Alien adoptions

Over the years, I’ve been in the habit of reading articles, and even whole books, without having a clue who the author is.  I’ll pick up books from the library and read them cover to cover.  When I’m done, I might then ask myself, “I wonder who the author is.”  I never gave much thought to this habit; it just seemed natural.  Now that I think about it, it seems like a good habit because the words carry their own value regardless of who wrote them.  We so often decide that we dislike this or that person and so we reject him.  In so doing, we might be missing out on valuable information, even if we believe that person to be a liar.
I should be sleeping right now.  Alas, sleep eludes me.  So I got up to read a random article and it happened to be about international adoptions.  The article claims that the enthusiasm American white women have for adopting alien children is an offshoot of the missionary spirit.  It says that, while such behavior is rooted in noble intentions, in reality it is detrimental to our nation.  I couldn’t agree more and you can read the article here.  The author is non other than the controversial David Yeagley.
Yeagley covers many aspects of this phenomenon, but one question  he does not ask is this: sub-Saharan Africa has the highest fertility rates in the world.  Women typically have five or six children.  This being the case, why is it that African women are not lining up to adopt those orphans?  Certainly there are enough barren African women who should be willing to adopt African children and raise them as their own.  In most cases, had she not been barren, she would be raising several of her own children.  I wonder if anybody has ever asked those African women why they do not simply adopt.  I’m sure some of them do (mainly from their own tribe), but my guess is that most of them would answer, “why should I raise somebody else’s child?”  In other words, it would not benefit the genetic interests of their own tribe to adopt a child of a different tribe.  Therefore, such an act would be unthinkable.  Those African women, being closer to nature, are in touch with their genetic selves.  White women, in contrast, are divorced from their own nature.  This is the flip side of the “noble intent” Yeagley describes.

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  1. Gaurav Ahuja says:

    It is bewildering that Whites would adopt children that are mixed(brown) and Black. Many Whites should feel ashamed for adopting such children when there are plenty of White people to adopt from places such as the Ukraine. Those European babies would not only be able to integrate into White family lives better, they would also have much more potential to capitalize on their talent in first world countries. That would be the most humane thing to do for barren Whites.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Guarav, you said it!
      Also, the ironic thing is that whites who adopt black and brown kids are resented by blacks and browns as “white saviors/mighty whiteys.”
      On another note, just out of curiosity, you work with The Political Cesspool, don’t you?
      It has its flaws (as all shows do), but it’s the one honest and insightful show out there that resonates with a white advocate such as myself.
      If you see him, tell James Edwards to keep up the good fight!

  2. Emperor Bok-assa says:

    This brings up the question as to whether African-Americans (am I still allowed to call them that?), or black “Britons” for that matter, ever adopt? It seems to be rare enough that this should be added to the list of “stuff blacks dont like”, like tipping, unrewarded blood donations, etc.
    Even more interesting – has anyone heard any cases of blacks adopting white babies?
    Many of them surely have the financial means to do so, and wouldn´t doing so be the most heart-warming (to liberals) affirmation that all races are the same?
    To my mind it would be a crime to even consider putting a white child in a black family where they might be abused physically or sexually, if not by the parents themselves then by their black friends. It seems the adoption agencies might know something that we also know.
    Or is it that “Westernised” blacks are just as uninterested as their African kinsmen in adopting the babies of others whatever colour they might be?

  3. Ryan says:

    Maybe not adoption but in foster care I personally know two different families that have done so and they are caribbean Black. Of course they get monthly paychecks for looking after them, but regardless it is nice to see them do this.
    On the whole Blacks are such a strange bunch, they commit crimes at levels beyond any others, and even often feel justified in doing so, yet some individuals that I have personally known, have been nice and generous, that I have been proud to have encountered them in my life.
    I think we’ve all seen that one picture or read the story about hurricane Katrina where some Black people from either some old folks home, or from the hospital went out of their way to see an elderly white lady or several elderly white people to saftey in the middle of the looting/flooding chaos.
    I don’t think Blacks are total waste of time, but they sure as heck do have a large proportion of people that act savage, among a smaller percentage of saints.

  4. Emperor Bok-assa says:

    If you ask me to stab I guess I would guess the odds are are 4 to 1 in favor of the savages..! And I think I´m being generous. Is it worth the risk or the trouble when the payoff for including a good black in white society is minimal if at all..?

  5. Portland Realist says:

    True story I witnessed: A white lady boards the bus with her two children. The older, about three and a half, is black. The younger, about two , is white. So this other lady comments to the mother: “Oh she’s so beautiful!” and goes on and on. Another lady passenger chimes in with the same crap. The poor little white boy is just sitting there bewildered as to why he gets no attention. Why? Negro-worship. I know how that sounds but it is an ugly reality. BTW they were both cute kids.
    This is what pisses me off the most, a total lack of compassion for “privileged” white kids. This is also a very important lesson as to how we can gain some female support: PITY! White people, especially children, need to be seen when they suffer, just like the little Haitian orphans or the blacks being beat with nightsticks in Alabama.

  6. Corvinus says:

    Actually, I think Africans do adopt their relatives’ children if the relatives die (of AIDS, for instance). This might explain why adoption figures from Africa aren’t much higher.
    Another factor would be the poor economy; it seems international adoption fell on its snout since the new depression really took off.

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