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the Hebron pogrom of 1929

Jewish settlers in the West Bank are often criticized and considered to be oppressive occupiers.  My own experiences, while visiting Jewish settlements in those territories, does lend some support to these accusations.  There is much hatred and disdain, among those … Continue reading

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Guns, Germs and Steel

It transpired that my left-leaning brother, sensing my race-realism, thought he could cure it by having me read the book “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond.  He was under the impression that this book would lay to rest any … Continue reading

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Obesity and miscengenation

Today I saw a disturbing interracial couple that epitomizes the well-known stereotype: the black man was dumb-looking, primitive and brutish while the white woman was painfully ugly and obese.  As they walked down the street, the woman’s expression seemed to … Continue reading

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Jewamongyou is a grandfather!

As of yesterday, I am a grandfather.  The birth of my first grandchild was not under the best of circumstances but, by golly, he is my grandson so… so now I feel really old.  Not “sad old” but “happy old”. … Continue reading

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Tennessee: Dusk or Dawn? by Hunter Wallace

Hunter Wallace has recently posted a synopsis on the fortune of conservative/white causes in the state of Tennessee.  While I agree with him that there is cause for hope, there are a few critiques I would like to offer. First … Continue reading

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Skulls and the negative "science" of the Left

I picked up a book today called “The Skull Measurer’s Mistake” by Sven Lindqvist.  Reading through it for a few moments, I noticed that Lindqvist did not seem to cite any racial research, done by leftists, that supports his position: … Continue reading

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Dr. Eugene Valberg on African languages

At the 2008 American Renaissance conference, Dr. Eugene Valberg spoke about African languages.  Having spent many years in Africa, and being a particularly bright individual, Dr. Valberg is certainly more qualified than most to speak on this subject. The main … Continue reading

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Racist serial killers – by an anonymous guest contributer

I emailed JAY a question about Abuelazam and it sounded like he was open to me writing a post on it. So here goes. This has been a busy couple of weeks as far as mass murderers go. First, we … Continue reading

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The American Pit Bull Terrier Pt 1

The United Kennel Club was founded in 1898 by Chauncy Z. Bennett.  The main reason was to have an official registry for his favorite breed: the American Pit Bull Terrier.  The American Kennel Club had refused to recognize the breed; … Continue reading

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The precious heritage of Yemeni Jews

Without divulging too much about my personal history, suffice it to say that Yemeni Jewry holds a very special place in my heart.  Their traditions, when kept faithfully, have always provided me with great pleasure.  The sound of Yemeni children … Continue reading

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