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Today I’m going to be lazy and simply link to somebody else’s work.  It is an excellent article by Alex Kurtagic entitled “Learning from the Right“.  Though it is somewhat long, it is well worth reading; he sums up a lot of what many of us here have been saying, or should be saying, about the racialist movement.  Although I am not one to read fiction, I am tempted to purchase his novel, “Mister” – or rather, I was until I saw the price.  Why would a used copy cost over twice as much as a new one?

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  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    That was an incredible article. It is long, but you are certainly right to insist that the article is worth the time. Every pro-white person on the face of the earth should be required to read this.
    All praise aside, let’s get down to some serious business. This article raises some very valid points:
    1. I’ve said this before about Amren, but Kurtagic is right to insist that too many pro-white movements/activists come across as these humorless, depressing, party pooping doomsdayers. While I too am a white advocate who fundamentally agrees with most white activists (even if I don’t agree with everything they believe, like their scientific racism), I too cannot help but notice that many of them come across as very cynical, bitter, cornered, and, most importantly, weak.
    As Kurtagic points out, whites in general are perceived as a dying, decaying breed. Therefore, the fringe status of white activists combined with a lack of real success makes white activists look like they’re on the losing team.
    To combat this, Kurtagic is 100% correct to insist that we must laugh, form successful organizations that extend beyond white advocacy, and overall, just act like a winner. People don’t like pessimistic losers, period. While the left can be wrong and naive, they at least use feel good, progressive rhetoric that gives people something to look forward to.
    White advocates, on the other hand, come across as bitter and paranoid apocalypse prophets who don’t offer positive solutions.
    Positivity, a winning attitude, humor and laughter, and other elements of youthful energy and idealism need to be present in white activist movements.
    2. Aside from you, I think Kurtagic does the best job of dealing with how Jewish issues should be dealt with by white advocacy movements. Put simply, many white activists need to back off of the whole Jewish issue.
    Yes, you, I, and other white advocates may know very well about the disproportionate involvement of Jews in movements detrimental to whites.
    But guess what? The average, apolitical white Joe isn’t going to buy into exaggerated Jewish conspiracy theories that uses esoteric language and paranoid rhetoric. To him, you just come across as a neo-nazi loon who has nothing better to do than look for frivolous evidence in order to deny the holocaust.
    We have bigger fish to fry.
    3. I think his paragraph on the whole “I’m not a racist” line used by whites is brilliant. One (he doesn’t mention this, but I will), anti-racists see all whites as racists, with very rare exceptions (basically, you have to be like Tim Wise in order to avoid racism charges, and even then you’re suspect). Our denials will only prove our guilt and make us come across as dishonest.
    More importantly, when we grovel and insist that we’re not racist, we show weakness. From my own personal experience, the best way to deal with non-whites and leftists is to adopt a firm, uncompromising attitude. Once they know that they can no longer intimidate you by charges of “racism,” they tend to cut the crap. They know that you’re no longer an easy target.
    As long as we grovel and insist, we are on the defensive. As watching World Cup soccer shows, if you’re on the defensive for too long, your opponent will eventually find a way to score. It’s time we went on the offensive.
    But yes, his main points are absolutely correct:
    -Greater optimism, humor, energy, and winning attitude.
    -No more esoteric Jewish conspiracy theories.
    -Refusal to be intimidated by words such as “racism.” Basically, an uncompromising pro-white attitude.
    -Overall, a need for a better public image and more practical strategies for achieving real change.
    Excellent article!

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    To add on to Kurtagic’s point about the need for white activists to create successful, race neutral organizations, I think that we need to expand beyond race.
    Yes, race is very important and a fundamental element of our activism, but we can’t become one-trick-ponies.
    For example, I think white activists should form organizations that clean up white neighborhoods. Many anti-racists like Tim Wise frequently point to white drug use, drunk driving, and other pathologies as evidence that whites are no better than blacks.
    Well, I say that white activists need to go into white communities and get rid of the drugs, drunk drivers, perverts, and what have you.
    One, we’ll get rid of anti-racist ammunition, and also, we’ll win the loyalty of our fellow whites without arousing much hostility. After all, you can’t get mad at someone for getting rid of drug dealers and cleaning up communities, can you?
    We must not become one-trick-ponies. We must find other, non-racial ways to win whites over to our cause.

