USA Today – Afrocentric as ever

Apparently, according to USA Today, once all top spots are held by blacks, peace and tranquility will finally be our lot.  In the meantime, USA Today is doing its part to guarantee that as many top media spots as possible go to blacks.  Are Uzbeks white?  They look white in the above photo – and they’re crying because of ethnic strife.  The white woman is hugging her black politician hero, while the white man to the left is (thankfully in this case) dead.  I’m not sure about the two individuals on the upper right; that image is covered by an advertiser’s sticker.

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  1. Janelle says:

    You aren’t alone in noticing this – not just in USA Today, but in just about every newspaper and periodical.
    At first, it was the Associated Press doctrine of showing at least one photo of “African-Americans in a positive light” but that seems to have multiplied in recent months.
    If someone woke up from a 50-year coma and picked up a current newspaper, he’d believe that blacks now made up 50% of the population in the US.
    The reverse of this would be in a local newspaper’s Police Log, where the only surveillance photos or mug shots ever displayed are those of white suspects.
    Reading between the lines is the only way to get an accurate description of who did what: if the perp is white, it will be mentioned (or a photo will be shown). If not, you’ll find a description of what the robber wore – and nothing else.

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  3. Charles says:

    I think that picture of the newspaper says it all, the mainstream media the tv networks, newspapers and magazines are all dedicated to advancing blacks whenever possible and portraying them in as positive of a light as possible while vilifying whites whenever possible at the same time.
    This is precisely why I don’t subscribe to any newspapers or watch television news. We can get all the news we need now online for free, if you haven’t done it yet please consider cancelling your newspaper subscription. Good post JAY.

  4. Kanon says:

    Something a bit off topic:
    I’ve just had an interesting idea. Abstract concepts like differences in inteligence are hard to understand for most people.
    Also those that do understand them fail to note how inteligence is less important for things like farming and hearding than for things like running a modern economy and how geography and chance is also important in historical outcomes.
    Why don’t we use a media that makes it simpler?
    We have already begun the procces of writting books, blogging perhaps even making videos (though the Youtube crowd is horrible, like 70% of the videos are antisemitic or just plain bad).
    I propose we target video games, and help us create a education mod that showcases group differences.
    Has anyone here every played the computer game Civlization? Its basically a crude but fun history simulator. 1,2 where pure geographical determinism and all the later ones feature this heavily (civ4 for example basically simulates Guns, Germs and Steel). 3,4,5 also include cultural differences. Though civ4 atributes these to different leaders rather than the culture itself.
    Why not create a HBD mod that would reintroduce religions (which where scrapped from 4) which gain different traits over time and also include ethnicity and race in the simulation adding a logical third biological component.
    Now why the religion angle? Well ethnoreligions that form and what effect they have!
    Consider the Casts of Hinduism and their IQ differences consider the succes of Judaism.
    If properly done it would be fun and educational the Civliopedia would containt numberus references to various HBD works where appropriate as well as reduce PC bias where present.
    Since it would be fun to play many new (young!) people would be exposed to this information. Also note this would be inteligent people, as strategy games are quite complex and in depth. Also turn based strategy games are long lived. For example Sid Meier’s Alpha centauri released in 1999 has a active gaming and modding community today (2010). Another reason is that SciFi strategy games nearly always have racial differences, the lack of different experiences playing different sides is well noted by the Civ fans. It would be easy to make it more fun to play than the basic game.
    We wouldn’t need any new graphics or even sounds. It would all be well written text and coding in XML (which everyone can learn since) and perhaps a bit of Phython.
    Also as word gets around the community highlithing the demograpics is fate and the tragic cycle of market dominant minorities memes would really hit home. This brings me to my second reason for the game. I hope this could be used to reduce antisemitic tendecies among WN and highlight how our future destiny isn’t a good one. Also religions would start the game as blank slates only gaining traits as the game progresses (ie Confucians with 120 IQs being expelled from Buddhist lands so that the Indian Empire can gain the gold it needs to pay for the support of its troops) to avoid bad publicity from religious nuts.
    So to recap:
    -teaching tool (HBD, history, demographics)
    -creating a non hatefull racialist video game mod to reach new smart kids and young adults
    (like the US army which sponsored several games, or the Canadian goverment which sponsored a mod of Civ3 for use in history classes and promoting their history)
    -hundreds of hours of fun free from propaganda

    • Ryan says:

      I’m a big fan of the Civilization series, and I do have to point out how well in CIv 4 that the black nations can keep up with you technologically, which is completely unrealistic.
      Same with the Arabs, the Incans, and the Native Americans.
      The Asian ones I could see as they were the European equal or better until around five hundred years ago.
      The only civilization to dislike advancing their tech is the Aztecs, but like you said, the game revolves more around the historical personalities of the individual leaders instead of how historically their nations faired.
      Regardless, I’m sure the Liberal PC racist police would catch on sooner or later.
      Guys, if you want change just wait for it, because the world economy is about to crash.

      • Kanon says:

        They [PC police] would sooner or later. But I can’t imagine it gaining enough publicity to warrant any attention from the developers.
        Anycase this is just a cultural and educational proposal. It dosen’t make a huge difference, it however would be at the very least comparable to the effect a well visited HBD blog would have. It would also reach a new audience. Also unlike a blog people who invest effort into it wouldn’t need to keep this up for years or months. Invest your effort and its there for people to download unlike a blog where once it dies it looses the attention it once had.
        Its a good project to give keyboard commandos something to do.
        I’m going to mention this idea on several places. If I can get a few people interested in a idea I’ll start a Development blog & wiki where the theoretical backround can be hashed out and where people interested can start writting up better civilopedia entries for the civs (population genetics included in mentions of history of civs would be very cool as would accruing the talented and educated writers to improve quality). At the very least come the game a better Civiliopedia could be had.
        Ayone have any ideas which blogs and/or forums would be a good place to mention this and discuss it?
        Also another thing. I’m going to be on the lookout for PC manipulation in Civ5. Civ4 was ok but CivRev (the dumbed down console version) had a fracking Black Cleopatra! WTF.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That’s a great idea and I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt though, as you say, it wouldn’t gain a large audience.

  5. Niko says:

    Make way for DUKE

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