Any organization that helps white, or Jewish, identity serves a valuable function.  In this sense, even Bnai Brith is valuable – at least for me;  I would not be alive if not for Bnai Brith since my own parents met through this organization.  No doubt, many white couples have met, and had children, through various neo-Nazi groups as well and this helps our demographics.
Then there is J.T.F. (Jewish Task Force).  Among its ranks are many Jewish bigots for whom hating Arabs (Muslim Arabs) is as important to their identity as promoting Judaism.  Judaism teaches Jews to love their brethren but, for many at J.T.F., this only applies if the subject hates Arabs – a love based on hate.  What a concept!  If all Arabs would suddenly disappear, one wonders if J.T.F. would also disappear.  At least they promote Jewish consciousness.  Or do they?  Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the benefit of raising Jewish awareness versus the damage of driving away good Jews and giving ammunition to those who hate us.  “Useful idiots” might be a good way to describe many of them.  “Neocons”, with all its negative baggage, is another good description.  When a bomb goes off somewhere in the Muslim world, and kills dozens of women and children, people at J.T.F. consider it good news.  In their eyes, the more killed and maimed the better.  This is not the Judaism I know.  Their “Judaism” comes across as some sort of mutated evil brother, grotesquely deformed and mentally deranged.
The body of Jewish religious literature is vast enough that it can support a great diversity of outlooks and opinions.  All one needs to do is pick and choose, just as many Christian denominations pick and choose from the Bible, ignoring what is inconvenient for them.  I’m pretty sure all organized religions do this.  Good people pick and choose based on their healthy conscience.  Not-so-good people pick and choose based on their need to feel superior or their greed or lust.
When I lived in Israel, I happened to be at the funeral of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane (purely by chance).  At one point, people began to chant “Death to the Arabs”.  As everybody around me was chanting, I shouted at them to stop.  I told them this is wrong.  Several people near me actually stopped chanting and admitted I was right.  I had broken the spell of the mob mentality.  On another occasion, I had done the unthinkable by giving my seat, on a bus, to an elderly Arab.   Some of the Jews on that bus glared at me as if I’d some something wrong.  I just smiled inwardly because I’d proven to myself that even strong mores could not hold me back from doing the right thing even in public.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because at the time, I was just a yeshiva student.  I was not a racialist nor was I libertarian – and yet the things I had learned were enough to bring about this sort of attitude.  I knew it was likely that the old Arab I gave my seat to hated me for being a Jew – but that would be his problem, not mine.  If that were the case, then my kindness toward him might have been an assault on his mind.  It might have caused doubts and confusion, damaging his clear-cut world view where Jews = evil and Arabs = good.  In either case, I had nothing to lose; I was just as comfortable standing.  Most J.T.F. people would have chanted “death to the Arabs” along with the others.  They would have let the old Arab stand in the bus.  Would either action be something they could brag about years later?  I must end this with the disclaimer that not all J.T.F. people fit the mold I described above.  Enough do that I felt it was important to write what I did.  As for the rest, I am not referring to you.

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13 Responses to J.T.F.

  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    Well Jewamongyou, you certainly have experienced much in your life!
    I think that various organizations, be they the J.T.F. or neo-nazi groups harm those they supposedly fight for.
    For example, Hitler was by far the greatest enemy of white people in history. Even Franz Boas and Ted Kennedy don’t come close. In addition to slaughtering 6 million Jews, Hitler ravaged the entire European continent while decimating its population. As a result, Europe’s economy was destroyed, its workforce depleted, and they had to import non-white workers as a result. Due to the devastation caused by WWII, Europe also had to relinquish its hold on overseas colonies, which only led to further immigration. Heck, even European nations such as Ireland that didn’t have any colonies (Ireland being a former colony itself) now have to endure non-white immigration.
    More importantly, the psychological and social impact of Hitler was huge. Due to Hitler’s extremism, any expression of white racial pride and support of the West was seen as evil. Opposed to excessive non-white immigration? Opposed to anti-white cultural Marxism? Opposed to forced integration and the loss of Western values? Well, you just might be a Hitler loving extremist! Also, few people take this into account, but when Hitler persecuted far left radicals in Germany, where do you think they went? Yup, the likes of Franz Boas came here.
    Hitler was also responsible for the Soviet Union’s rise to power. Oh sure, he killed millions of Russians and devastated much of the landscape, but Russia emerged from World War II as a military and political power. This pressure caused by the Cold War forced the United States to acceded to integrationist demands (due to Soviet propaganda chastising the U.S. for racism, which I don’t deny existed) and put up with cultural Marxism. The Cold War also harmed us due to the various unnecessary and harmful foreign conflicts we entangled ourselves in.
    Finally, since this post is about Israel and Jewish advocacy, the horrors of the holocaust led to the formation of Israel. Despite the fact that I support Jewish nationalism (despite not being Jewish myself) and their right to a nation of their own, the actual formation of Israel came about in a negative fashion. In addition to other manifestations of American imperialism, the state of Israel more than anything else engenders hatred and resentment of us in the Muslim world.
    In conclusion, Hitler was the greatest enemy of the West.
    Upset with integration, cultural Marxism, and white guilt? Blame Hitler. Upset with the suppression of white pride and Western civilization? Blame Hitler. Upset with excessive non-white immigration both here and in Europe? Blame Hitler. Upset with the state of Israel and the various neo-con wars of aggression against the Middle East that encourages anti-American sentiment around the world? Blame Hitler. In general, troubled by the fact that whites and the West are going down the tubes? Again, I think we all know the individual responsible.
    While Hitler may not have directly caused all of these ills, he certainly was responsible for the initial development of these problems.
    Why do I say all of this? Because so many neo-nazi fools, as well as other white supremacist fools that are more bourgeois (ie. Pat Buchanan), despite allegedly being pro-white, continue to worship this maniac as if he were a god! Don’t these people realize that Hitler is one of the main reasons they’re pissed off in the first place?!
    Real white advocates like you and me have a responsibility to tell Pat Buchanan, the people over at Stormfront, and other white extremists that their embrace of Hitler is both dangerous (for the reasons I mentioned above) and impractical (for it hurts our cause by providing ammunition to our enemies). Too many white nationalists, supremacists, etc, embrace this psychopath, thus endangering us all.
    Whew! This comment could have been an entire post ( Hey Jewamongyou, you can convert this into a new post if you wish)
    While I am in no way telling whites to suspend their pride (or whatever’s left of it) and surrender, extremism is never the answer.