  3. icr says:

    “Well, I say that white activists need to go into white communities and get rid of the drugs, drunk drivers, perverts, and what have you.”
    Those are probably the kinds of activities Bobby Byrd’s KKK Klavern was engaged in since there were hardly any blacks in town. And if Byrd’s Klavern had engaged in racial violence I’m sure we’d had heard of it.

  4. Mike says:

    One of the biggest reasons why the alternative right never gets anywhere is we rarely get outside and protest anything.
    The majority of those on the right, apart from a few white nationalists, are atomised individuals complaining about things through the Internet. While this is useful activity it presents no direct threat to the liberal establishment, particularly since most people never read it.
    The left didn’t just take over by writing subservise books and articles, is got out on the streets and campuses and disrupted the system and made their opponents feel embarassed, out of touch and isolated.
    The next step for the right is to start organising large scale protests like the left does, so that the wider population can actually see that it exists.
    At present most people are unaware that there is actually a political scene that fits in somewhere between the Republicans and the KKK.
    For protest to be successful they need to be big though, if thousands turn out, people will feel confident and the authorities will be overwhelmed and unable to punatively punish individuals, as they currently do with right wing individuals in the media and academia.

  5. An Indian American says:

    Shalom !
    I understand that this may not exactly pertain to this topic. But, I’ve read some of ur comments on Amren and what caught my attention was some of the rather deragatory things you said about us Indian Americans – the per capita wealthiest and among the best educated ethnic groups ( including whites) in the United States. We are among the best educated, highest income levels, LEGAL and productive citizens, pay all our taxes ( generally support Republican), contribute disproportionally to the advances and services related to the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Research, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacology, Business ( medium and big), Finance and in some cases even politics and entertainment ! Our crime rate is the lowest. I see no reason for any animosity. Just because we look different, does not mean we’re detrimental. Any just like there are detrimental Jews who as many white supremacists claim to have destroyed / polluted white America, there maybe some bad apples in our ethno-racial group too. But,as a community we make perfect model citizens – heart of heart you and I both know that !
    Allow me to begin, I’ve met a lot of Jewish Americans and am friendly with them. Infact, Israel (Jews) and Indians do share a lot in common…be it our great business savvy, pursuit for academic excellence, progenitors of two ancient religions ( Hinduism & Judiasm) and our general efforts to thwart our main nemesis – Islamic fundamentalism ( be it Palestin ( Arabs Moslem world) or Pakistan !)
    It is also a fact that while all your “white” gentile brethren from Europe were historically persecuting your ancestors and kicked your tribe out from just about every white European nation – because they for the most part considered and many still consider Jewish people as Non-White and a threat / nemesis to the white race ! Funny thing is, India is historically the ONLY nation on Earth which treated it’s Jewish diaspora very well and lived with them in harmony and fellowship. Jews have never been persecuted nor have they been expelled, unlike White Europe where Jews were forced into social isolation ( racial-segregation) in places called Ghettos ( from where the American slang is derived from). Also, the socially outcasted Jews had to develop their own language from medieval German – Yiddish !Need I also mention the numerous pogroms, discrimination, prejudice, and extermination of your co-religionists ! Amren is probably one of those exceptional white conservative sites which toelrate and accept Jewish Americans as equal participants, they also extend the same hand to North East Asians and even some Indian Americans ! But, we both know thats simply NOT the way the majority of the white racialist movement views things !
    One comment which blatantly exposed your sheer hypocrisy was when you claimed you were seeing to many Indians in Oregon ( I think) as if to say whites never thought the same when they saw “too many” Jews just apprearing from no where in their lily white Christian suburbs ! Theres an old Indian saying : “If you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at you !”
    P.S: I don’t know nor care if you publish my post. But atleast I needed to get this off my chest and you read it ! Peace.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I know exactly which comment you are referring to and I had no intention of coming across as derogatory toward Indians. All I said was that Indians seem to be appearing from nowhere and that, even though most of them are good citizens, we’ll probably be seeing more of the trashy types in the future. I’d say “some of my best friends are Indian” but that would sound too cliche’. My kids are half Indian, did you know that?

