One Sheaf, One Vine

I just got finished reading One Sheaf, One Vine by Robert Griffin.  I think it is very well written and I enjoyed it very much.  Thanks to Gaurav Ahuja for sending me the link.
As I sat reading this work, I thought to myself how there might be a possibility of getting some of my own leftist family members to read it.  After all, it is entertaining and easy to understand.  The style draws you in much like a novel and the reader, in most cases, can easily identify with the subjects.  I thought to myself how this work can do so much to drive home the fact that white nationalists are real people with the same ambitions, fears and hurdles as the rest of Western society.
Any thoughts of asking family members to read it faded away, however, when I saw that from the middle of the book onward, the evils of “the Jews” took a more and more prominent role.  I realized that any Jew, who is not already familiar with the basics of white nationalism, would quickly be turned off by such writings.  He would say to himself, “It looks like what I’ve been told is true.  Those racist whites really do hate us and they must be out to get us too!”  From that point on, it would be highly unlikely that such a Jew would discover, and embrace, racial truths.  The well has been poisoned for him.
Far be it from me to deny that there is a Jewish problem and I’ve already written that we Jews must take responsibility for our role in destructive movements and for our adversarial attitude toward the West – and I speak in general terms here.  But this does not mean that there is no hope for bringing some Jews to the truth – and we really should have tools to help facilitate this.  All too often I think I’ve found something that might be useful only to discover that it cannot be used because, somewhere in the middle typically, it starts blaming “the Jews”.  When trying to convert people to the Truth, it is not helpful to imply that they are innately evil and the source of everything rotten that has happened to Western man.  I’m certain that missionaries, in the dark of Africa, don’t go around trying to convert the local blacks by making them feel like the dregs of humanity.
So what we have here is a vicious cycle.  Jews started it to be sure – but right now we should be asking ourselves how we can end it.  Evil Jews, such as the ones involved with the SPLC, contribute mightily to anti-Semitism by behaving just as so many white nationalists insist Jews behave.  Then those white nationalists write about it in their articles and books.  Then ordinary Jews are confronted with literature that is full of accusations against Jews and those ordinary Jews see this as proof that the SPLC is right, that there is a lot of hatred in the world toward Jews and we must be vigilant and look out for ourselves.  So, said Jews take out their checkbooks and send the SPLC more money and so it goes (white nationalist authors unwittingly contributing to the SPLC racket)…
Somebody needs to be mature enough to openly recognize what is going on here and try to put an end to it.  Jews are not a monolithic entity; we do not have a single leader who can speak for all of us.  Of course the same is true of white nationalists.  But there are some, in the white nationalist movement, who are influential enough that if they held out an olive branch to honorable Jews, it might mean something.  It would not have to be much.  Just an acknowledgment that there are some good Jews and to mention this more often as they bash Jews in general.  Likewise, it would be immensely beneficial if some influential Jewish leaders came out publicly and stated that they understand the concerns of white nationalists.  That their protests are not without merit.  I do not have much hope that this will happen because I think honesty is more common among white nationalist leaders (my recent post not withstanding) than it is among Jewish leaders.
Reading through One Sheaf, One Vine, I could not help but notice how many whites came to their senses through books and organizations that have a definite anti-Jewish slant to them.  As for me, I wonder if those same books and organizations would have helped me along or if they might have scared me off.  At this point, I am strong enough in my convictions that they do not bother me but this sort of conviction and maturity takes time.  Just as we educate a child with baby steps, so too we often must educate brainwashed adults with baby steps.  In our society, blaming Jews for a multitude of ills that plague us is not usually an effective approach – especially if it is a Jew you are trying to educate.
The facts of the Jewish undermining of Western civilization need to be presented.  People should know about these things, but we need to have our primers, our intermediate material and then our advanced material.  Throwing advanced material at a layman will probably only serve to alienate him.

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20 Responses to One Sheaf, One Vine

  1. Portland Realist says:

    I couldn’t agree more. In my humble opinion we need the Jews on our side. Even a few powerful Jewish media moguls or Hollywood movie producers would be a major ally in what seems to be a hopeless war against leftist propaganda.
    As far as my white liberal family, one of my brothers has a Sociology degree, you know that’s not good, my mother and stepfather are elementary school teachers and my closest friend (since adolescence to this day) has a PHD in psychology and is an assistant professor at UCLA and has a Swedish born Ethiopian wife! My wife has been literally brought to tears many times over my new beliefs, my family telling her this will be “detrimental” to my children. It sucks, it’s lonely, but the truth compels me like nothing else. We just have to hang in there I guess!

