"Waking up" and Liberal blacks

Waking up

Race realists often wonder when the slumbering masses will “wake up”.  Every time whites are subject to an atrocity (every day) or gross injustice (every day) we hear murmuring to the effect that “maybe this will wake them up”.
Race realists make up only a tiny percentage of the white population in America, and are almost non-existent among the young.  As matters grow worse, and more obviously dangerous for whites, we might experience a modest increase in our numbers.  However we should remember that the ruling elites equate race realism with “racism”.  Therefore, if there is such an increase, those elites (government and the media) will attribute the bad tidings on that same increase in our numbers.  They will say things like, “with the increase in racism among whites, some people of color have vented their anger and frustration by…”  They will never acknowledge that blatant racism against whites might fuel white consciousness.  Instead, they will claim the opposite.  Unfortunately the masses, having been trained from childhood to be closed minded in racial matters, will buy into these blatant lies.

Liberal blacks

Being “liberal” is a bad thing, overall, for whites and Asians; it represents a step down from what they should be.  Though I admit that hippies can sometimes be fun to be around and they are generally not dangerous in a direct physical way, nevertheless, they are not well.  The way they vote, their bumper stickers and their protests often work to the detriment of society.  Their lack of tolerance is legendary.  But the sincerely “liberal” NAM is a rarity.  For him, being a tree-hugging, peace activist member of PETA is a step up.  NAM’s in general, and blacks in particular, will vote for leftist political parties only because they believe that this will serve their best interests – not because they actually buy into the leftist message as a whole.
I found this interesting video on OneSTDV (crude language warning!).
While there are pro-homosexual organizations in Africa, the vast majority of their members are certainly homosexuals simply looking out for their own self interests.  I doubt that a majority of straight Africans will ever have great sympathy for them.  Why should they, if they are not homosexual themselves?  Even in California, a majority of blacks voted in favor of proposition 8 (against gay marriage).
While it is acceptable to point out that blacks generally do not support the “gay agenda”, we do not find many honest answers as to why this is so.  Some claim that the mobilization of black churches is what drove black support for proposition 8 in California.  If this were the case, then why are black churches so unsuccessful in curbing black crime and promiscuity?  I think the reason is that most blacks are not homosexual.  Since casting a ballot takes little effort, and since the measure would not adversely effect them directly, this was an easy way to strike a blow against a group of people they hold in contempt.
Fully 70% of California blacks voted in favor of proposition 8.  I think it is reasonable to assume that a large proportion of the 30% that opposed it are, themselves, homosexual.  After all, the measure directly pertains to homosexuals, so naturally they would be more motivated to take the time to vote against it.  Let us modestly estimate that a third of the blacks who voted against proposition 8 were homosexual.  This leaves 20% of straight voting blacks who voted against it.  Are one in five California blacks true “liberals” or were they only fired up by this one issue?
A narrow majority of Californian whites voted against proposition 8.  Suffice it to say their reasoning was probably a bit more sophisticated.  Like blacks, most whites are also not homosexual, but more of them are able to look beyond what is good for their own group.  On the whole, it is likely that California whites are more religious than California blacks.  Their religion is, of course, “liberalism”.  “Liberalism” preaches that homosexuality is morally equal to heterosexuality and, therefore, deserving of the same rights.  What we have here is an unholy marriage between the religion of “liberalism” and natural white altruism.  Together, they were able to cause most California whites to vote against proposition 8.  Both “liberalism” and altruism are weak among blacks – and hence the numbers we see.

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3 Responses to "Waking up" and Liberal blacks

  1. Eugenicist says:

    Interesting post, and great food for thought.
    I think you don’t take into account how widespread a form of race realism is among the young. I know many, many young people who are race realists in deed if not in word. We have had to live with diversity since we were children, and there’s nothing like growing up in a cult to disillusion you with it.
    However, nobody has ever told them that they’re not alone, so they think they are alone. And they notice that anyone who mentions race in a non-hypocritical way gets beat over the head, so they keep silent.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I hope you are right and, if so, it is our job to get the message to them that they are not alone and that there are mountains of evidence that back up their gut feelings.

    • Gaurav Ahuja says:

      There are many people who deal with diversity and play mental acrobatics. There are also people that will refuse to think correctly after they have been told they are alone and wrong. People are social creatures and just the fear of being thought of badly prevents them from saying things. Then, if nobody says anything in general on behalf of racialism or race-realism, the average person will be against us. If that wasn’t the case and they were secretly for us, Whites wouldn’t approve of miscegenation and non-White replacement compared to their ancestors fifty years ago.
      Also, I find that certain parts of liberalism will become dominant among non-Whites. We are already seeing African communists and people in India starting utter liberal creeds against caste, color, creed etc. There are not many original thinkers outside of the White world. They are just repeating the nonsense of the West. However, even after Communist countries failed there is fear of a growing Punjabi communist movement. This is the utter depravity of the underling. I think what we will find in the future is that non-Whites will have took some of the worst things from the West and not many of the best things about the West.

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