    • Gaurav Ahuja says:

      “Amren is probably one of those exceptional white conservative sites which tolerate and accept Jewish Americans as equal participants, they also extend the same hand to North East Asians and even some Indian Americans ! But, we both know that’s simply NOT the way the majority of the white racialist movement views thinks !” They do not have to tolerate or accept Asians. In fact, pro-White racialists want homogeneous living space with none of us around. Superior people will feel that way about inferior people. You know that’s how many Asians feel towards Blacks and Mestizos. Spell correctly if you are going to make a point about about great Indians are in America. I had to correct you for my post. Jews may have been treated relatively well in India, but that doesn’t say much, given how badly everyone treats each other there. This is one of the many reasons why the many races of India continue to leave India for many places around the world including other third world countries like Thailand. You said much that is true, but take away your typical arrogance of South Asians and have some humility. The blog author, “jewamongyou”, is a friend of mine so his reply about the lack of animosity towards Indians is true.

  6. Indian American says:

    Gaurav, your name sounds Indian. Ok, there may have been a few typo errors in my previous post but that still does not negate the crux of the matter.
    I’m not being arrogant and believe me I agree with the points you make. I can’t say many of the Indians are perfect…but there are Indians who hate to be stereotyped ( I’m sure you’ll personally agree on that one atleast ). Deep inside, we are individuals more than being part of a herd or flock. The liberal media does depict Indians as the classic one dimensional run-of-the-mill stereotypical characters, the best eg. being Apu from the Simpsons ! Thus most Americans actually believe that ALL Indians speak with the bogus ridiculous phony accent ( actually being dubbed by a white guy in the studio impersonating what he thinks is an Indian accent). And,it does get on your nerves when you work really hard and try your best to integrate in this nation in the right kind of way but still have ignorance being spewed at you. You seriously cannot take the opinions of many posters on Amren as the gospel truth, can you ? For eg. – there is this poster named Courtney who seems to have a pathological hatred for Indians. I can understand citing some limitations we have – just like the limitations whites, black and Jews have. But it seems if it has anything to do with India or Indians – its bad, bad & bad – reminds me of how Fox news or rather Faux news depicts Obama. Every opinion blatantly attacks the President. According to them, he is somehow responsible for just about every drawback in America. That is plain silly ! Yes, many of his policies are detrimental to this nation, but to make a non-stop 24/7 character assassination is nonsense. Often Courtney sacrifices objective and rational thinking for a more subjective bias without even bothering to support her theories with evidence. I can attest to almost all that I claim with evidence. Thats if, I’m allowed to post web-links here.
    To Jewamongyou :
    There are Trashy Japanese Americans and even Trashy whites and Jewish Americans yet you never bring out those issues…what do you have to say about that, Sir ? The trouble is the animosity people like me face for no fault of mine by the majority of the posters on Amren, who represent mainstream America i.e. WASPs. I only hope you can understand what I mean. Cheers.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Of course there are trashy people of all nationalities, but the West does not face massive immigration from Japan or of Jews partly because there simply aren’t nearly as many Japanese or Jews as there are Indians. Also, most Japanese and Jews do not multiply as quickly as Indians nor do they tend to be as poor. Jewish and Japanese immigration can never destroy the West. Indian immigration can.
      You wrote “trashy…Jewish Americans yet you never bring out those issues…” I guess you never read this:

