Racism in our daily lives 4

This incident was related to me by a co-worker:
In 2008, he was a senior high school student in Hillsboro, Oregon.  At his school they had a Spanish club, which was composed exclusively of Hispanics (almost all of them Mexican).  Everybody called this club the “Mexican club”.  It bothered this young man that there was a Mexican club but nothing for him (he is white).  So he approached the principal and said “I want to start a white club”.  The long-haired leftist principal angrily replied, “You want to start a Caucasian club?”
The young man got into a lot of trouble simply for expressing, in a passing way, a desire to have what other ethnic groups take for granted.  He got after-school detention for four days.  As far as I can tell, the detention did him no good; he still feels no shame for being white!

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