The Sherrod charade

For the past two generations, anti-white racism has been the norm rather than the exception.  Very rarely does the MSM report it as such because to do so would make their pet ethnicities look bad and caste doubt on their entire Weltanschauung.  This pattern is extremely consistent.  Rarely is an exception made – and yet the Sherrod affair is being openly discussed in even the most leftist of publications.  Or is it?
In the July 30th edition of The Columbian (a Washington state publication), we find (on page A2):

Sherrod was forced to resign after a conservative website posted an edited video of her speaking about race.  Sherrod said the video took her remarks out of context.

According to this, she said nothing wrong.  She simply “spoke about race” and this was enough to force her to resign.  Curious indeed.  Even more curious when we consider that the headline of said article reads “Obama talks race… on ‘The View'”.  Is Obama being forced to resign?
A frequent commenter on this blog, Portland Realist, told me his theory on the Sherrod incident: the accusations, of anti-white racism, against her are so flimsy that leftists have seized upon it in order to use it as a straw man.  In other words, their plan is to use this incident to convince people that just like the accusations against her are baseless, so too are most other charges of  racism against non-whites.
I am convinced that Portland Realist is right.  This publicity truly does fit in very nicely with the leftist agenda.  Within the same issue of “The Columbian, we find an editorial by black columnist Eugene Robinson.  Robinson reveals himself to be a shallow non-thinker when he writes:

A cynical right-wing propaganda machine is peddling the poisonous fiction that when African-Americans or other minorities reach positions of power, they seek some kind of revenge against whites…
With the Obama presidency, though, has come a flurry of charges – from the likes of Breitbart but also from more substantial conservative figures – about alleged incidents of racial discrimination against whites by blacks and other minorities…
These allegations of anti-white racism are being deliberately hyped and exaggerated because they are designed to make whites fearful…

As a matter of fact, whites really do have reason to be fearful when ruled over by blacks.  Just ask the whites of South Africa or Detroit.  I personally have known several whites who have suffered under black tyranny.  The internet is full of such stories.  Robinson is not only an idiot, he must have spent most of his life in a cave.

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5 Responses to The Sherrod charade

  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    They should ask white people in Memphis what it’s like to live under black rule.
    James Edwards of The Political Cesspool has more stories about this than I care to relate.
    See, crimes require motive, means, and opportunity. We’re frequently hearing about how non-whites are really these lovable saints who don’t really want revenge, and just want equality and respect.
    Well, the only reason why they haven’t done more damage to whites is because they haven’t had the opportunities…yet.
    And to the extent that they do, they do discriminate against whites.
    When do you honestly think that Detroit will ever have a white mayor again? Anyone?
    And I know, they’ll then say that, “now you know what we have had to put up with for all these years.”
    My response: “Yeah, you’re just showing that you’re no better than we were/are, and that when actually given the opportunity to exact revenge, you take it.”
    The lesson I draw from this is that we whites must unite and fight. We cannot allow our adversaries to gain any power. We most certainly should not go out of our way to empower them, which is what many foolish white elites are doing, whether intentionally or not.
    Because should they take over, they won’t be any nicer to us than we were to them.
    Or I hear them say, “oh, well we wouldn’t discriminate against whites because we know what it’s like to be in that position.
    JAY, I know this is a touch issue, but my evidence against the whole “oppressed people cannot practice oppression” are Jews. Not too long after enduring the horrors of the holocaust, and they’re already killing Palestinians and taking their land.
    In just a short matter of time, they’ve gone from being oppressed to being oppressors.
    Why should blacks or other groups be any different?

  2. Californian says:

    The problem is not Sherrod herself…even if she were an out and out anti-White racist. The problem is that the entire system in the USA discriminates against White people under the mask of affirmative action, minority only grants, ethnic studies programs, hate crime laws, and so forth and so on and et cetera. Add to this the lack of any mainstream organizations which provide legal defense for Whites; i.e., there are no pro-White equivalents of the NAACP, MALDEF, ACLU.
    The mainstream conservative use of this woman is one more example of how they refuse to face up to the systemic discrimination against White people. It’s much easier to demand Ms Sherrod’s job on a pike than to take on the forces supporting affirmative action. More fundamentally, the conservatives seem to have little interest in mass organization and agitation among Whites. Maybe it would lead to charges of “racism” from the media. Maybe it would take them away from their country clubs.
    Whether or not this or that public servant is anti-White is not the issue. What is the issue is how White people are systemically being relegated to second class citizenship in their own countries. I say “countries” because we see these same trends throughout North America and Europe.

  3. Portland Realist says:

    Well said Jewamongyou. I agree of course.
    Any legitimate black on white discrimination story will not see the light of day in the MSM. This story however, I could not get away from.
    Why? It is a bogus claim of “reverse discrimination”. So the MSM will make damn sure the American public hears all about it. That way, the next black racist story that comes up, the public will react accordingly. We should think, “Is this another Andrew Breitbart hoax?”
    This attempt at inculcating the public will only be effective on the few people who trust the MSM. If you have had any real contact with blacks you know the deep hatred most of them have for white people.

  4. Charles says:

    Sherrod’s tale seems to be the story of an anti white racist black woman who discriminated against whites, then eventually discovered that the people she really hated were not poor whites but wealthy whites or the wealthy as a class. This woman should never have been offered her job back.
    Even if she no longer views all whites as her enemies or intends to discriminate against them in the future the damage is done, she has discriminated agianst whites in the past. If this had been reversed with a white person discriminating against blacks we’d never give her a second chance.
    The bottom line is most blacks hate white people and they are going to discriminate against us when given the opportunity.

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