Let smokers be their own "race"

On my way to the beach recently, I noted how cigarette smokers flick their used butts out of their car windows onto the street.  Any one of us has seen this behavior thousands of times by now.  It is likely that not more than a handful of drivers even use their ash trays any more.  It would not surprise me if many didn’t even know what purpose it is supposed to serve.
Upon my arrival at the beach, I noted the countless thousands of cigarette butts mixed in with the sand.  So plentiful were they that one could not even find any two foot square area devoid of them.  Clearly, many cigarette smokers consider the beach to be their own private ash tray.
It has not escaped my notice that criminals overwhelmingly tend to be cigarette smokers, nor do I think it is mere coincidence that impulsiveness and a general lack of concern for the rights of others seem to go hand in hand with this habit.  Those who are considered “white trash” almost always smoke.  Typically they can be found with a beer bottle/can in one hand and a cigarette in the other as they rattle off four-letter words.
As common as this habit seems to be in the U.S., it is far worse in other parts of the world.  While in Beijing, I offended locals by calling their city “Phlegm City” to their face.  In Beijing, one must always keep an eye on the ground before him to avoid stepping into this ubiquitous bodily fluid.  In Egypt, they smoke a nasty cigarette called “Cleopatra”.  They should have called it “Asp”.  I’m pretty sure that American cigarette manufacturers send their nastiest (too-dangerous-for-American-consumption) products overseas.  While in Israel, I was told that the most popular cigarette there, called “Time”, is none other than lower grade Marlboro that cannot be sold in the U.S.  Many male Israelis have a ritual they follow when lighting up their cigarettes.  They stand with one foot in front of the other and squint their eyes a certain way.  After the cigarette is lit, they look up at the world as if they now have special powers.  Everything about them says “I am macho”.  In Europe, as I remember, almost everybody smokes.  When I pointed out, to some locals in the Netherlands, that this is a nasty habit, one of them thoughtfully responded, “I guess it might be considered rather anti-social”.  Yes, in my travels, I was ever the American anti-smoking missionary.  Intent on teaching the world to be more like good Americans and refrain from smoking.
I have come to realize that my endeavors have been futile.  It makes no more sense trying to transform a smoking society into a non-smoking one, as it does trying to transform a Negro society into a Caucasian one.  The existence of cultured, conscientious smokers notwithstanding, overall I believe that smokers are an inferior race.  Of course, unlike biological race (which one cannot choose for himself), a person does choose to become a smoker.  At some point in his life, a person decides that he would be more “cool” if he were a smoker.  At this point in history, he is certainly aware of the health risks and the annoyance to other people – but he doesn’t care.  He is willing to increase his chances of disease, the risks of fire, to impose his litter on the rest of society, to inconvenience others with his stench, to yellow his teeth and alter his voice all in order to be more “cool”.
I now realize that there are actual benefits to cigarette smoking.  A person can maintain his weight through smoking and I’m sure it is a great stress reliever.  Perhaps it actually does aid in digestion.  Certainly some smokers begin their habit after careful consideration and weighing of the costs versus the benefits.  But those people are the exception.  Most start because of a weakness that made them more vulnerable to peer pressure.  This weakness is part of their personality and smoking is only a symptom of it.  I am fairly certain that this weakness is linked to a high time preference.  I am not simply guessing here; I have discussed this topic with many smokers – some of them quite close to me.
It hurts me to see those who are close to me taking up such an unhealthy habit because I do not enjoy seeing them putting themselves at higher risk for disease.  It hurts me more to see them engage in an activity that ends up costing other people their hard earned money to pay for their medical costs and to clean up their mess or put out their fires.  In essence, I am bothered more by the the moral downsides of smoking than by the its health risks.

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  1. Portland Realist says:

    What reduced smoking in the US was the same thing that constantly promotes diversity and miscegenation: Hollywood, advertising and the MSM in general.
    We really are taking the good with the bad aren’t we?

  2. Ryan says:

    Jewamongyou, if smoking really bothers you, then you ought to consider moving north across the border where smokers are persecuted nearly as much as someone being labled the “racist’ word. Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings, cigarettes are taxed to hell and back, as well as the number of people who smoke been drastically reduced.
    If the rest of the world is like how you say it is, then Canada has the lead when it comes to reducing smoking.
    But I share your dislike of smoking. Someone here in my building goes out on their deck/patio to smoke, and we can smell it inside our apartment suite wherever we go. Its not an issue unless it’s hot out and we have the doors and windows open. I know they aren’t allowed to smoke inside, but it still sucks for us when they smoke outside.
    I’m glad I never took that nasty habit up.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It would be nice if there were a country where people’s freedoms (such as the freedom to carry a gun and freedom of speech – neither of which Canadians have) were protected, but where folks were still civilized enough to refrain from imposing their smoke on other people.

