Illegal immigration and Hispanics

According to a Zogby poll, 52% of Hispanics would rather the U.S. enforce immigration laws than allow illegals already here a path to citizenship.  If this is the case, we should wonder why, over the last month, Hispanics have been demonstrating all over the country in opposition to Arizona’s new immigration law.  We should wonder why threats and violence have been consistently directed against those who support the law but not against those who oppose it.  Personally, I wonder how it could be that every Hispanic I know objects to the Arizona law if 52% of Hispanics supposedly support it.
My suspicion is that the above Zogby poll was taken at a time when most people assumed that no governmental body (state or federal) would take steps to actually enforce immigration laws.  In other words, the respondents gave their answers from a context of the theoretical.  As soon as the theoretical transformed itself into reality, many of them had a change of heart.  Perhaps they felt that the answer they gave was the “correct” and “patriotic” one.  Given the paranoia within the Hispanic population, it is also possible that many suspected the poll to be a ruse by the I.N.S.
Whichever explanation is the correct one, it should be abundantly clear, at this point, that a majority of Hispanics do not support enforcement of immigration law.  If this is indeed the case, the government should not be hiring large numbers of Hispanics to patrol the border.  The fact that ant-discrimination laws force a situation where large numbers of Hispanics are in charge of protecting our borders (as of 2008, 52% of border patrol agents were Hispanic) should cause intelligent Americans to question the wisdom of such laws.  It is a case of leaving a fox in charge of the hen house.
There are many examples of Hispanic border agents turning out to be corrupt.  Leave it to the press, however, to paint a picture that is contrary to reality.  NBC, in order to illustrate the problem of corrupt border patrol agents, shows us one example: a middle-aged white man.  The news anchor (who is one of the “good guys”) appears to be Hispanic.  Their obvious intention is to suggest that the average corrupt border patrol agent is white while Hispanics are just as concerned about our borders as the rest of us.
I recently had a conversation with a Hispanic acquaintance.  He mentioned that he flies the Mexican flag on Cinco-de-Mayo.  I asked him, “if war broke out between the U.S. and Mexico, whose side would you fight on if you had to pick?”  His answer, “I’d fight on the Mexican side since I was born there.”  Then I asked him, “if you could make just as much money in Mexico as you do here, and if your life would have just as much quality there as it does here, would you move back to Mexico?”  He could not give a clear answer, instead mumbling something about “moving closer to Mexico”.  This person is a legal immigrant.  Should we not be worried about importing vast numbers of people whose loyalties are clearly with a foreign country?  When World War Two broke out, Americans set up internment camps for ethnic Japanese and Germans for fear they would undermine our national security.  If war does ever break out between the U.S. and Mexico, we will be forced to fight it on many fronts.  Every city and town in the U.S. will be a battle zone.  How foolish of us!

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6 Responses to Illegal immigration and Hispanics

  1. Patrick says:

    The above video doesn’t seem antiwhite to me. The speaker in the above video just seems like a communist. He mentions Che Guevara as a force for good… Che Guevara was a white man.

  2. Ryan says:

    He does say weak white people Patrick. Still, how about I move to Mexico and teach English only to call out for a revolution against the communist government and see how they like that.
    The only reason he is allowed to get away with this is because he is Latino.

  3. fred says:

    The Aztlan situation mirrors the Kosovo situation of a few years back. Most people don’t realize how that started. Some time in the late 80’s or early 90’s there was a civil war between the government and organized crime cartels. Albanians started crossing the border into Kosovo to get away from it. So many migrated that they became a majority. As soon as they became the majority they started attacking Serbs to drive them out. This was made easier because of the previous war in Albania. There was a lot of military equipment floating around – as well as veterans of the Albanian conflict. The KLA was listed as a terrorist organization and was part of a terror network that stretched from Albania to Palestine, Chechnya and Afghanistan.
    Now, when one considers that the southwest will soon have a hispanic majority. And that Mexico is currently fighting a low grade civil war between the government military and organized crime cartels the parallels become shocking. History repeats because people are stupid.

  4. Patrick says:

    “The only reason he is allowed to get away with this is because he is Latino.”
    If you mean he is allowed to criticize white people and keep his job and white people would be fired for racial remarks…. the reason non-whites are allowed to be racist isn’t because they are non-white… it is because white people do not hold them to the same standards they hold themselves.

  5. Ryan says:

    Yeah kind of what I said lol. I don’t allow it, even with my wife I call her on everything she does that I consider reprehensible.
    The other day I heard her say something to the effect wondering why somebody in a show we were watching fought alone, while his friends stood by.
    I told her because it’s a one on one fight. And she couldn’t fathom why the persons friends didn’t join in which would have made it unfair to the other guy.
    One of her Ex boyfriends she was pretty sure was a drug dealer, but he lied to her about it all the time. Another was some African who was into the well used tag “Imports/Exports,” but what did he import or export he would never tell her, and always kept what he was doing a secret.
    Another was a divorced wife beater, can you see a pattern?
    I asked her what she would think of me if I started selling drugs on the side, and would she care or not? She laughed and said no, but i’m not so sure if I were to do something illegal if she would be as appaled as I would be if she started doing something like that.
    Do rules even apply to people from third world countries? Or is it just what they can get away with?
    If white people played by the same rules slavery would never have ended, and we would have over populated the earth to the point where we would need to kill off everyone else so we could take their land.
    Why do we play by the rules? Are we the only ones with a conscience? Wealth is a poor argument, because we acted like this back when most whites were still poor. So what is it?
    Things that I keep hearing about race each day, especially about Latino organizations test even my patience.

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