Let us stop supporting our enemies

It should be no secret, amongst white nationalists and race realists, that all major newspapers and magazines subscribe to a radical anti-white agenda.  The only reason this is not common knowledge is that the bias is extremely pervasive.  It is as common as the air we breath.  Nearly two generations of Americans have grown up so accustomed to anti-white bias that, on the rare occassions that it is missing, they sense something is wrong.  They will often instinctively describe the lack of anti-white bias as “racism”.
I don’t feel it necessary to cite specific examples; www.amren.com has hundreds, if not thousands, of such examples.  Once you learn to recognize the bias, it becomes difficult to read any newspaper or magazine without encountering it.  They speak of the “black community” and the “Hispanic community” but never the “white community” – even in areas where whites are a minority.  They speak of “people of color” but never “people of light”.  They speak of “minority (i.e. non-white) rights but never “white rights”.  They hide the racial identity of non-white criminals whenever possible but go out of their way to publicize white criminals – and to make false claims that whites are more likely to be serial killers or sexual predators.  They sugar-coat statistics that reveal the ugly truth about black on white crime and use misleading wording to caste the blame on whites.
One would think that at least those elite few who attending our last American Renaissance conference would appreciate the perversity of giving money to those who work toward our demise.  Alas, even there I beheld one man in possession of a brand new “Washington Post” (sometimes called the “Washington Compost”).  I did not actually see the man in question purchase the abomination – so I’ll judge him favorably and assume he stole it from a sleeping homeless person on a bench.  Nevertheless, to show up at our august conference with such a publication should be no more acceptable than to show up at church (or synagogue) with Hustler magazine.
Purchase those publications if you must – if your job depends on it, for example – but we should bear in mind that all the blogging and posting in the world will not make any difference if we don’t put our money where our mouths are.  Most of us can get our news and entertainment for free online.  In fact, there are enough white-friendly or neutral online publications to keep us occupied and entertained all day long.  We should not feed those who persecute us any more than we have to.  So let us please refrain from giving our money to those scoundrels!  If you already have subscriptions to newspapers or magazines, cancel them and tell them why!  But let us not stop there.  Let us explain this to our friends and family as well.  Every revolution must start with some sort of action.  Why not start this one with a boycott of newspapers and magazines?

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  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    Well, in addition to mainstream outlets being unwilling to address racial issues from a pro-white standpoint, I don’t like newspapers because editorials simply refuse to tackle any controversial matter in a meaningful fashion.
    If I want to learn about current events, I can simply use many online resources, many of which do delve into serious issues. I don’t need to subscribe to newspapers or magazines in order to learn about what’s going on in the world.
    They speak of the “black community” and the “Hispanic community” but never the “white community” – even in areas where whites are a minority. They speak of “people of color” but never “people of light”. They speak of “minority (i.e. non-white) rights but never “white rights”.
    “People of light.” Lol! I’ve never heard that term before. Maybe I’ll try using it once! Anyway, in all seriousness, I think the reason for this is that whites are considered to be raceless and lacking in culture/identity. Many whites are taught that they don’t have a culture or racial identity that is worth defending, when in fact we do.
    What’s ironic is that many anti-racists also hate the fact that whites see themselves as raceless, because they believe that blindness to whiteness makes whites incapable of seeing how their evil white privilege harms others. They also see the inability to mention white peoples’ race as the dominance of whiteness, since white people are just people, which means they are the norm.
    Of course, we are equally opposed to racelessness because it is harmful to our people. After all, if we just see ourselves as individuals, then how can we motivate other whites to fight for white interests? Unfortunately, issues of relevance to white advocates like us will never be addressed in mainstream publications.
    They hide the racial identity of non-white criminals whenever possible but go out of their way to publicize white criminals – and to make false claims that whites are more likely to be serial killers or sexual predators.
    Do you have statistics/other information regarding race and sexual perversion? I know that the belief that only young white guys are serial killers (Colin Ferguson, Henry Louis Wallace, John Allen Muhammad, anyone?) is a myth, but can you substantiate your claim regarding sexual predators?
    I think a post on race and crime statistics is now in order.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Re: statistics on race and sexual perversion. I assume by “perversion” you are referring to sexual crimes. The topic of rape has already been adequately covered, along with other crimes by “The Color of Crime”. In addition, this wikipedia article:
      does a good job of illustrating how blacks are overrepresented in every major crime category. There is no reason, that I know of, why sex crimes should be any less so. As for Hispanics, here is a good article on that:
      It doesn’t help that the government classifies Hispanics (who are mainly Mestizo) as “white” in order to fool us into thinking the white crime rate is higher than it actually is. From anecdotal evidence alone, I’m convinced that Hispanics (especially illegal immigrants) commit crimes, including sex crimes, far out of proportion to their numbers. Here in the Northwest, it seems that even the MSM cannot conceal this fact.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Re: “People of Light”. I can’t take credit for that term as I found somebody else using it in comments on amren.com. Unfortunately I can’t remember who it was; hopefully, that person will visit this blog and take credit for it.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I agree, I haven’t bought a newspaper in over ten years. I only read a newspaper if I’m at the laundromat where there’s free copies lying about while waiting for the clothes to dry, I can get my news online. The closest thing to a newspaper that I read is the Aquarian, which lists all the concerts and shows in the New York area, it’s a music paper so there’s no actual politics in the thing. Same reason why I don’t read stuff like Time or Newsweek, too much crap. The only periodicals I read with any regularity are heavy metal magazines like Revolver or the British ones like Kerrang or Metal Hammer, that’s just about music and there’s hardly anything political plus they focus almost exclusively on white artists. Hmm, I wonder why?

