A black blogger moans about AIDS…

Rev. Dr. Renita J. Weems moans and groans about the high incidence of AIDS and other STD’s among blacks:

I have started and stopped and started rewriting this blogpiece 10 times already. I can’t seem to find my footing into this topic. The numbers are staggering.
One of every four teenage girls between 14-19 years old has been infected with a sexually transmitted disease.
Now take a look at the figures for black girls.
Forty-eight percent (48%) of African American teen girls between 14-19 years old has had at least one sexually transmitted disease.
What are we to think? How are we supposed to interpret this data?
Are we to believe that black girls have more sex, more teen pregnancies, and more STD’s than any other population?
Now they are telling us that African Americans who make up only 13% of the population comprise half of the population living with HIV/AIDS in this country with African American, and that our teens are becoming the fastest growing poupulation contracting the disease. What are we supposed to think? That we have a bunch of diseased-ridden young sluts and studs that we call our children?

Actually yes, Rev. Weems, many of your children are disease-ridden young sluts and studs.  Rev. Weems’ blog post contains a wealth of lamenting and emotion but not a single explanation as to why blacks are so much more prone to STD’s than other races.
Wanting to be helpful, I sent Rev. Weems an email:

I just read your piece on HIV/AIDS in your blog and I wanted to tell you that I believe interracial relationships have a lot to do with the prevalence of AIDS among blacks in America.
With so many non-black women actively seeking out black men for dating, the status of black men has been artificially inflated.  It is very easy for a black man to find women – of any color.  What this might mean for black women is that they feel they must make more concessions in order to gain favor in the eyes of black men.  This means having sex more readily and foregoing protection.
I’m interested in your opinion on what I just wrote and, if you agree, what possible solutions you might suggest.  Should black women be more willing to date men of other races?  Should black men be expected to date within their own race?  Should black women try, in other ways, to make themselves more attractive to black men?  Should we hold the media responsible for pushing the black man/white woman model so aggressively?

So far, it has been about a week since I sent the email and still no response.  Perhaps she finds my suggestion distasteful but, if she is truly sincere in her concerns, she should be seeking the truth, pleasant or not.
The explanation I suggested above would apply even if there were no genetic differences between the races.  In fact, there is much evidence that blacks are hard-wired to be more promiscuous and to have a higher time-preference.  Prof. Philippe Rushton built a solid case for this in his excellent book “Race, Evolution and Behavior”.  How many blacks would ever consider such a possibility?  Very few; most would feel deeply offended by such a suggestion.
I recently found out that the newest member of my (extended) family is going to be born with Spina Bifida.  People with this condition commonly have low/average I.Q.’s and often suffer from learning disabilities.  There are, of course, also a host of physical symptoms including a strong likelihood of latex allergy.  Nobody in my family – or among the medical profession – has suggested that it would be a good idea to hide these propensities from mother or child.  As far as I can tell, nobody is concerned that somebody might become offended if such risks are brought up.  On the contrary, the mother has every intention of keeping latex out of her home and she is fully prepared to take advantage of special programs for the learning disabled.
In the same way, black communities have a right to know their limitations and proclivities.  Black communities should take them into consideration and have a penal system geared to them.  I do not blame blacks for the fact that they will not accept the reality of racial differences.  Instead I blame whites for this.  It is the responsibility of whites to stop worrying about offending blacks and to allow the truth to be discussed openly and to become known.  Only then can people like Rev. Weems cease their whining and actually take meaningful steps to combat the spread of STD’s among their youth.

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9 Responses to A black blogger moans about AIDS…

  1. Kanon says:

    I agree with you on this issue. I first started thinking about it when I saw a proud mother pushing a stroller with a mixed race baby and then sitting down on the grass in the park to play with it. I’m sucker for babies and me any my girlfriend subjected the cute baby to a bit of a stare and a friendly smile while asking the mother how old it was. The baby seemed to like my gf.
    I can remember thinking a few minutes later how sad it was that she probably dosen’t know about group differences and to raise her child appropriatley (not pushing him into academics, being extra carefull with whom he associatese, perhaps encouraging him to be active in certain sports) while not having unrealistic expectations of him.
    A second after this I tought that it was sad Black parents don’t know this as well.
    I felt and still do feel however that Black couples deserve more sympathy than mixed ones. Like Sailer said, “let the good times roll” kind of thinking is particulary destructive to blacks.
    BTW I’m suprised that AIDS which was a disease associated with Hatians and Homosexuals has spread to the general Black population in the US so quickly. It gives me little comfort however that it matches a depressing global pattern.

  2. Portland Realist says:

    Watch this video:
    Enough said.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Disgusting. I bet later that day, those kids were given condoms.

      • Portland Realist says:

        What is wrong with you two? Don’t you “celebrate diversity”?
        Some fat white lady and her 3 Mulatto kids just moved in across the street, one of the few rentals around here, I’m sure it’s section 8. I heard the young white girl, (pre-teen hanging out with her new cool “black” pre-teen neighbor boys) shouting: “you got to get into the gaaaaame.” Whatever that means. Time to move.

  3. Orion Blue says:

    Interesting article JAY; too bad about some of the google ads that appear inline.
    On the whole, an interesting and informative web site from somebody who could so easily have been turned away from the WN cause, due to misplaced and inappropriate sentiments from other allegedly ‘WN activists’.
    Keep up the good work!
    And thanks!

  4. Drew says:

    HIV infection and so-called AIDS does not fit the profile of a sexually transmitted disease. Take herpes, for example. It is found in both males and females equally, for obvious reasons. AIDS in this country and Europe is still an overwhelmingly gay (and IV drug users) disease–over 90% of those diagnosed.
    There has never been any scientific proof that HIV is the cause of AIDS. In fact, the world’s most preeminent expert on retroviruses, Dr. Peter Duesberg, has very effectively proven not only the HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, but also that HIV itself may not even exist. Tests for HIV actually look for certain antibodies to HIV. But if you have antibodies, that means your body has successfully neutralized the virus. Hmmm.
    Here’s another problem with causality–over 20% of people diagnosed with AIDS are HIV negative. Everyone with herpes will test positive for the herpes virus. Not so with AIDS.
    My suspicion as to why more Blacks are testing positive for HIV versus Whites is that the proteins required to trigger a positive test are simply more prevalent in Blacks, more evidence that we are different at a basic biological level.
    For those who doubt what Dr. Duesberg is stating about HIV and AIDS, I would strongly recommend you go to rethinkingaids.com and watch AIDS, Inc. on youtube. Also Duesberg’s fascinating book, “Inventing The AIDS Virus” is readily available and a must read for anyone who really wants to be informed.

  5. thordaddy says:

    Stepping away from Duesberg for a moment and his fascinating research into AIDS (perhaps that greatest scientific fraud of all time), the raw disloyalty of the black male for the black female lay at the root of this destructive black collective. Black females are the most race-conscious (racist/race loyal) within the context of dating outside their race while the black male is the most radically liberal (hyper/homosexual) in his dating preferences. In the liberal social hierarchy, black females are below white female and black male and barely above white male. This rejection by black male WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN SO LOYAL in hating and rejecting white male WHILE BLACK MALE POACHES white female is almost too much to bear. The self-annihilation is the logical consequence.

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