Using leftist gods against leftists

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I think Beck talks up MLK’s specific language the way he does to goad those who want to reframe MLK. If we assume MLK was somewhat socialist, but the words aren’t there in large measure, while other words are plentiful that seem to defend freedom and equal opportunity if not outright oppose socialism , then Beck is just throwing the words out there in the face of those who claim to follow MLK’s ideas but whose actions don’t fit with MLK’s words. He seems to be daring them to rebrand MLK as a socialist and knows that there isn’t enough from MLK himself to allow them to do it even if MLK might have been far more frank about his socialist leanings in his discussions with close associates.”

Even though I don’t watch T.V. (so I don’t know exactly what he’s talking about),  I think sg makes a great point.  We often hear conservatives quoting MLK (a leftist god if ever there was one) about “the content of one’s character” as opposed to the “color of one’s skin”.  From what I’ve read, it is doubtful MLK himself actually believed this.  More likely, such lofty ideals were only uttered by him when he felt that they were most convenient for his ethnic interests.  If MLK were still alive today, he might very well be an older version of Jesse Jackson – touting the interests of “people of color” without regard to ethics or ideals of any kind.  But just because a person was evil, a hypocrite, an unprincipled philanderer, a plagiarist and a communist sympathizer doesn’t mean that all his words are untruthful.
It’s fun to quote the words of leftist gods and throw them in the faces of leftists – even though their source is meaningless to us and their implications meaningless to the leftist.  We like to hope that, somehow, the leftist will realize the ridiculousness of his position.  That he might either depose his god from deity or reevaluate his principles.  Alas, in most cases  he will retreat to darkness like a scurrying cockroach.  He might vaguely mutter a catchall such as “out of context” or “straw man”.  If he can find a way to sneak in the word “canard”, he will do so.  Leftists love that word.
I think we should be careful when quoting leftist gods to support our positions.  We should couch our quotes with phrases such as “even so-and-so said…” or “do you disagree with so-and-so who said…”.  That way you avoid bowing down to their gods even as you use them as a wedge to try to open the leftist’s mind.
Did I just say “open the leftist’s mind”?  It’s getting late so I think I’ll go to sleep and dream more realistic dreams…

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