  3. Sam buddy says:

    Hey Jewamongyou,
    What do you think of the fact that the people who have opened the borders for non-whites and who are financing and promoting anti-white discrimination are almost exclusively Jewish? Are Jews in Israel even aware of this fact? If they are, are they angry? After all, when US becomes majority non-white Israel will lose its bodyguard. There is a very strong possibility that by the end of this century Israel will be destroyed, all thanks to the people who are/were themselves Jews.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Well… if you’d read my other posts you’d know that I am not pleased with the role Jews play in destroying Western civilization. I hope you would also realize that this mischief is not the result of any monolithic Jewish conspiracy – at least not one that includes most Jews.

      • Patrick says:

        your very cool-headed jewamongyou

      • Sam buddy says:

        Yes I’m aware of that. I don’t blame all Jews. I don’t even blame those 75% who are liberal. I know they are brainwashed victims, just like any other white liberal. I only blame those Jewish puppet masters who control the media, legislation… But that’s not even important who I blame or don’t blame. What I want to know is whether Israeli Jews are aware…your quote…“of the role Jews have played in destroying Western civilization”? Are they aware of the fact that the puppet masters who are destroying Israel’s bodyguard are almost exclusively Jewish?

  4. Ryan says:

    I sent these into Amren, lol i’ll see if he accepts it from me over there.
    Anyhow these videos are from a UK fellow that likes making film analysis, and movies. He posts a lot of them on his Youtube channel.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Those are excellent! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. As for Amren linking to them, I would hope they do in some form or other as they are a great resource.

  5. Portland realist says:

    Yeah, buying a paper is like feeding the hand that bites you, er something like that.
    Back when I listened to leftist intellectuals like Chomsky and his now dead “historian” comrade Zinn, their words seemed divine:
    “The United States is unusual among the industrial democracies in the rigidity of the system of ideological control – “indoctrination,” we might say – exercised through the mass media.”
    Of course in their minds the ideology espoused served the interest of Lily WASPs, who were at their core racist. Of course now I know this is a lie. But all the best lies are half true. That quote is true, except the ideology is mainly racial egalitarianism at best, anti-white at worst.
    Something almost impossible to avoid paying for though, is pop culture. While the Washington Post and the Oregonian are meant to inculcate the political class with the right kind of ideas, pop culture is for the masses, and more importantly the youth. I would describe much of it as Negrophiliac. MTV is a perfect example. That’s why dirtbags like this can have sex with white girls all day long:
    So, like you say, we notice when the usual negro sycophancy is not prevalent. Two examples I would like to present, if you’ll indulge me:
    1)The Twilight saga. While seemingly politically benign, I’m sure they ran into some “Flak” from pressure groups. In the first installment, Bella, the sexy white protagonist, is almost ran into by a reckless black youth. The only other black is an “evil” vampire. In the second installment, the only black is the evil vampire, and he is the first killed. We know how black people hate that.
    2)Gran Torino: Clint Eastwood plays the type of guy we all have known and respected, a war veteran, full of pride, integrity, a sense of right and wrong, and true grit. He uses racial slurs throughout, but in the end makes a huge sacrifice for an Asian immigrant boy and his sister. The only blacks they run into are thugs, not unlike a few months of someones real life. I highly recommend it.

  6. Patrick says:

    Newspapers also create an unecessary use of natural resources.

    • Portland realist says:

      Not if you use them twice like I do. First I use it to smother the hobo I stole it from, (one less mouth to feed). Then I use it to wipe my ass.

      • Patrick says:

        Umm I don’t know if you realize this or not but most hobos are scavengers and they reduce the waste a city produces by eating out of the trash and by recycling bottles found in the trash. This serves a very important ecological function.
        Also those that are fed by christian churches and other places are fed voluntarily. No one is forcing anyone to feed hoboes.

  7. Portland realist says:

    Patrick:I don’t know if you realize this or not but I was making a joke.
    Don’t be what is commonly referred to among black people as “a little bitch”.

    • Patrick says:

      Obviously you were making a joke but jokes commonly are vehcles for expressing sentiments and you seemed to express the sentiment that homeless people are useless and that is just not true.

  8. fred says:

    A lot of newspapers and magazines are hemorrhaging money. The internet obviously has something to do with it. But the more left they are the more they seem to be losing. This extends to network news and even cable news ratings. It’s mindboggling that they keep it up even though their ship’s are sinking. I’d never buy a rag or tune into a lefty news channel. Indeed, a good chunk of my news come from a daily scan of DrugeReport and Amren.

  9. Californian says:

    Another thing one might do is get rid of your television, especially cable. It staggers me that conservatives can complain to no end about The Liberal Media and then pay c. $100 a month to bring liberal propaganda into their living room.

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