  2. Konkvistador says:

    @Portland Realist: I don’t think its realistic thinking about getting Jewsih media moguls on our side, not because they are Jewish but because they are part of the transnational elite. I have little hope in getting very wealthy Whites on our side anytime soon, since fundamentally I belive diversity is in many respects a class war intented to keep middle class high IQ people from competing with the children of the upper class.
    Outreaching to Jewish whites is important in itself since we are afterall trying to preserve as much White diversity as can be saved in the next centuries. Convincing middle class and lower uperclass Jews however would be of immense practical benefit to a realistic white movement. Anyway I feel that in many ways clasicall media like TV news networks and newspapers are loosing their grip, we need to fight leftist progpaganda in the sciences, especially social sciences since the truth is on our side. We need to have enought people there when the whole HBD-denying farce comes crumbling down that the multikult crowd won’t be able to say:
    “Well we said this all along. Anyway we need to judge people aa individuals. Also affiramtive action is about reparations for slavery and past ijustice therefor we shouldn’t stop…”
    Anyway I think several websources are relativley free of anti-semitism. Alternative right comes to mind. But finding anything free of for example criticism of Israel or at least some reference to problems with Jews is hard work and a introduction is hard to find.
    I was just thinking. What about a Jewish White nationalist or at least HBD site? There are quite a few Jewish HBDers, getting a few together for a quality communtiy blog should be possible if not exactly easy.
    There are German, Italian, Greek, Polish, Russian, Croatian sites that are primarily about what is good for those peoples, but are also basically WN when it comes to race and besides a few national rivlaries and peculiar old world hatered generally feel warmly towards other Whites. Could a niche be found for a *Jewish* community that is basically WN.
    The way things are going either Jews will assimilate and dissapear like all other Whites due to misgenation,differential birthrates and subsidizing other groups fertility, or a perhaps Ultra Orthodox Jews will remain unassimilated with a few other peculiar White groups (Amish?) as vonureable minorities.
    Yes there is Israel. But is it wise to put all your eggs in one basket? A basket that can be taken out by a few nukes? In a world where the US will no longer be a second grade country and much of Europe will be African or (from Israel’s perspective) worse Arab? Sure good relations might be gained with China or perhaps India. But ilegall immigration, that vast never ending stream of humans from SubSaharan Africa almost destined to colonize most of Western Eurasia.
    How will they stop this in the long run?

  3. Konkvistador says:

    I was a bit too sleepy writing the above up. Lots of typos and mistakes, for example I meant “America becoming a second rate or even thrid world country” not “no longer being a second grade country” ect.
    Far left Multicultural Liberalism is in the long run a death cult even for Israel. Where will Whites, any kind of Whites be comfortable living at the dawn of the 22nd century? And will we even exist anywhere in the 23rd? A sad end to so many different milennia long tales.

  4. Portland Realist says:

    Konkvistador, I agree it is unrealistic to hope for the help of powerful Jews, and yes I agree we should try and convert middle income and working class Jews. But every Jew I have ever met, (which, granted is only a handful), have been flaming liberals that worship black people. So were all their families.
    The civil rights movement worked because the media showcased it very sympathetically. Grass roots movements I think are mostly a myth. They almost always have wealthy backers. How would we actually gain power without their help? Form some white militia? Take power by force? No way, plus only the toughest meanest bastards stay alive during that sort of bloody conflict, and that is who would end up in charge. They would go about purifying and killing non-whites etc. I don’t want any crazy shit like that, I would rather just reamain on our bleak course, escape to Utah, let my great grandkids be the last gasp of whiteness well after I am dead.
    Maybe, just maybe, the internet can be our savior?
    I didn’t spellcheck any of this shit and I am also exhausted but who gives a damn?!
    BTW there is a Jewish WN, she has posted on this site. I think on J.A.Y’s post about his childhood.

  5. Bay Area Guy says:

    A couple of things need to happen:
    1. Whites simply need to grow a backbone, period. No more fear of the big bad R word, no more allowing themselves to be intimidated by cultural marxism, and an unapologetic white racial consciousness and pride will help do the trick.
    2. For Jews, they need to realize that even though they may score points now for helping non-whites to the detriment of whites, eventually, non-whites will take over in terms of numbers, which means they won’t need Jews anymore. Non-Jewish white liberals need to realize the same thing.
    Leftist elites, Jew or gentile, need to understand that while selling out may gain them a few votes or pats on the back for now, once non-whites completely take over, those leftist elites will be thrown under the bus.
    But yes, it would be nice if we could get some support from some elites.