  7. Indian American says:

    1. Ok, since the point is confined to immigration in America or rather immigrants to America. Indian immigrants ( not international students on the F-1 visa or those temporary professionals on the H1B visas who are still not poor but middle class) are generally wealthy. Now, I don’t mean to sound pompous, but I find it hard to believe that “poor” Indian immigrants actually get visas and become immigrants here. I can understand poor Bangladeshis or Pakistanis – until recently ( post 9/11), they were able to get into the country a lot more easily, but Indians – seems highly improbable. Why ? Simply because unlike the Moslems, the visa officers do a closer scrutiny on our credentials, bank balance, assets ( both liquid and solid) thus ensuring a steady upper middle or a potential upper class individual to migrate. Besides, the vast majority of Indians are qualified professionals which statistically makes them wealthier than the average Japanese or Jewish immigrant on a per capita basis.
    However, I do agree on the population explosion issue. You are right, if Indians were allowed unrestrained into the USA, the birth rates would shoot up too !
    2. I would’nt put down immigrants who arrive here poor since there seems to be no concrete co-relation between immigrants who arrive poor and all the negativity associated with it. Most immigrant free settlers were certainly not among the upper class “blue blooded’ elites in the Anglo-Saxon world. Had they been that affluent back home..they would have never bothered to come here for opportunity. Many not-so-wealthy ( or in your words “Trashy”) Jewish immigrants arrived in America lived in relatively shabby neighborhoods like Brooklyn, NY but were still able to give America some of it’s finest talents in the fields of Science, Medicine, Music, Politics, Humanities and Entertainment.

    • Gaurav Ahuja says:

      Many of the so-called good Indians I have met are liars and that has been noted on American Renaissance. Courtney and others may exaggerate things, but I have found that some of the worst commentators actually are better than what I typically see from the complaining left, which you seem to imitate to a degree. One of the reasons that Whites should prefer even the lowest classes of Whites over the highest classes of non-Whites is because there is something called regression to the norm/mean. For example, all of those low-class Whites helped make America rise. The best example on this planet of low-classes Whites making a country rise is Australia where White prisoners and their descendants helped make Australia superior to most countries in the world. Liberia, on the other end, did not turn out the same way. The same goes for Guyana and Trinidad.

  8. Indian American says:

    So most good Indians are liars ? Wow, a blanket statement ? No offense, but that sounds blatantly arrogant and flawed. Besides, I could say the same about whites too. Even if Indians lie, what makes you think whites are blatantly honest – ever heard of sugarcoated lies – “oh slavery was so good for the non white savages “…yeah right ! It seems you are so ashamed of your own ethnicity and ambivalent of your identity that you need to cower behind some fictitious white ID to explain your self. I have more respect for Obama…despite all the negative stereotypes against African blacks, he still has the integrity to refuse advertising his mother’s race and proudly identifies himself as black ! I notice that some Asiatics on Amren ( whether they are East Asians, Indians or Jews-Historically Jews are west Asian and their patriach Abraham hails from Ur, modern day Iraq not far from tikrit where Saddam Hussein was born ! ) tend to have this pro-white or rather fabricated “white” identity about themselves on one hand and the other being their ancestral ethnic identity which they still choose to maintain – hence you still see people with Indian names, or a person who uses his “ethnicity”amongyou or a dude who calls himself “Yellowman” / Korean etc. Talk about being Schizophrenic ! Well, I maybe a “leftist” according to you, but, I sure am no “white-wannabe” ! I know who I am and I am NOT ashamed to be what I am. I could care less if these WASPs ostracize me all day long. The future is ours anyway ! No one is perfect, whites have a plethora of drawbacks too. The only difference is that you fail to see it ! Whites have been pro-active in the illegal stealing / possession of a land inhabited by native people, enslaving and humiliating them…not to mention de-racinating their very cultural identity like what was done to the Aborginals of Australia or the natives in the Americas. And the sheer hypocrisy when non whites such as yourself are immigrating to “white” lands ! Ofcourse your subjective bias blinds you to the pain & suffering of those natives, after all they are simply worthless non-whites, right ? Only whites have feelings, only whites should be vengeful and only whites need to progress whereas others be damned, right ! No arrogance dude, just plain facts ! Fortunately, your flawed ideology is on loosing ground. We could waste our time debating each other but deep inside I ( and probably you too) realize that the Non whites are gonna push and eliminate the white European race forever. Maybe it will take a few decades, but, it will come to pass and Amren’s pathetic little cry babies won’t be able to stop the changing tides, just like all the Pro-WASP Fox News’ ( the highest rated media channel ) negative propaganda never worked in the outcome of the 2008 elections ! We all know WHO is in-charge and WHAT is and will happen – prepare yourself for the inevitable !

