Black acheivements

A website that lists black inventors tells us that Janet Emerson Bashen became the first African American to win a patent for a “software invention” on January, 2006.  This story illustrates how desperate some blacks are to inflate the accomplishments of their people.  In this case, I think they should have remained silent.  According to Wikipedia, the first software patent was granted back in 1966.  This means that forty years had gone by without a single black software patent holder!  And then, when one finally materialized – she turned out to be not much darker than me.  In other words, she is probably of mixed heritage.
Much has already been written* about the bogus lists of “black accomplishments”, especially when it comes to inventions and intellectual prowess.  Traditionally, Western society has valued education and education usually means intelligence.  This is why, amongst Occidentals at least, it is considered an insult to imply that another person lacks mental fortitude but it is not so insulting to imply that a person does not dance well.  This is why, when we state that blacks are, on average, less intelligent than other races, the assumption is that this means blacks are less human than the rest of us.  This is why blacks, and the leftists who so adore them, try so hard to believe that all races are equal when it comes to intelligence.
As a matter of fact, the decline of Western civilization has clearly been accompanied by a similar decline in emphasis on intellectual pursuits (except for practical ends).  When we compare the popularity of sports heroes with that of prominent scientists, the former win by a large margin.  How many young people have you recently seen wearing Stephen Hawking t-shirts?  I find it hard to believe that precisely those endeavors that feature the largest proportion of blacks also happen to be the most popular.  Sports and entertainment are the only activities where blacks regularly excel.  Politics, being a numbers game, should not count.
The leftist elite, having shifted society’s central organs downward, still continue to lay claim to the brain.  In other words, it is not enough for them that the proletariat look up to black heroes; they must also maintain the illusion that even the intellectual elite are “people of color”.  At the same time, there are those who openly challenge traditional cerebral-centrism.  For example, the theory of multiple intelligences. Two of the “intelligences” listed by Howard Gardner, in his book Multiple Intelligences are kinesthetic and musical.  Having read the book a while back, I was struck by the emphasis Gardner places on other cultures.  If  “African American” culture is distinct enough that their conception of intelligence differs from that of white America, then surely the disparities between the races in pivotal areas of modern life can be attributed to culture – without resorting to “white racism”.  But somehow this possibility never seems to be mentioned in public discourse.  I wonder about Gardner’s motivation.  Was he trying to enhance our understanding of intelligence through the study of non-white cultures or was he trying to elevate those same non-white peoples by redefining “intelligence” for their benefit?
I cannot help but wonder if the deposing of intellectualism, for the benefit of lower I.Q. groups, is the beginning of our descent into savagery.  A visit to one of the more “diverse” locations in America would do much to dispel any doubt.
* When you type the words “black inventions” into Google, the first result that comes up is the “black invention myths” site.  This is true as of June 6th, 2010.  I expect Google to change this when it is brought to their attention.

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  1. Californian says:

    If “African American” culture is distinct enough that their conception of intelligence differs from that of white America, then surely the disparities between the races in pivotal areas of modern life can be attributed to culture – without resorting to “white racism”.
    Yes, this is rather common phenomenon among the multicultists: to simultaneously claim that race-is-a-construct yet at the same time claim that there are inherent differences between blacks and Whites. For example, take the Ricci case (the Connecticut firefighters re affirmative action): the multicultists claimed that multiple choice tests are prejudiced against blacks because blacks learn differently from Whites. But how could this be if race-is-a-construct?
    The entire thing reeks of Orwellian doublethink.

  2. Ferox says:

    The Leftists would sweep these “differences in learning” under the rug of “culture” or perhaps some more obscure concept.
    But Jewamongyou’s brief comment about “multiple intelligences” got me to thinking: how equivalent are these “intelligences” to what we usually just term “intelligence?”
    One way of analyzing these would be to compare the amount of metabolic activity they require in the brain. “Kinesthetics” is going to require more overall metabolic activity than general intelligence, but the vast majority of that is going to be occurring in the muscles and endocrine system rather than the brain itself. Is playing a game of football equivalent to taking a calculus test, as far as the brain is concerned?

  3. Eugenicist says:

    Demography is destiny.

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