Which is worse?

From the standard leftist point of view, which is worse?
a) Promoting a homeland specifically for whites, where whites would be left alone and not have to associate with other races.
b) Assuming that, as non-whites (NAM’s) evolve, they will become “white” in their attitudes and behavior.
If you chose “b”, then you are in agreement with about 70% of American whites – if we take their poll opinions at face value.  A recent Yahoo article states:

The most compelling figure from the poll is that 51 percent of Americans support Arizona’s law as it stands, compared with 35 percent who support the US case against Arizona.
The level of support is highest in the South and the West, at 55 and 56 percent, respectively. By contrast, respondents in the Northeast were equally divided in their support for Arizona versus the US, 41 percent to 41 percent…
“This tells me that states in regions that have to deal with immigration tend to support the Arizona law because they have a better understanding of the challenges. The states in the Northeast don’t have a border problem.”
Mr. Kerbel is struck by the findings that Hispanics and blacks are 61 percent in favor of the US lawsuit against Arizona’s law. Just 30 percent of white respondents support the government’s suit.

“The differences between whites and nonwhites on this are very stark,” says Kerbel. “The numbers seem to reflect that among white American voters there is something that needs to be done about illegal immigration, and that the Arizona law addresses that. But among blacks and Hispanics, the law is viewed as a strong form of profiling and so there is strong sentiment against it.

In other words, those who must deal with Hispanic immigrants on a regular basis would prefer dealing with them less.  Clearly, they notice behaviors, among those immigrants, that they do not approve of.  When they make comments like:

I think everyone misses the point…..I don’t care if 12 million Latinos immigrate to the U.S. as long as they do it LEGALLY.  Most of us are not anti-Latino, we’re anti- illegal immigration.

… they are clearly deceiving themselves.  Do they really believe that a government-issued piece of paper is going to magically make the crime and anti-social behavior go away?  If so, then perhaps we should do away with all criminal rehabilitation programs; they cost too much money.  Instead, just have the government issue each criminal a piece of paper stating that they are now law-abiding citizens.  This would be much cheaper and, according to their infantile logic, more effective.
Though the above article does not tell us what percentage of whites support Arizona’s law, an msnbc article does:

But there’s a divide among white and Latino respondents: 70 percent of whites support the law, versus just 31 percent of Latinos. In fact, 58 percent of Latinos say they strongly oppose it.
That’s not the only chasm between White and Latino America. While 68 percent of Latinos believe that immigration strengthens the United States, just 43 percent of whites think that.

If those 70% of whites are aware of the above statistic, then there are only three possible conclusions we can make about their true attitude.  Either they are not sincere about their opinions in the poll (and they don’t really mind if the U.S. becomes just like Mexico), or they actually believe that Hispanics will gradually become just like whites in their attitudes and behaviors (contrary to current trends), or they are white nationalists.
Regarding the second possibility, that they believe Hispanics will become more “white”, I wonder how most Hispanics would react if asked, “when are your children and grandchildren going to become more white?”  My guess would be that they would be offended and possibly even violent.  The question would be perceived as blatantly racist – and yet most American whites would hold this to be a legitimate (if not a polite or diplomatic) question.  I think it would be far less offensive to ask the Hispanic, “when are whites going to be allowed to have their own nation?”
It has long been my belief that two thirds of any society are mindless followers.  50% have a good excuse: they are of below average intelligence and this is not their fault.  The other 16%, though they are not stupid, are weak-minded and follow the path of least resistance.  The remaining 33% can think for themselves but this does not necessarily mean they will reach the correct conclusions, nor does it mean they have the ability (or courage) to be vocal about it.  Despite constant media propaganda to the contrary, 70% of white Americans are rebelling against the media mind-control (at least on this one issue).  This is encouraging.  It means that a substantial number of people are finally beginning to believe their own eyes rather than what they are told.  But the main hurdle lies ahead.  Simply answering a poll does not mean much.  How many can appreciate the reality of the three choices I presented above?  How many will be able to mobilize and truly act in their own self-interest?

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4 Responses to Which is worse?

  1. adeck says:

    You are such a breath of fresh air.

  2. erranter says:

    They merely want to limit it in any way possible by saying they don’t mind legal immigration, or legal Latinos. If they openly said what you’re saying they’d be branded racist and the opposing side would just gain ground. Same thing happened when Enoch Powell, forty years ago, said some rather lucid, but undeniably racist things in England. People would rather see a dumbing down that even a remnant of fascism–and for a good reason.
    The future is just going to go on like this. Maneuvering, not saying anything explicit, trying quietly to make limits on immigration, with everybody saving face and not saying what the whole thing is really about. And the other side has a pretty damn good point: it IS about race. But if you admit it then they’ve won. For even the most moderate, enlightened racism, to them, is the most horrific thing humans have ever done. Meanwhile they gain numbers and the opposition begins to decline until we’re all basically a hybrid-race: hispanic.
    I’m probably not saying anything new or that you don’t already know… just venting.

    • Annoyed says:

      The term racist needs to be addressed, not avoided, not ran away from but addressed by White Nationalists.
      So long as the term racist is used so ambiguously and any racial discrimination branded as such there will assuredly be continued defeat.

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