Dual loyalties

One of the built-in problems with any multi-ethnic society is that of dual loyalties.  People have a natural loyalty to their own ethnicity and yet they are expected to put the nation, under whose flag they live, first.
As a Jew, I belong to two nations (three, if you count Oregon).  Therefore I would never accept a position that might force me to choose between my Jewish nation and my American nation.  It would be a conflict of interest and should be avoided.  Ethnically conscious Jews should never be put in  positions of power where their Jewish identity might compromise their loyalty to the U.S. and its constitution.  We should not have a Jewish president (assuming he has any sense of attachment to the Jewish people).  I am not ashamed of this position and I’ll gladly repeat it to anybody who inquires.
There is a tremendous amount of evidence that Hispanics, in the U.S., feel a great amount of loyalty to their own ethnic groups.  Leftists claim this is a result of white racism.  Educated people know this is because of leftists.  In either case the loyalty is there for all to see.  It’s gotten to the point where many, if not most, Hispanics openly proclaim that their primary loyalty is to Mexico (or whichever country they hail from).  “Mexican-Americans” root for the Mexican team when they play sports against a U.S. team.  Here is an excellent article about Hispanic ethnic loyalty and nepotism.  This is why there should be no Hispanics in government positions where their ethnic loyalty might compromise their loyalty to the Constitution, U.S. or to their state.
For several generations, the leftist establishment has nurtured black ethnic consciousness.  It has done so by various means and the end result is that blacks are expected to identify first as blacks and only secondly as Americans.  Here is an excellent article about black racial consciousness.  This is why blacks should not hold positions of governmental power; they will almost always be biased in favor of their own.  Whites, of course, are forbidden to harbor any trace of racial consciousness.
As we well know, the hostile elites are not merely apathetic and clueless about the perils of conscious ethnics in positions of power, they actually go out of their way to insure that as many of them as possible attain those positions.  Each of their “successes” represents a thorn in our sides and a poison to whatever remains of our society.
What about juries?  The entire jury system is based upon the assumption that 12 peers will render objective judgments.  The O.J. Simpson trial was a wake-up call for many oblivious Americans.  Those Americans realized that, for a black defendant, other blacks are not “peers” but allies.  There can be no doubt that black jurors acquit guilty black defendants every day in this country.  Who can be so naive to think that the “don’t snitch” culture stops at the doors to the courtroom?  Thanks to relentless leftist propaganda, black and Hispanic jurors cannot be trusted; their ethnic loyalties are too strong.  I do not know what the solution is.  At least I do not know of one that has any chance of being put to practice.  The jury system is just one of the many casualties of “diversity”.  It is just one of many reasons why whites need their own nation now more than ever.  Justice cannot survive as the norm in a “diverse” society.

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  1. patrick says:

    Don’t forget class loyalties. And also clique loyalties.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I don’t think those loyalties are as powerful as ethnic loyalties. Also, those loyalties cannot be avoided; every society must have them. But transforming white societies into multi-ethnic ones is a matter of choice.

      • Ryan says:

        Yes a choice that we in the West were never given, and if we actually were, I’m 100% sure it would never have been passed. Who would pass a new immigration law that in 100 years your race, culture and religion(s), would become a minority and would have to fight to survive, while everything that you and your ancestors built gets destroyed.

  2. jewamongyou says:

    You are so right, Ryan. We were not given a choice – it was a decision made by the hostile elite.

  3. Bay Area Guy says:

    I don’t begrudge blacks, Hispanics, or other groups their racial consciousness and pride. In fact, I applaud them for their racial pride and consciousness.
    All I want is for whites to show an equal level of pride and consciousness. We need to recognize that we do indeed have a race and culture that is worth defending.
    Too many whites simply see themselves as individuals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that whites should become these hyperconformist robots who cannot act as individuals. I happen to believe that individualism is one of the great strengths of the west.
    However, that individualism needs to be balanced out with a solid racial identity and consciousness. Every other group has a strong consciousness and a set of goals. It’s time we had the same.
    Our work will be complete when the average white no longer sees “white person” and “individual” as mutually exclusive.

  4. Gaurav Ahuja says:

    Do not mix nation and nation-state. The American nation has so many non-Americans in it, that people call for a civic nationalism to unite various people who happen to pay taxes to the same federal masters. I hope America breaks apart. Those people who wanted it to happen in 1861 were correct in the ultimate goal of secession. And if states break away, why can not have counties break away? If counties break away, why not have towns secede? And if towns break away, why not permit households to declare their independence?

    • jewamongyou says:

      You previously wrote that polygamy would lead to chaos, implying that somebody needs to control/prevent such practices. If each household is sovereign, then what authority would impose the rules?
      If there is going to be a republic, then let that republic be as just as possible. I agree that the U.S. is way too big and should be broken up.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        You’re right about the need for the U.S. to be broken up. While I acknowledge that such a plan isn’t realistic, something needs to be done.
        Multiracial nations are doomed to failure.

  5. Vanessa says:

    I got you on the dual loyalties thing, a person ought to have pride in their heritage and be loyal to America too, my family are immigrants and all are citizens and vote and are proud Americans. That being said, the cynic in me sees why some immigrants don’t want to see themselves as Americans. Let’s face it, mainstream American culture is crap. MTV, Hollywood, TV and most popular music is crap, lowest common denominator crap.
    I reckon an immigrant from a poorer, socially conservative culture turns on the TV and thinks Americans are lazy, immoral slobs. Look at rap videos or reality TV and the people that are celebrities, most of them are drug-addled, criminal screwups. In a sane society, a Paris Hilton would’ve been shunned like the trash that she is, but she’s famous and admired for being a tramp and stupid. Other countries may have their idiots and stupid pop stars and celebrities, but we don’t know about them because we’re not interested.
    One of my best friends is an immigrant from Poland who came here to study at Rutgers. She’s constantly amazed at how people can idolize a Paris Hilton or most professional athletes, that many Americans have never been to a foreign country, do not know a foreign language, and think Poland is somewhere in California. She’s very Catholic and comes from a rural area in Galicia, she says she likes American money but not American culture and I don’t blame her, us Americans must be the only people on earth who export crap.

  6. JewishWhiteNationalist says:

    I feel a sense of loyalty to the Jewish people and religion; however, due to the way most Jews act, think and behave regarding what is good and right for America, I find it extremely difficult if not impossible to feel any love or loyalty for them.
    My number one loyalty is to America. This is what my parents taught me when I was growing up in the 50s and the 60s, a confusing and frightening time for many patriotic Americans like my folks and myself.

  7. IberiaPlus says:

    It would be nice if Congress were more loyal to the US -rather than to Israel.

  8. Lowsteete says:

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