  6. Corvinus says:

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a “Jewish problem”, but more of a “high IQ people who think they know what’s best” problem; i.e., an elitist problem. Non-Jewish whites, the WASP elites in particular, are just as bad. I’ve heard that the Democrat party, for example, does best with the persons at the far left and right ends of the bell curve. Ashkenazi Jews lean high on the IQ scale; I believe at 115 or so. Sampling the political attitudes of a group of whites with an IQ distribution similar to Ashkenazi Jews would likely give a quite similar result; maybe a little further to the right, but not by much.
    Also, by their very nature, Jews are ambitious, pushy, and stubborn. As a Catholic, I personally think God had Jews start Christianity because a group of any other ethnicity would have been less successful, if not a total flop. One may blame “Jews” for causing problems, but that’s like nonwhites blaming white people in general for problems, or women blaming men for causing wars! The brown masses simply just don’t do much of anything. Smart people are the only real movers and shakers, for good or ill, in this world.

  7. Halfjewamongyou says:

    The only diff between Jewish multiculti liberalism and Portland white Christian socialist liberalism is that the former is more insane than the latter. Insane not in its vehemence but in its suicidal oblivion to its own self-interest. That’s why the Occidental/ MacDonald shtick is so vile. For the only logical cure per the soi-disant Aryans is to exterminate the Jews, or rather “send them” to Israel and then let the Muz wipe out Israel. But the actual cure is to conceive a way for Jews, for Christian hara-kirists and for secular multiculti socialists to come in contact with the demographic objects of their tender mercies directly, without the white rednecks and “fascists” there as the customary insulation in between.

  8. Californian says:

    As we used to say down South: “Better to have ’em inside the tent p*ssing out than outside the tent p*ssing in!”
    If Jews are so all-powerful as their critics claim, wouldn’t it be better to get them aligned with race realism than forcing them onto the other side with the anti-semitism?
    The thing is, I’ve known a lot of Jews who would have been active in anti-affirmative action, secure borders, rightwing youth organizing, and so forth, but they are always flummoxed by the anti-semitism from a sector of race realists. There is a common cause here and we can not be fighting among ourselves.
    (By the way, “p*ssing” is not “passing” but I wasn’t sure if the unexpurgurated version wouldn’t be bleeped out!)

  9. Californian says:

    I believe diversity is in many respects a class war intended to keep middle class high IQ people from competing with the children of the upper class.
    There was a saying back in the old days of YAF [Young Americans for Freedom]: “The upper class is using the lower class against the middle.” This was demonstrated by such things as the various corporate foundations providing massive financial grants to every kind of liberal-left organization. What made this all the more annoying was that YAFers were openly in support of capitalism, but the capitalists didn’t seem to appreciate the fact.
    Today we can see these processes ever more in effect, notably with the elite support for illegal immigration. They are bringing in millions of third worlders who are displacing the old middle class. The fact that many echelons of government are openly boycotting Arizona, as well as the feds not enforcing border law, is a blatant sigh of all this.
    Nothing new here, folks, same old story of class warfare. But the middle class seems to be largely unaware of what is happening. To be sure, there are a few resistance movements here and there, such as the anti-tax protesters and militia. Let’s see where this is all going.

  10. Keith_SA says:

    “But the actual cure is to conceive a way for Jews, for Christian hara-kirists and for secular multiculti socialists to come in contact with the demographic objects of their tender mercies directly, without the white rednecks and “fascists” there as the customary insulation in between.”
    H-JAY – that’s exactly right. If only there was a way to ensure that those who support liberal policies were forced to feel the FULL consequences of them!! Most are too wealthy and their money allows them all the benefits of Apartheid, without them having to admit that this is so. Maybe the only way they’ll learn is when they lose all their money. My heart won’t be bleeding for them then.

