Homosexuality in Uganda

I highly recommend this video (no vulgarity in this one).  Here we see the leftist media attempting to claim that anti-homosexual sentiment in Uganda is the result of cultural contamination by… you guessed it –  the evil white man.  It turns out that a small group of American activists visited Uganda to stir up opposition to the gay agenda.  While ABC news claims that the draconian laws, proposed by the Ugandan government, were a direct result of such meddling, the spokesman for the church group, Scott Lively, defends himself very well against these accusations.  Within the short interview, we can see that forces on the right are catching on to the tricks of the leftist media and not falling for their traps.
As for the Ugandan pastor, Martin Ssempa (featured in this YouTube (vulgarity warning) clip which I’d previously linked to), I have a new admiration for the man.  Not that I agree with everything he says, but if you listen carefully to how he responds to Dan Harris (the reporter), you’ll see that he makes a lot of sense within the framework of his creed.  He firmly defends his beliefs and goes on the offensive time after time.  In defense of his showing homosexual pornography to a large audience, he replies that, “The problem is the absence of shock”.  This response resonates on so many levels.  If whites were to regain their sense of shock, many of the evils we now contend with would substantially diminish.  When Mr. Harris brings up the “theory” that those who oppose homosexuality are likely homosexuals themselves, Mr. Ssempa retorts that this is like saying all who are opposed to terrorism must then be terrorists themselves and then laughs at the reporter.  When Harris asks Ssempa if he worries about “whipping up hatred”, his answer is that he doesn’t worry about that at all.  Instead, he worries about people like the reporter who lack understanding.  In the end, both Mr. Lively and Mr. Ssempa accuse  the reporter of being condescending and racist for believing that Ugandan sentiments against homosexuality could only have been brought about through white intervention.
The fact that so many of the commentators on YouTube actually believe the claim that white men brought homophobia to Africa shows how hopelessly brainwashed the masses really are.  It also makes me wonder how they can believe that black Africans are our intellectual and moral equals and, at the same time, believe that a handful of white Americans could so easily sway an entire African country in this manner.

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4 Responses to Homosexuality in Uganda

  1. Gaurav Ahuja says:

    Unfortunately, the comments on Youtube reflect that the masses are _____(fill in the blank with your own negative term). Within this video and in daily life, anything is always a lower sin than racism and the implications thereof.

  2. Charles says:

    The left talks about freedom a lot but unless you are a homosexual, a non-white, or a liberal they aren’t going to defend your freedom.
    In this case they have a tricky situation a black who is pushing a conservative position, they resolve it by blaming whites for contaminating him with their evil views!
    Blacks can do no wrong, when blacks express politically incorrect views they aren’t bad people they are just under the evil white man’s influence.

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