Home invasion in Troutdale, OR

I don’t watch T.V. but I happened to be passing by when somebody else was – and I heard the news anchor describe how a 12 year old Troutdale girl had called 911 while three home invaders/burglars were rummaging through her home.  They called her a hero and played some of the 911 tape.  I asked my friend, who was watching the program, if they showed photos of the suspects (who had been apprehended).  He told me they had not.  I responded that, if this was a home invasion, they must be black.  As it turned out, it was actually a burglary; the burglars didn’t know anybody was home.  Though they did not show the perpetrators on T.V., it was easy to find their images online:

So now we have three more unwilling advocates for the reduction of Hispanic immigration.  I don’t care if the perpetrators were illegal or “legal”.  They are aliens who bring crime and filth to our communities and they need to be disposed of.
Regarding home invasions, have any of y’all ever heard of a home invasion being committed by whites?  I’m fairly certain that this particular crime is done exclusively by blacks and Hispanics, at least in the U.S.

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  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    In order for their to be a serious reduction in Hispanic immigration, I believe that the white masses need to boycott both the Democratic and Republican parties.
    The Republicans and their neocon pals want cheap labor and greater profits for their rich corporate buddies. This also applies to more professional jobs, but that’s another story.
    The Democrats want future voters and dependents. They basically want to make the Hispanic community the next black community in terms of them monolithically supporting Democrats.
    Democrats figure that since most whites won’t vote for them, they’ll reduce white numbers and increase non-white numbers through immigration. That’s why leftists in general support immigration. If whites won’t support them, then get rid of whites.
    We need a 3rd party.

  2. patrick says:

    I’ve never heard of home invasion before, at first I thought you were talking about burglary.

  3. patrick says:

    Jay why are Americans so crazy when it comes to immigration? On the one hand many people seem to be in a rush to import millions of immigrants and those people call Americans racist for not liking it. I think it would be fine if we had situation where some american areas mixed, some areas predominately white, and other areas predominately of other races. I don’t think government should dictate that it just seems like what would occur if people were left to their own devices… and it is currently the situation. But now many immigrants are being imported very fast and disrupting local cultures. This immigration situation is insane. Legal immigration is one million per year. We have ourselves to blame. I really think much of america is insane and unable to express moderate sentiments. Even the environmentalists are pro immigration. I am for helping people. If I see someone downvwnd out I will give them food regardless of race. But I feel really uncomfortable with ou rate of immigration especially as it relates to environmental cncerns. Animals and wildlife have right to exist! Frankly preservation of ecosystems is my passion. I don’t mind living in a multiracial society as long as peoples freedom of association is not infringed upon. I like modern america, just too much immigration.

  4. Portland Realist says:

    J.A.Y. Watch more T.V. if you want to understand the American psyche. It is our tribal bonfire, however demented and sad it may be.
    France, from what I’ve heard has actually achieved a net positive population growth through government policies making it economically beneficial for French to have children. Of course that is a government program, Libertarians are not down with that! My point, we need at least slow population growth to perpetuate our economic system. We should adjust our policies so Americans can have babies and not so these A’holes can come up here and breed away.

    • RE: French net population growth.
      This is false. The French numbers include ‘overseas’ possessions. “White” France has an aging declining population. Just as do all developing countries. (I’d point you to a reference but I don’t have the time.)
      Capitalism = birth control.

  5. curtd59 says:

    Sorry, for the late reply but I missed your post.
    The data does not demonstrate that. Net population growth in French figures includes it’s ‘colonies’. Net population growth in France includes it’s non-integrating muslim population. France, like all industrial capitalist countries now and in the past, is experiencing negative ‘French’ population growth. This trend will continue, as it is continuing world wide.
    Under industrial capitalism children are a lifestyle choice NOT the economic utility that they are under farming. As lifestyle choices they are a cost. They are low cost entertainment for the poor. Since sex is fun, people externalize the cost of their ‘fun’ by not using birth control. Culturally we give status perks and political perks to women with children as a way of subsidizing their cost of child rearing (and that’s the problem right there.) Children are cheap and easy status attainment for poor women, who externalize their costs of their entertainment and status onto others by non-performing economically and burdening fellow citizens with the cost of carrying their children.
    The problem now as it always has been is to encourage the right people to have children. In general, philosophical biases are held by families within classes within cultures. And over time, ‘He who breeds wins’ not only genetically, but philosophically. THis leads to the cycle of civilizations from chaos to order to peak to decline to totalitarianism to chaos again.
    The political solution to this problem is a) to tax people MORE if they do NOT have children as their incomes increase, b) limiting immigration to include only the educated classes so that our lower performers have jobs, c) provide birth control to the poor for free (pay them to not undermine us. d) institute the one-child policy as did china.
    Since there is no way to enact this kind of program, we will never get it. People still believe that they have a right to children, which is true under farming where they pay for their choices, but is not true under industrial socialized capitalism where people can externalize their costs of child rearing.

  6. Micky says:

    I can see the point that you make about the race of these criminals. What I can’t understand is that you seem to feel that there are no white predators committing these inhuman acts. Perhaps you should check out National Statistics and you would be shocked and amazed. Sorry to disappoint you but many of these criminals are, in fact, white males. When you add heroin and meth addiction to the mix you must look beyond what they look like. Don’t leave out satanic cults and I don’t know if you have heard of Sharon Tate, a pregnant white woman who was senselesly butchered by means of a home invasion here in Los Angeles. The perpetrators were white. There are literally hundreds of cases like that one that are going on throughout the U.S. I think the answer is very simple — prepare yourself — prepare yourself. Some of the constructive things you can do is install cameras, pepper spray, stun guns, etc. The bottom line is whenever they come to our house boy are they gonna be sorry.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Sharon Tate was murdered in 1969. A lot has changed since then. As for National Statistics, they use deceit in identifying the race of perpetrators; they consider Hispanics to be “white” when they are perpetrators but “Hispanic” when they are victims. I am fully aware that whites commit heinous crimes – but at far lower rates than blacks or Hispanics.

  7. david says:

    The point is that Hispanics are breeding like flies and they are actually taught in school to have allot of kids so their race can take over. There is a problem growing in the United states, and if we don’t stop it someday soon, then in the future it may no longer be safe for our kids to go outside and play anymore. We have lots of Hispanics and blacks that are breeding like crazy, and what makes it worise is that their kids often are raised with ignorance, not to mention that most of the parents get on welfare. We are already an overpopulated species because medicine and doctors have interfered with nature’s natural selection. People this is beautiful country, but sadly it is being exploited and abused by people who don’t give a shit and server no purpose here on earth. We need to stand up and fight back.

  8. david says:

    And also if you look at the statistics, the prisons are filled with blacks and Hispanics. And most cities who’s ethnic population is dominated by Hispanics or blacks, have high crime rates. I’m not saying we should all be racist and fill with hate, but our countries being ruined and exploded by ones that are less then human. Most people now days are too chicken shit to do anything about it. We need a strong leader to lead the masses and help put a stop to this growing fungi. There are the bad and good in any race, but it can’t be ignored that the race’s responsible for the abundance in the decay of community and society belong to Hispanics and blacks. Let’s take a stand people, and fight to keep this land safe. The future of our kids depends on the action we take today as their idols.

  9. Croid says:

    da mexican criminals look like jigroes in troutdale

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