    • Observer says:

      Hitler was also responsible for the Soviet Union’s rise to power.
      As well, the Soviet Union was equally responsible for Hitler and the Third Reich’s rise to power as well.
      Remember without the SU’s pact with NSG, the invasion of Poland — hence the beginning of WW2 — would have never happened. (You do remember that Stalin brutally invaded eastern Poland as well, yes?)

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Yes, I remember that Stalin did some rather nasty things as well.
        I’m certainly not trying to say that Stalin and the Communists were wonderful. They are also responsible for the current state the West is in, mainly because of the Cold War.
        However, we can’t deny the damage caused by Hitler.

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    By the way Jewamongyou, is it possible for me to occasionally write guest posts? There’s so much on my mind that I wish to articulate!

    • jewamongyou says:

      Of course, by all means; I hadn’t even noticed that there is no “new post” option for except for me. Just send me the post either directly in the email or as an attachment and I’ll post it under your name.

  3. themadjewess says:

    I am the female Spokesperson for the JTF.
    I did a Youtube that was shown on FOX.
    I am none too fond of A-rabs, but Moslems are worse.
    However, my whole life is not based on A-rabs and Moslems as you can plainly tell by my blog.
    JTF follows the teachings of the great Rabbi Kahane. The people over there are sweet people, maybe you should join and debate, then you might know what these people are like?
    DO you know them? Any of the members? Have you met with them, personally?
    There are racists there, no doubt, but Thank G-d, not everyone is like that.
    Here is my YT:

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for your measured response mad Jewess. I actually did participate in the forum for a while and I know there are all sorts of folks there. The fact remains that some of them rejoice at the death of innocents. I knew that my post would upset some people but I’ve got to speak my mind; certain undercurrents there bother me. When I created this blog, I made the choice to refrain from playing politics. I write what I believe.
      That being said, and now that I’ve gotten it off my chest, I have no intention of alienated allies or creating feuds where none should exist. We should certainly concentrate on what we have in common even as we make known our disagreements now and then.

  4. themadjewess says:

    I think that various organizations, be they the J.T.F. or neo-nazi groups harm those they supposedly fight for.
    With all due respect, Sir, I greatly am sad that you would rank JTF in as a “NAZI” group when all of us are for SMALL Govt. NAZIS were for BIG govt.
    I think that you all should join the JTF, because sadly, very sadly, as far as I can see, there are generalizations made about my friends here that are judgemental.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      My apologies.
      I am aware the the Nazis were definitely in favor of big government, since they used the government’s power to kill people. However, you could say the same about people of various extreme ideologies. Both the Fascists and Communists wanted complete control of peoples’ lives. I’m certainly not saying you embrace either ideology.
      I confess I don’t know a ton about the JTF. All I know is that to the extent that there are extremists, they only hurt the cause.

      • jewamongyou says:

        The mad Jewess has apparently broken off ties with this blog and removed her link to it. I should have warned her, from the beginning, that it wasn’t a good match.

  5. themadjewess says:

    But, one thing, before I go..
    The PLO Hamas Charter calls for the destruction of Israel, an Arab named El Sayid Nosair MURDERED Kahane, and a FAKE Jew lawyer ‘represented’ the murderer.
    At a funeral, you could not see or feel this pain, and why they thought like this?
    I see your disclaimer, J.A.Y., unfortunately, you call ONE of us this, and you call ALL of us this.
    Maybe the Jews so worried about the A-rabs should LEAVE Israel, and just give the remaining 28% of their land==Peace?
    I think NOT.
    We all know what Bolshevik brainwashing has done in Israel. And how it is NOT “Zionism” that is the evil.
    “Zion” means highest point, for Christians and Jews, it means “G-D is the cornerstone.”

    • jewamongyou says:

      Those on the “highest” point should rise above blanket hatred of other people. I do understand the context of the chanting – but still we Jews should be better than that.

  6. Dave Coe says:

    I know JTF has some decent views such as defending western ciivlization but a lot of them are total nutjobs who celebrate when ever a bomb goes off the the Muslims world and claim that Ron Paul is a closet Nazi. There main basis is hatred against Arabs. I really have found this blog refresing to find a Jewish race realist who is pro-white yet at the same time does not avocate blancket hatred against Arabs and hold Jewish Supremacist views. There are some decent JTF posters but they end up getting ridiculed by the nutjobs.

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