  11. Chuck says:

    “The only diff between Jewish multiculti liberalism and Portland white Christian socialist liberalism is that the former is more insane than the latter. Insane not in its vehemence but in its suicidal oblivion to its own self-interest. That’s why the Occidental/ MacDonald shtick is so vile.”
    I’m one of those vile people that agrees with MacDonald more than not. Though, I think the situation is worth discussing. And, if any of you have the time, I would appreciate doing so.
    I guess my perspective is that “Liberal-progressive” Jews and Neocon Jews are exceptionally vile, because they push for gentile Europeans to give up their ethnoracial identity (nation) and nation-state without themselves doing the same. Worse, “Liberal-progressive” Jews and Neocon Jews, given their intelligence and media influence, have largely effected this end.
    Let me explain: The Jewish liberal-progressive or liberal-conservative is not actually being liberal-progressive or liberal-conservative, when it comes to Jews. There is a double standard. Jewishness is an ethnic identity; to be Jewish is to identify as a trans-historic people; logically a liberal-progressive would not be Jewish, but an ethnically unaffiliated Caucasian. Likewise Israel is a Jewish nation-state; to support Zionism is to support Jewish nationalism; logically a liberal-conservative would not be a Zionist, but a post-nationalist. But numerous so called liberal-progressive and liberal-conservative identify as Jews and Zionists.
    Unlike Jewish liberal-progressive or liberal-conservative, White gentile Europeans actually act liberally-progressive and liberally-conservative. They denounce their historic ethnic identity and become post-ethnic; and they denounce the idea of a nation-state and become globalist. Virtually all of them turns against their trans-historic sense of people. Jewish liberal-progressive and liberal-conservatives often turn against Western identity — but they don’t identify as such; like Abe Foxman they identify as Jewish and with “Jewish Civilization.”
    How are we to explain this curious state of affairs? Hypocrisy? Surely not stupidity. Revenge? A morally inconsistent moral righteousness?
    Regardless, the issue is that what’s said to be good for the gentile European is apparently not good for the Jew.

  12. Chuck says:

    That said,
    I agree this is an unfortunate vicious cycle and I have no problems with individual Jews or Jewish identity — Further, I’m a big fan of kosher hot dogs and Jewish rye.
    The issue is strictly that there are a number of Jews, particularly the secular ones, who are hostile to my ethnocultural identity and many of those that are hostile are profusely intellectually dishonest.
    I guess someone could say that there are a number of Christian-Europeans that are…or point out historic antisemitism, but I take that for granted. We already have common understanding there.
    Anyways, that’s the deal.

  13. Joseph says:

    I wish that more folks on far right extremist blogs (isn’t that the official public discourse designation?) would discuss the SWPL leftist phenomenon among WASPs whenever the Jewish Question is raised. For old family Protestant Americans with money and American descendants of 19th century Russian Jews with money share a lot of traits. It’s a fascinating issue. What factors underlie it? The social status anxiety of the elite in an egalitarian society? Advanced education when Gramscian Marxism is the ideology most entrenched in the academy? Classist disgust with the poloi? An intellectual inheritance of secular Enlightment principles? Religious mutation (the evolution of English Calvinists and Talmudic scholars into social democracy true believers)? Tackle these questions and do us all a favor.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Let’s look at their tastes in art, architecture, and clothing. For a time, as they grew more wealthy, their tastes became more refined and their desires more materialistic. After a certain point, there was no Earthly acquisition they might want that they did not already possess (or were able to possess) within reason. So they came full circle and their tastes regressed to the primitive – to the point where they might consider a rusty car, or an old street sign, “art”. What is in our eyes crude and mundane, is for them refined and tasteful. Perhaps the same holds true for their taste in people. Just a thought.

  14. adasdasdad says:

    Reading this post prompted me to read through parts of the book PDF. I found the most striking account to be the one from Alex Linder, the founder of VNN. It’s pretty well known that VNN is filled to the brim with the absolute dregs of white nationalism, and Alex Linder is no different. He’s well known for openly advocating genocide against jews and other non-whites. Even Hunter Wallace of OD has been taken aback by his rhetoric. To that end, I’m surprised you didn’t remark on the fact a wretched sociopath like Linder was given an outlet in this book.

  15. adasdasdad says:

    It also goes without saying Linder’s entry was as trashy as could be. The other accounts, from what I could tell, were pretty genial. Linder on the other hand regularly curses and throws around racial slurs. It’s indeed hard to appeal to jews (or really many people) when you align yourself with worthless trash like Linder.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, agreed. I’ve never been very well versed in the pantheon of vile anti-semites. Clearly, you’re more familiar with the people mentioned in the book than I was/am.

  16. adasdasdad says:

    Haha, I decided to google around, and it turns out Linder might very likely be jewish:
    This is apparently a recent development. He would hardly be the first jew who’s hidden his ancestry and aligned himself with such people. It might be a lot of speculation, but the overwhelming jewishness of the Linder name in America is something to consider. What do you make of it all?

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