What is a "traitor"?

Dictionary.com defines “traitor” as:

1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.
Since the first definition is so general, I’ll focus on the second here.  Most definitions of “country” revolve around a territorial or political entity.  In fact, in recent times, where the word “traitor” is used (in the legal sense), it refers to one who has taken the side of  a country other than the one he was born in (or is a citizen of).
Most modern wars are fought over issues.  The issues may involve disputed territory, alleged aggression, trade disputes or human rights.  Within such a context, it seems odd to me that a person would be condemned simply for choosing the side he considers right.  For example, if Hamas is considered the enemy of Israel and a citizen of Israel chooses to take the side of Hamas in this conflict because he considers it to be the more just cause, the State of Israel might consider him to be a traitor.  If an Arab from Gaza chooses the Israeli side, he would be considered a traitor.  Since both sides are not generally both right, it stands to reason that honest people would often side with the nation that is at war with the one they were born into (or are citizens of).  In other words, being a traitor is often the right thing to do.
When it comes to ethnic/racial loyalties, however, rivalry is not usually over issues.  Instead, it is over genetic and cultural interests.  In this case, both sides are usually right.  It is right for a Jew to work for the benefit of his people and, at the same time, it is right for an Arab to work for the benefit of his people.  Where those interests conflict, it is always the responsibility of Jews to do what is right for Jews and for Arabs to do what is right for Arabs – and I am not speaking of violence or aggression here.
What a bizarre world we live in, at least in America, where treason against the State is taken more seriously than treason against one’s race or ethnicity!  After all, the State is usually wrong.  It has no morals, honor, or discipline; there is no reason at all for us to be loyal to it.  In contrast, our race/ethnicity is the very essence of our being.  As such, it transcends any need to be right or moral or disciplined.  Every species on Earth looks out for its own and strives to multiply – even the lowliest, most disgusting insect is loyal to its genes.  The same is true of every sub-species.  Otherwise they would have ceased to exist long ago.
From this objective angle, we should appreciate that a traitor to the State is probably to be commended; he is standing up for his beliefs.  But a traitor to his race/ethnicity is more contemptible than the lowliest slug or house fly; he has forfeited his own blood and surrendered to his basest selfishness.
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4 Responses to What is a "traitor"?

  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    To me, traitors are people who willfully backstab their own kind on behalf of the enemy/other side.
    Every group has its traitors
    Black Traitors:
    -Clarence Thomas
    -Larry Elder
    -Jesse Lee Peterson
    -Angela McGlowan
    -LaShawn Barber
    And many more
    Hispanic traitors:
    -Linda Chavez
    That’s the only one that immediately comes to mind. If you have more tio tacos that come to mind, let me know.
    Asian traitors:
    -Michelle Malkin
    Again, this is off the top of my head. I guess one could consider clownish Asian actors traitors, but I don’t have a huge list here.
    American Indian traitors:
    -David Yeagley.
    Again, small list.
    And last but not least, white traitors:
    -Tim Wise
    -Robert Jensen
    -Molly Secours
    -Noel Ignatiev
    -Paul Street
    -Barry Deutsch
    -Michael Moore
    And the depressing list goes on and on.
    All non-western nations and races, in spite of their traitors, have a much stronger sense of nationalism, pride, racial consciousness, and self-interest than whites.
    I wish whites would break that trend.

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    I could probably add a lot more to the black and white traitors list.
    Still don’t have a large list of Hispanic and Asian traitors, though.

  3. ski says:

    I certainly don’t think Michelle Malkin, Jesse Lee Peterson, Clarence Thomas, or David Yeagley are race traitors.
    Is Yeagley a race traitor because he says he admits that Amerinds have problems of their own making and encourages his kinfolk to emulate the White man rather than blaming him for all their problems? Would a race loyal Amerind be required to hate White people, blame Whites for all Indian problems, encourage interracial dating with Whites, and proclaim (despite reality obviously to the contrary) that Indians are generally more successful than Whites?
    What would you have him do, hide out in rural areas with a tomahawk and search for paleface hikers and campers to scalp?

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      No, of course I’m not saying that he ought to scalp random whites in order to prove his Indian pride.
      That would be absurd.
      However, most of his work revolves around defending whites. Sure, as a white person, I’m more than glad to defend whites. But what is he doing defending whites? Non-whites who side with whites are traitors, and vice versa.
      And yes, Jesse Lee Peterson, Clarence Thomas, and Michelle Malkin are traitors.
      I don’t know how you can deny that.

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