from the Dominican, he’s severely autistic and can’t talk but he’s very sweet-natured and likes to hug people. I can’t hate him because he’s black and autistic, I teach him so he can at least have some skills in order to go to a regular school. On crap like Stormfront they’d say that kids like are little mud babies who should be gotten rid of, that’s one of the reasons I left them, that and the fact they were paranoics who thought Jews were behind everything *rolls eyes* Anyways, I hope that post wasn’t too sappy, I’m a sucker around kids.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s ironic that some of the traits that make whites special are lacking among so many Stormfronters. Some would say those traits also make whites weak. I guess both perspectives could be true.

  6. Ryan says:

    I watched part of a documentary done by a Jewish fellow with a father that was in a Nazi concentration camp, or death camp I am not sure. Anyhow he has written books about genocide, and travels the world investigating it.
    One of the conclusions that he has come to when it comes to brutality, particularily against women and children which seems to be highly common in these events, is that the killers stop viewing their victims as human beings. Instead they see them as a force of evil, something that if they don’t get rid of, will hurt them, their family, or way of life as a people.
    Interesting to know that for a human to do these things, that they must turn off that part of them that says “Hey they are human beings, just like me.”

  7. Clytemnestra says:

    I wanted to comment on the White man who was finding marriage to his Black wife difficult. I had a White friend who was married to a Black man. She came from a quiet, rather cool-natured WASP background and when they got angry, they would get frosty and remote until the offender straightened up. Well, her husband was exasperating her, because he was ignoring all her cues.
    Her friend was our black female supervisor who figured out was going on. Suzette was one of those unintentionally funny people that crack you up when they are making a point. In any case, she proceeds to give this White woman a seminar called, “How To Yell At A Black Man!” I kid you not.
    There was “the stance.” Feet flat on floor, legs slightly apart. There was “the look.” The frosty White woman gave arched eyebrow and cold look. But “the look” is a cross between the hairy eyeball and the glower. There is “the point.” That’s where you emphasize your point with the hand your write with. And “the holster.” You holster your idle hand on your hip. Then you let it rip at the top of your lungs.
    In any case, the White woman tried Suzette’s advice and it worked. Evidently when the White woman was giving her husband the silent treatment, he chalked it off to the mysteries of her WASP culture. To him, all White people were rather weird and stiff, so he had no idea she was mad at him.
    After that, she made it known PDQ and they had no more problems.
    So, maybe the Black guy posting here can give a brief seminar called, “How To Yell At A Black Woman!” I doubt if it will be funny as Suzette’s, but it might be informative.

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