Is John Browne an anti-Semite?

The S.P.L.C. recently flung accusations against the owner of Tip of the Spear, John Browne.  According to the S.P.L.C., Mr. Browne is a “racist” and an “anti-Semite”.
I had the privilege of meeting John Browne at the latest American Renaissance conference (2010).  We chatted a couple of times and, though he knew I was Jewish, he clearly did not hold any hard feelings toward me because of it.  It is a fact that there are anti-Semites who show up at such conferences.  From my own personal experiences, during that conference, I am certain that John Browne is not among them.
The S.P.L.C. cites, as evidence of his anti-Semitism, his admiration for David Irving.   As further evidence, they cite the fact that he offers a free copy of David Duke’s “My Awakening” on his website along with a video called “The Dynamics of the Jewish Elite”.  To somebody who does not know the individual, such details might imply that he is, in fact, an anti-Semite.  But they certainly are not proof that this is the case.  As for the “Jewish Elite”, the S.P.L.C. is largely responsible for such Jewish conspiracy theories.  After all, they are a largely Jewish organization and their actions are detrimental to the those of European origin.  If they are sincerely concerned about anti-Semitism, let them cease their activities!  This would go a long way toward reducing anti-Semitism.

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7 Responses to Is John Browne an anti-Semite?

  1. countenance says:

    I think the SPLC “accidentally” spreads A/Sism. They put out conspiracy theories re Jews that I never even heard of, until I read about them in in the SPLC.

  2. maximilian chance says:

    I don’t what The SPLC says the man saved my life, and if his past is his past then who gives a darn? That guy didn’t even know me when he helped me. I could have been a Jew, but when we were about to get carjacked he didn’t say, “Hey, before I help you may I ask you if you are jew”? He just acted. Then he walked away without wanting any credit, but I did ask him his name so I could say thank you in an appropriate way. He said to me & my wife my name is John Browne & you can thank me by helping another stranger that needs it. Then he just left & asked that I not use his name in the report we filed. Yes, a real sinister that the SPLC has targeted

  3. Ethan Cohen says:

    What about the rumors that he hunted down several MS 13 gang members? I read that he said, “If you want to deal drugs then you invite a certain amount of risk, and running into me is one of those risks”. Is this true, and why wasn’t he arrested for this?

    • jewamongyou says:

      You’d have to ask him that – and I can’t imagine that he would reveal controversial or personal information to strangers. From what I’ve read about MS 13, I would say kudos to him for hunting them down. Not because they deal in drugs, but because they are dangerous invaders. If you invade somebody’s country, you invite a certain amount of risk.

  4. fred says:

    He has a right to disperse whatever books he likes. And I won’t knock him or your judgement on this. But you have to admit those titles sound suspicious.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes Fred, they do. But I’ve learned to recognize two major types of “anti-Semites”. One type hates all Jews no matter what. This type of person is obsessed by Jews, sees Jewish conspiracies everywhere and sees each individual Jew as an enemy agent regardless of his actual actions or beliefs. The second type has a problem with Jews in general. He’ll speak of “the Jews” but he does not mean every single Jew – similar to how I’ll sometimes say “blacks” or “Hispanics” even though I realize that individuals will vary within each group. Given the leftist record of my people, I am rather tolerant of the second type because I understand where they’re coming from. If Mr. Browne is anti-Semitic, he is of the second type. If he respects me as an individual then I respect him as such.

  5. tara says:

    I was set up with him on a date, and John was straight forward about his life. He told me the truth of his mistakes and the untruths. He did not shy from the truths, was a gentleman, and humble. He spoke about the grace of God and we remain friends today. I just felt that while he is an intimidating and imposing figure my experience was a good one. Just wanted to say this because I took the time to know him and the people that wrote that stuff didn’t.

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