The demise of the white schoolyard

I’ve already written about my experiences in ghetto schools.  But I also have memories from my formative years in white schools.  Those memories portray a world that, though not perfect, was generally peaceful, wholesome and nurturing.
The hostile elite (and the sheeple who follow them) have done much to eliminate the all-white schoolyard and they fully intend to force it down the same path as the Dodo – or as the Neanderthal.
How curious that the wider public is now learning that Neanderthal genes do, indeed, live on in Eurasians.  It is possible that further study will reveal more Neanderthal genes amongst whites than amongst other races.  This would be logical since Neanderthals lived primarily in Europe.  Is it not enough that the Neanderthals became extinct once?  They live on – barely – within the happy and wholesome faces of white youngsters and the powers that be cannot tolerate that.  No.  They have made it their mission in life to destroy the Neanderthal legacy once again – and it makes me wonder if the Cro-Magnons were actually Leftists escaping from the savagery of Africa only to inflict their own violent ways on the unsuspecting Neanderthals.  Just a fanciful thought!

It happened long ago…

Will it happen again?

As it stands now, Portland school children are about 43% minority (presumably non-white) and this is a city known for its whiteness!  One must travel to remote rural areas to even catch a glimpse of what was once the rule in most of America.  Once more than a few NAM’s start attending a formerly all white school, things cannot be the same.  Social dynamics change – usually for the worse.

The standard leftist reaction is “so what?  We are all the same under the skin”.  But, when it comes to “children of color”, they sing a different tune:

According to the state Department of Education, minority students comprise 43 percent of Portland Public Schools’ enrollment, while minority teachers account for only 12 percent of the district’s certificated faculty.Students need to see teachers who look like them and they need role models who represent success, Cochrane said.

We should ask them, “when children find themselves small minorities in a sea of brown and black, will you then be concerned that they have roll models?

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7 Responses to The demise of the white schoolyard

  1. ski says:

    I think there’s some hope for whites mainly because so many of us have memories of integrated schools quite similar to yours. My parents are unfortunately ultra-liberals, quite surprised at my reactionary beliefs, especially regarding diversity. They my why I care about Whites becoming a minority and I say, “remember that 50% black public school you sent me to?”

  2. Ryan says:

    “why I care about Whites becoming a minority and I say,”
    Wow, just wow . . . I say this to mine and they get upset just as much as I do and find it difficult to believe that politicians are pursuing this policy because it’s just mind blowing!

  3. Bay Area Guy says:

    What you say about neanderthals is interesting. The funny thing is that self-hating white Michael Bradely wrote “The Iceman Inheritance,” which claims that whites are innately more violent because they’re descendants of sexually maladapted neanderthals (or something along those lines).
    How different are neanderthals from modern humans? Are whites biologically different, for better or worse, than other groups due to neanderthal heritage?
    There are many questions that need to be answered. Are whites more or less intelligent, violent, or creative on account of being partially related to neanderthals?

  4. Portland realist says:

    From the “Portland Public Schools High School System (Re)design Superintendent’s recommendations.”
    “Achievement gap: Across multiple metrics, there is a significant gap among racial and ethnic
    groups. In particular, PPS is not serving African-American, Hispanic and Native
    American/Alaskan Native students effectively. There is a 20 percent to 50 percent gap between
    white students and the lowest performing group of students of color on each of these
    achievement measures: graduation rate, 10th-grade benchmarks, core course credits in 10th
    grade, and ACT test scores (math, reading, English, and science).”
    Nooooo shit. So they propose moving district lines in a way that more equitably distributes Non Asian Minorities among the better performing schools, aka white and Asian. They do not even mention the better performing East Asians, which would bring up the uncomfortable possibility that it is not prejudice against non-whites which creates under performing pupils, but genetics and culture.
    Woodstock Elementary has high marks, it also has a high, (and fast growing) portion of East Asians. I spoke with a Chinese immigrant at work and he told me he moved into the Woodstock district for the Mandarin immersion program. His family spoke another Chinese dialect and wanted his children to grow up also speaking Mandarin. I assume this is so they could move back one day if things became much better over there.
    My point: I live in Woodstock and have small children, and I was looking forward to them attending Woodstock elementary. However, the high school situation looks so bleak we just have to move. There are some nice ‘burbs like Sherwood where the racial makeup is almost 95% white and East Asian to this day! They wonder why enrollment is dropping. Even liberals don’t want their kids going to school with gangbangers and knocked up 13 year old girls.

  5. Petrarch says:

    If we look at the animal species in the far north of the US and Canada…Whether Grayling Char, Arctic fox, Polar Bears, etc.. And compare these along with the very distilled deliberate atributes of this environment… then compare this panorama with the writhing animal life and environment dynamics of equatorial regions.. we may be able to see a window into the different attributes that shaped the different human species and their respective cultures . Invasive species from warmer climates… are far more agressive and disrupt the more distlled nature of the cooler climate species. I think cooler climate people are more mentaly Kinetic and warmer climate people more physically kinetic. When in near proximity as in boarder nations… the difference is usually beneficial as stimulous to different forms of synergy. But extremes in cultural newness between vastly different people can act as high and low pressure systems cuasing racial/specieal storms. Incidentally, congradulations on your thinking and courage to be your own man..’Jewamongyou’

  6. Bill says:

    If students “need to have teachers that look like them”, and there’s a “shortage” of such teachers, logically that would mean that only a fraction of minority students can be accepted to those schools who would otherwise have attended. Oh, well, they can get started even sooner on their careers in the drug or prostitution industries.

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