  3. Joseph says:

    I agree that the moral aspects are more troublesome. What bothers me most about the smokers in my family and among my friends is their slavery — chosen slavery — to a habit that makes life so inconvenient for them. Traveling with smokers is painful . . . their appetite for a cigarette when they cannot have one often overwhelms their sense of etiquette and becomes for them the all consuming need, social graces be damned. Normally polite people become jerks, or, among the best, at least seriously distracted due to their withdrawal suffering. It’s madness.
    As a side note: at my undergrad, the Asian foreign students would hang out in front of the library puffing up a dense fog of nasty smoke. Anyone entering of exiting the library would have to pass through the cloud, shielding their eyes and holding their breath. I always wondered why they chose such a public and congested place to smoke. Maybe, they were sincerely ignorant of the American disgust at smoking.

  4. Patrick says:

    Have there been any studies on how being a smoker affects ones personality?

  5. Charles says:

    I don’t think the problem is smokers as such but people in general, most people today are rude and they don’t care if their behavior bothers you I doubt most smokers even pause to consider the feelings of those in their company or near them.
    Dog owners today don’t take responsiblity for their animals and either let them run wild or bark constantly. Most parents are not responsible either and let their children run wild inside of stores and in the streets.
    I am sorry but I can’t respect someone who engages in a regular habit that slowly destroys their body. The problem is people. People ruin everything. If only I could build a rocket and move to the moon…

    • jewamongyou says:

      Not to worry Charles; according to some people, the hostile elite intend to do away with about 90% of humanity.
      You are so right about dog owners. If there is no god, somebody should create a special hell just for dog owners who let their dogs bark incessantly, intimidate others or don’t clean up after them.

  6. Bo Sears says:

    “Those who are considered “white trash” almost always smoke. Typically they can be found with a beer bottle/can in one hand and a cigarette in the other as they rattle off four-letter words.”
    From reading your postings here and there, I would never have expected you to stoop to this level of white-bashing. Resisting Defamation requests that you cease using the slurs and stereotypes that have been popularized by the dominant media culture and the corporate entertainment culture.
    “White trash” is simply an inappropriate and hostile label. It’s just a way to dehumanize some of the diverse white American peoples.

    • jewamongyou says:

      At various times, I’ve referred to the “trash” of different races. All races have “trash” among them and here, since I live in a mostly white part of the U.S., I used “white trash” as an example. Of course I never meant to offend whites as a group. This is a pro-white blog and I am a pro-white person. So please understand this term within its context and that I meant no offense to whites in general.

      • Bo Sears says:

        This is not about context or giving offense. The claim to have the authority to decide on a name or label for Others is really a supremacy claim, and we reject that claim. We wouldn’t dream of using a term like “Jew trash” to describe anyone in the Jewish community.
        We know of no peoples who might be legitimately be described as trash.

  7. Charles says:

    JAY was not attempting to insult the white race he was merely speaking out against a group of undesirable low class whites.
    Bo, do you and the Resisting Defamation people honestly contend that white trash individuals do not exist? I am sorry but have you been to Walmart lately? I am sure if you think about it honestly you’ll have to admit you have either met or at least seen some “white trash” before?
    There are obviously some fat, ugly, beer bellied stupid dysgenic white people out there who need to be sterilized. Unfortunately there are probably several million of them. No race is perfect. I say that as a racialist and a white advocate. As the blacks would say I am “Keep’in it real”

  8. Bo Sears says:

    I have yet to see any person who may be legitimately called “trash.”

    • jewamongyou says:

      I call such people “trash” because they behave in a trashy manner. They are not born into this class; it is their own choice. You are welcome to your opinion and I to mine.

    • Portland Realist says:

      At Trimet we have a joke:
      “We are not Bus Operators, were garbage collectors, we just pick up trash from one end of town and bring it to another.”
      Some people are trash. Hypersensitivity to silly little terms is the modus operandi of the liberal left and we should take no part in it.

  9. EW says:

    Weelll – at least the cigarette butts can be swept. Which can’t be said about chewing gum…

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