  9. Indian American says:

    Australia is a bad example. I lived in Melbourne, Victoria (Aust). The only reason Australia developed was because of the ruling elite in England who engineered the development of that island nation. The actual Aussies are some of the dumbest people you can ever find on the planet, but they seem like nice blokes.
    Also, if Australian whites are so smart…then pray, explain how almost all their IT-Telecom companies are run and developed by mostly Asian companies based in Singapore, India, Hong Kong and the USA. Also, Australia is heavily dependent on its immigrant work force to create the GDP. Go to the countrysides and almost 70 % of the lazy white Aussies are on social welfare ( called “Centerlink” in Australia) where the goverment doles them AUD $ 1200 per month and free universal health care ( a concept which I’m against as a Medical Doctor ). Take away the high IQ Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese kids from their schools and see how well the “regression to the norm/mean” goes ! The same thing is happening in the once almighty UK…the wealthiest man in UK / Europe is an Indian – Lakshmi Mittal. The annual Cambridge GCSE scores ( equivalent to high school scores here) of Indian Britons is the highest followed by Chinese both of whom outscore the white native Britons. Guess, the stats. don’t apply to your flawed concepts of race and IQ here. The fact is, I don’t believe the white nationalist propaganda anymore than I would believe in a black nationalist, Islamic Nationalist or Hindu Nationalist propaganda…they only speak half truths disguising their pseudo-science with an intellectual cover. Amren reeks of subjective bias. Even their ridiculous assumption that all white soccer teams are the best in nonsense considering the greatest soccer stars are either Black, Latino, European Arabs or mixed race ! Take away blacks and other mixed race legends like Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo ( Brazil), Ruud Gullit, Patrick Kuvert, Ash Cole, Diego Maradona, Zenedine Zedan etc..and you might as well take out > 60 % of Soccer’s greatest stars ! Atbest, like the black or Arab / Hindu supremacists the Pseudo-intellectual BS on Amren is just a pathetic display of grandiose delusion like this pompous verbose nut job – John P.M who seriously believes that anyone with even the slightest liberal view is a professed “communist”..he even addresses them with the tag : Comrade ! Yeah – way to go retards !

  10. Gaurav Ahuja says:

    You have shown your true colors by hurling leftist nonsense at me. American Renaissance is a pro-White race-realist/racialist publication. On many days, you see science being the friend of the American Renaissance publication as we are constantly shown how right pro-White race-realists are with predictions and outcomes. Australia is a country that has elites like any place else. Yes, the non-government elite may have helped the Australian economy but just about every non-White country has a smart, major elite. India has many smart people by virtue of its sheer numbers. However, these people never get anywhere because of the rest of the population. You need a population base with a culture of civility (civil society) to foster growth and civilization. The fact that there are many great Asians in the diaspora does not mean those races are superior to the indigenous races of Europe. Those people are self-selected for intelligence and ambition. It takes a lot of money and ambition for the average person in India to get to America, Australia, and other Western countries because of visa costs, cultural differences. etc. Sports are trivial. And even if we wanted to talk about sports, there are many great White athletes I could name in far more demanding sports such as swimming and golf than non-White athletes. Lakshmi Mittal is a big client of the British state as he has donated a lot of money to the Labour Party. He is not a good example of non-White ingenuity in the West. He may be someone to proud of to a degree for the South Asian diaspora, but there are much better examples.
    Remember, we are talking about averages. Look at the history of innovation and you’ll see Whites dominate most fields. And there are places where Whites have been and invented things that people like you will deny because it hurts your identity and/or ego. I am not going to reply to you because you’re ignorant and/or stupid in regards to Ashkenazim with the Asians. I have known Ashkenazim and they do not categorize themselves as Asians nor do scientists like Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza.

