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I’m reading “Race” by John Baker and I just came across this (pg. 159):

Nevertheless, people do commonly make remarks about those non-white races that are in fact very different in morphological characters, to the effect that ‘the only thing that distinguishes them is the colour of their skin’.  It scarcely seems possible to believe that anyone who has seen an Australian aborigine, a Melanesian, a Bushman, or a Negro could accept such words as true.  They are directly contrary not only to the established facts of physical anthropology, but also to ordinary observation.
An albino Melanesid (Melanesian) or Negrid, who is fairer than any non-albino European, appears even more unlike a European than a normal Melanesid or Negrid.  This fact was pointed out (with reference to Negrids) by the French mathematician Maupertuis more than two centuries ago.  The association of a pale face and straw-coloured hair with the features of a non-Europid race brings out strongly the great differences that in fact exist.  This is perhaps partly because darkness of the skin interferes with clear vision of the face.  Indeed, if the skin were actually black (which it never is), it would be impossible to see any features, apart from the lips, gums, teeth, and whites of the eyes, except in profile.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all those white women and girls I see walking with black men (some of them very ugly black men) and it has occurred to me that people are trained to detect beauty or ugliness more within their own race than outside of their own race.  This is why we often hear (sometimes in jest) that “all Asians look alike” for example.  Perhaps these foolish girls overlook the ugliness of their black boyfriends because they cannot see it.  In their eyes, “blackness” is an attractive attribute in its own right and if those same black males woke up one morning with light skin, those girls might be revolted by what they see.
(added a few hours later):
I came across another worthy quote from Baker that I just couldn’t resist adding:

The question arises, why so many people say or imply that the races differ only in skin-colour, when this is obviously untrue.  Those who minimize racial differences, by speaking as though the only distinction between a European and (for instance) a Chinese or a Negro were one of skin-colour, appear unwittingly to admit that recognition of the more fundamental differences that actually exist might affect people’s views on the ethnic problem; for it might be regarded as unlikely that such differences could coexist with exact similarity in the parts of the body concerned with thought and feeling.

This merits reading over several times because it is so profoundly true.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Well i’m split on this. I look at my wife and think she is beautiful, and so does everyone else I know. I wouldn’t ever allow myself to be with someone I didn’t find attractive, I just couldn’t do it.
    Give her the same skin color as my own, and then maybe she would not be so attractive. But then i’m not sure. Anyhow here you be the judge:

  2. Charles says:

    Since you asked I will tell you what I think. I do not find your wife attractive, not at all. I am a heterosexual white male and I am not attracted to any black or negro women. I think racial intermarriage with negros ought to be a crime – as it once was in this country. I view it as a crime against nature and against our race. That is my opinion.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Hey, I’m not really a big fan of interracial marriage either.
      But are you really telling me that there are no attractive black women out there?
      Not even Gabrielle Union?

      • Charles says:

        Yes, I am telling you that in my opinion there are no attractive black women. I have never found any black or negro woman attractive.
        I just looked up the one you mentioned and she has a big flat nose and large lips and black skin. I don’t find her attractive either.

  3. Ryan says:

    Bay Area Guy, I’m not exactly a racial advocate other than desiring that racial preferences end. I also want non-white immigration to end as well too. I don’t feel I need to be for anyone race, other than to keep the way this country was, and I mean Canada in this case the way it always was since it was founded.
    It’s no different than many other white males that I’ve known, and worked with that have a non-white or mixed race wife. They are outspoken in their beliefs that this is a White country and it should remain so, and all anti-white policies should end.
    I have a friend that is actually bi-racial himself but you’d never know it unless you met his mom. He’s whiter than me actually, and advocates for White people.
    Where there is discrimination these days, it is anti-white, and that even as government policy. This should end, and never should have taken place to begin with.
    Regardless of all that, my wife is very race neutral, and I respect that. She wasn’t aware of all the anti-white activity going on until I showed her, and she agrees that that should end too.
    If you’re thinking all Blacks are the same, you really ought to get out and meet some who aren’t ghetto. They do exist, trust me.
    In this case, if my wife was some screaming crazy, “The white man done me wrong” type, I never would have gone out with her to begin with.
    She has a friend that is somewhat similar to that, but is more half in the closest. Considering how little Black history we have here in Vancouver, the only way for her to get the lies and propaganda that Blacks are held down comes from Black nationalist websites, and the media. I cannot stand her, and I would speak out if I hear her say anything racist against Whites.
    Ironically, she dates White men too.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Thanks for the explanation.
      I do happen to know that there are decent blacks who don’t go around screaming “the white man done me wrong.”
      Although, who knows? Maybe some blacks are just good at hiding their grievances in public.
      I happen to read anti-racist black blogs because it gives me a good idea of what blacks think when we’re not around.
      At the same time, far too many blacks in fact do fit the stereotype, at least here in the States.
      By the way, I’m amazed that your black wife actually agrees that there is anti-white discrimination. Most blacks believe that only whites are racist. (ie. the whole racism = prejudice + power line of reasoning).
      By the way, what specific anti-white discrimination exists up in Canada? Does Canada have hate speech laws?
      I’m just curious, because there’s a good chance such practices could find their way to the States.

      • jewamongyou says:

        As for me, I truly believe that there are decent blacks of both genders. I’ve known some personally and though it is possible that they secretly harbor racial animus, I find this hard to believe and see no reason to suspect it. In any event, if this is the case, it is of little concern to me. My main concern is that they treat others with respect.
        As for hate speech laws in Canada, I recommend you watch these videos:

  4. Dregs says:

    Here is an image that strikingly confirms the point in the book J.A.Y. quoted:

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