What we can learn from Johnny Gaskins

From the blog Pro Libertate by William Grigg:

Gaskins had earned his money legitimately. As a dutiful tax victim, he reported his income to the criminal predators running the IRS. His purported offense was to make numerous deposits in amounts just under the $10,000 threshold at which banks are required to report to the IRS under the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970.

Displaying the proprietary blend of depraved creativity and utter dishonesty that typify their caste, federal prosecutors insisted that these innocuous acts constituted the alleged crime of “money structuring.”

Aside from the obvious lesson that the “Federal” government is evil, what else can we take home from this sad tale?  Firstly, if you happen to possess a large amount of cash, do not deposit it in a bank if you have any choice in the matter.  Instead, trade it in for a precious metal such as gold and then place that metal in a secure location such as a safe deposit box or a strong vault in a secret hiding place.  Any interest you might stand to gain through the bank is easily offset by inflation so why risk it?
Secondly, the victim here appears to be in his sixties.  Though it is an admirable trait of white people that they plan for the future, we cannot deny that the older we get, the less future there is to plan for.  Not only that, but as we grow older our health tends to deteriorate and so the quality of that future is not as good either.  I think there is a fine line between saving up enough for your retirement in order to avoid being a burden to the younger generations and saving too much and essentially wasting that money by not using it when you can.  In other words, a certain amount of hedonism is a good thing.  Gaskins would have been better off taking that money to a travel agent and purchasing a nice long vacation in a tropical paradise.  Of course I do not know all the details of his case but it is a fact that many people his age (especially whites and Asians) have a tendency to save too much and to deprive themselves of the pleasures of this world while they can still enjoy them.
Thirdly – did I mention that the “Federal” government is evil?

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2 Responses to What we can learn from Johnny Gaskins

  1. Gaurav Ahuja says:

    You are forgetting something. He may be passing on money to future generations. Also, he may giving money to a charity.

  2. Portland Realist says:

    On point #2 I could not agree more. When taking into account all of the possible disasters that may befall man, saving for a day you may never see is dumb. I would rather enjoy my life I know I have now instead of some imagined geriatric paradise that may never come.
    On point #1: Our federal govt., maybe. But civilization and national government go hand in hand. Show me a people without a national government and I ‘ll show you a people developmentally disabled..

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