Oxkutzcab – diversity and the Mayans

I have a friend who is a (proud) Mayan Indian.  He hails from the city of Oxkutzcab (pronounced “Oshkushkab”) in the Yucatan region of Mexico.  Recently he was relating to me how, when he was a youngster, it used to be safe to wander anywhere in Oxkutzcab and parents had little reason to worry if their children would return home in one piece.  People were friendly and trusting to each other.  Back then, there were only around 1,500 people in Oxkutzcab.  Now there are tens of thousands.  He told me, with great sadness in his voice, that things are not as they used to be.  These days, murder and mayhem are rampant.  Gangs wander the streets and parents fear for their children.
I asked him, “is this because there are more people or because residents no longer share the common bonds of the Mayan language, blood ties and culture?”  He replied that the lack of a common heritage and culture seems to be the culprit; a majority of the people in Oxkutzcab share no common bonds and so they are hostile to each other.  I continued, “so what you are saying is that ‘diversity’ has not been good for Oxkutzcab?”  He agreed that this is the case.
When we speak of the victims of “diversity”, many of us automatically think of whites, but the fact is that many indigenous peoples are in grave danger, culturally/genetically because of the influx of foreigners.  Naturally, many on the left sympathize with those indigenous peoples – as long as they are not of European stock.

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  1. Oddly, while I don’t disagree with you, I think it’s telling that in my neighborhood (for instance), and many others like it in which diversity is negligible or non-existent, people are still reluctant to allow their children to walk alone anywhere, much less themselves. Undoubtedly, diversity foments conflict but that is so long as communal immaturity and hostilities don’t off you first. Many of the greatest evils are perpetrated within the boundaries of a homogeneous society. There are layers of destructive human behavior which transcend even the disruptive nature of diversity.

    • Gaurav Ahuja says:

      Many people that think about their neighborhoods, may also think about the dangers of the metropolitan area and the country at large as well. People are not as trusting as they used to be not only because of diversity. You are correct about that. Diversity is inextricably linked as a part of the decline of the West. However, even if diversity we would still see many problems within the West.

  2. Patrick says:

    The way to fight for local culture is for people to abandon their cars. If people walk as a form of travel they start to connect with the land around them: the trees, the ground, and so on. Also by abandoning the car one is protesting against the device that has been used to transport newcomers into ones community. A good way a town or city could keep newcomers out of their neighborhood get rid of roads that cars travel on and replace those roads with dirt walking paths. And so if ones town could be composed of interlocking walking paths instead of streets with cars than one would have less newcomers. But even if one cant get ones town to abandon streets that cars drive on… one should get rid of ones car anyways as a protest against the device that destroys local culture.

    • Portland Realist says:

      WTF? How would I haul my 27ft travel trailer to the beach on a dirt walking path? How would my wife get groceries to feed me and my 3 kids? On her back like an effin’ Aztec? Roads and development in general are not evil, they have made our lives immesurably better.
      People naturally segregate, it is due to government policy that we are forced to live together. Some simple p[olicy changes are all that is needed.

      • Patrick says:

        Youve never heard of walking to the store? We would be better off with dirt roads. Also remember to buy local.

      • Yeah Right says:

        Now flash forward 11 years and your very own govt. has literally forced segregation & social distancing through its mandates & lock downs. That worm (govt.) turns any which way will benefit it most in dividing & conquering, even itself from within.

    • This is a development not far from my workplace. Green space and paths are connecting neighborhoods now. I just wish there were more sidewalks in certain areas.
      (When traveling, I am happy to see sidewalks instead of walking in ROWs)

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