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Leftists have a product to sell – and that product is “people of color”, especially blacks.  This is why, when a leftist photographer (or a photographer who works for leftists) wishes to photograph people doing positive things, one of his topmost priorities is to make sure that a “person of color” (a black if possible) is prominently displayed.  This type of product placement is one of the reasons that “news” is typically as much propaganda as actual news.
When Hockinson Heights Intermediate School and Hockinson Heights Primary school held a drive to collect cans and bottles to help Haitians procure clean water, the Columbian (a local Washington newspaper) featured the story on its front page.  A large color photograph accompanied the story – almost 5″ by 7″ and it featured a dark-skinned girl and a white boy (only the girl’s face is clearly visible).

We can only assume that no black boys were available and they felt forced to use a girl.  Given the demographics of Hockinson, it is possible that this girl was the only black (or dark enough to pass as black) student in the entire school:

A while ago, we had a project at my job that required some volunteers.  The only ones who volunteered were white males (including myself).  The man in charge of the project, who is a petty diversocrat, actually left the room and personally fetched a white woman (who had just started work that same day) and a black man (from a totally different department) so that he could include them in the photographs he was taking of the event.  On another occasion, we had the media visit our company.  They had a camera crew and were photographing various scenes for their story.  At one point, the cameraman pointed to a particular employee and excitedly said, “let’s take his picture; he looks Asian.”  You see, there were no blacks on the premises at the time so the Asian would have to do.  As it turned out, the Asian did not want his picture taken.  Another example I’ve personally seen was a special museum exhibit in Denver.  Hundreds of people were present and only a handful of them were black.  Yet the news media chose to interview a black woman  – as if she represented the typical visitor to the exhibit.
As for the can and bottle program, the Columbian continued its story on page A4 and there we are treated to a second photograph.  This one is much smaller – only 2.5″ by 4″ and monochrome:

In this photo (I apologize for its lack of clarity) we see only white and Asian children.  I wonder if anybody explained to those white kids why it could not be one of them who was featured on the front page with his full face being visible.  It would not surprise me at all if news crews actually brought their own black child with them to such events – just in case one was not available on site.  I also wonder if anybody has done a study to find out how many white children have been photographed with the president.  It seems to me that it’s always a black one.
It should be clear to anybody with half a brain cell that blacks do not visit museums at the same rate that whites and Asians do and that blacks do not volunteer at the same rate as other races.  Yet the MSM invests a lot of effort trying to fool whites into thinking that the opposite is true.  The most logical conclusion I can come up with is that even those leftists know that presenting a true depiction of reality would imply that blacks are inferior to other races in those regards.  Their efforts are a tacit admission of this.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Liberals are the most racist people on the planet. All they think about is race, race, race, race, race, and how they can social engineer society to incorporate their racial fantasy.
    They maybe white, but they are white Al Sharptons.
    Question to anyone who’s seen it, what do you think of this commercial:
    Because it’s on TV, and the Commercials at the Theater . . .

  2. Janelle says:

    This is an excellent article – and the “Product Placement” which goes on (especially in newspapers and magazines) is a constant source of incredulity.
    Why can’t a picture of people doing a community activity together just be an honest photograph rather than a rehearsed PC race message? Do the editors and photographers really believe those who’ve participated in the event don’t notice this hypocrisy when they see the newspaper article the next day?
    There used to be an online “comment” section on the website of a local paper which was bombarded with criticism about their “selective” use of minority photographs. The newspaper’s policy (which I believe is the Associated Press policy) was that pictures of blacks & Hispanics were only to be shown in a “positive” light – never in arrests, Police Log, or other negative news items.
    Many readers, myself included, constantly blasted the editors for their duplicity. However, instead of changing their policy, the newspaper discontinued the “comment” section after printing an angry editorial about the “bigotry” of some of their readers. Of course, they felt the
    problem was with those who noticed and complained about the newspaper’s deception – not with the editors who perpetrated the fraud.
    The blatant deceptiveness of the liberal media never fails to amaze me.

  3. Harold says:

    Another great post. I consider you one of the best and especially one of the most even-minded of all the HBD bloggers.
    In a similar vein to this post you might like to read this article:
    And then ponder incidents such as this:

  4. Harold says:

    The first link I gave may also be relevant in thinking about holocaust stories.

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