  11. An Indian American says:

    Relax, I was simply responding to your blanket statements “hurled at me” which exposed your ultra-right wing nonsense. The sad part is both ultra-leftists and ultra-rights wingers live in a fantasy world which heavily emphasizes a delusion of grandiosity ! The man who perfectly suits that image is non other than a regular verbose poster on Amren, who goes by the name John P.M. You don’t need to be a medical Psychiatrist to understand where he / she / it is coming from. BOth the radicals ( left & right) believe in a theory which is based on a half truth….both use Pseudo-Scientific evidence to back up their claims as a gospel truth. For eg. , I’ve noticed many white supremacists ( “racialist” is their sugarcoated PC term which sounds less subtle) tend to point out a statisticaly and scientifically defective “IQ & the wealth of nations” by Vanhanen & Lynn as the baseline for their PSeudo-Scientific quackery ! According to the racist loons, there is simply NO room for individuality or individual variations…everything is a racial singularity ! Just because you come from a community, you will always show traits which are characteristic of a flawed stereotyped version of that community. Hence, according to white supremacy : all Jews have big noses, cheat, love money, stink of Onion Bagels and are hell bent on destroying the white race ( roll eyes!)…similarly according to these loons, all Indians stink of curry, all Indians have a low IQ ( yeah despite clear evidence showing Indians outscoring whites at School levels in England and even USA, or our success at the Spelling bees or the Intel Science contests, etc – that should imply me & you too) and ofcourse we ALL love money – there’s nothing good about us ( roll eyes again). Nevermind, if their lousy assumptions of establishing the supposed “national IQ’s” of many nations including India is not only scientifically & statitically unacceptable, but also the fact that they stress their nonsense ( from defective inclusion criteria, data sets, methodology, statistical manipulation, and thus thesis ) as some sort of Gospel truth to understand inherent intelligence based on race / nation. Thankfully most scientists / Physicians like me reject their ‘scientific” travesty which many white racialist nutjobs take as the sole evidence for their malicious propoganda ! Ofcourse, perhaps you too might reject all the science behind the actual engineering of the human mind & intelligence, maybe you seem comfortable in this “schizophrenia” and illusion spell which the ultra-right white ethos has cast on you. The same with the ultra-left, they use this luducrous utopian idea of what human society should be totally ignoring individual variations ina set community. They are so fanatical about placing everyone at the median of the bell curve – they force idiotic laws to create a statistical regression of the mean. Thus, the need for AA, reservation quotas, Hitler styled PC laws and dogma which curbs individual freedom of thought. Everyone if compelled to conform.
    My politics and ethos is based on the dictamina of a typical moderate. To me I choose to see the world in shades grey as compared to the irrational black and white worldview of radicals !
    In terms of invention : white success is only from the past 600-700 years at best. before which most of the inventions came from Non white China, India, Middle east, Egypt and even South American Mayas / Incas etc. Europeans were a bunch of Barbarians for the largest timescale in the human history clock. Also, the past 700 yrs. will show a huge number of white inventions but lest you forget these “inventions” were derived from the cardinal knowledge of Mathematics and Science they got from the east. The scientific success in the world ( unlike the standard Amren school of thought) is not based on one haha “superhuman race” but rather a symbiosis of ideas between different races. I’ll leave you with this quote from the greatest mind of the 20th century :
    “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”
    -Albert Einstein

  12. An Indian American says:

    I apologize for any typo errors…but, I stand by the statements I made !

  13. An Indian American says:

    I understand that Askhenaz Jews are of Eurasian origin ( Turko-Finn tribes) who converted to Judiasm. Hence, by definition they are not the actual Jews as described in the Bible. As much as I hate to admit it, looks like for once the Islamists have something right….if Israel is to be settled by the Jews who claim ancestry for the nation using sources of History and the Bible..then it should have been the actual semitic middle eastern Jews from the 12 tribes of Levi. However, the Khazar ( Askhenaz) have no genetic links to any of the 12 tribes of Levi – most of their descendants settled in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia, Southern India, Greece, Italy, Spain and parts of North Africa after the fall of Jerusalem and the Roman occupation of Palestine. I’m NOT ignorant, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve lived in Israel ( Haifa) and even had a relationship with an Israeli Jewish woman before I got married.
    Askhenaz Khazars are not entirely European wither….they are infact considered Eurasian ( some Asian i.e. Turkic in them). And, btw, the Khazars ( Askhenaz Jews originate in Central Asia NOT Europe !). Don’t believe me ? Read it straight from the horse’s mouth :

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