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Somebody contacted me with some questions about this blog and, even though I’ve dealt with some of these issues before, I’ve decided to clarify them again and here I’ll quote some of his words.

I frankly find it impossible that you would feel a true wellspring of sympathy for the cause of white racial preservation given the fact that a significant number of white nationalists have expressed sympathy for the nazi movement. Frankly I find the way you respond to people expressing such sympathies to be mind boggling because you seem so calm and jewish people are never calm when it comes to people saying nazi-ish things. And so I am a bit confused by you.

In other words, if many/most supporters of a particular cause also affiliate themselves with another cause that has a sordid history, this should be a reason for me to reject that particular cause altogether.  From a logical point of view, this makes no sense.  If most people, who are careful to turn off their lights before leaving their homes, are obsessive compulsive, does this mean the rest of us should not worry about turning off the lights?  The preservation of the white race stands on its own merit regardless of how many crazies choose to attach themselves to it.
As for my soft stance regarding neo-Nazis, I think some distinctions need to be made.
Firstly,  the government/media/education complex has been persecuting whites for at least 50 years – longer than most of us have been alive.  Most whites have been second-class citizens their entire lives.  Most whites, due to constant propaganda, are oblivious to this fact but a few have their eyes opened and then they become very angry.  The government/media/education complex goes to great pains in order to present only two choices to whites: a) normal or b) racist.  Out of anger and frustration, some of those angry whites pick option “b” in its purist form (according to what they’d been taught) and this would be “Nazism”.  Their young and undeveloped minds fail to recognize more reasonable paths.  These angry skin-heads and neo-Nazis are victims of the anti-white establishment just as much as the young white women who are pressured into dating black men.  Both mentalities are perversions that would rarely occur in a healthy society.  As has been pointed out many times, all too often we find Jewish names behind anti-white activity and so the young skin-heads and neo-Nazis find it easy to believe that “the Jews” are the enemy.  Hence I have a soft spot for these unfortunate misled youth.  Yes, they hate me for being a Jew – but I blame the leftists for this and I hope that those youth will grow out of it at some point.
Secondly, not all neo-Nazis are the same.  A person might call himself a “Nazi” and have no violent inclinations at all.  Most likely, he denies that the Nazi holocaust ever happened.  Within the context of labeling himself a “Nazi”, this would be a good thing because he might never call himself that if he believed that Nazis were responsible for the murder of several million innocent people.  Such a person might be mistaken about historical facts and he might differ from me politically but this does not necessarily mean he advocates murder, torture or concentration camps.  I am willing to look past the label and debate the issues on their own merits.
There are some neo-Nazis who are dangerous, deranged individuals.  Given the chance, they would kill me and my loved ones.  I have no soft spot for them.  I consider them to be not only dangerous to Jews but they are dangerous to everybody around them.  If they cannot be fixed then they should be removed from society.
The visitor asks how I can be calm when people say Nazi-ish things.  Would he prefer that I react by becoming hysterical?  We already have Jews whose job it is to become hysterical: they call themselves the A.D.L.  Let them be hysterical.  As for me, I prefer a calm and reasoned debate.

I am a white non-jewish person who is not a white nationalist. I do believe that if I were to breed with someone I would prefer someone of my own race but I am comfortable living in a multiracial nation. I have lots of experience with the different races and do believe their is differences but as far as I am concerned all humans suck to some degree and so I am not gonna say blacks are worse than whites. I have some friends who are black. Most of my friends are white, some are jewish, a few are black, and one is hispanic. I have no asian friends at the moment. I do not mind that these people are of different races.

In other words, “all humans suck”, there are racial differences but there is nothing wrong with a multi-racial society.  Of course, entire books have been written on these subjects and I highly recommend that the visitor read Amren every day for a while.  But, in a nutshell, my response is that those racial differences manifest themselves, on a societal level, in such ways that make multi-racial societies untenable in the long term.  When government refuses to acknowledge those racial differences, it ends up wasting untold billions of dollars in misguided projects.  Racial average I.Q. disparities mean that blacks (as a group) will never perform as well as other groups in schools and many professions.  A government that is blind to racial differences will assume that this inferior performance is due to white “racism” and act accordingly.  Blacks’ propensity for violence means that other groups will always be in danger from them unless, and until, separation is implemented.

Why is my view not represented? Why is it that it’s an either or scenario… either antiracist or white nationalist? What about the in between people who are mildly racist but not to the point of wanting to politically exclude people of certain races? The way I see it is if I ever have kids I would like the mother of my children to be white… and as far as grandkids go I would recognize that would be up to my kids(if I had them and they decide to breed) to decide….
What about us moderates? Where is our voice? Why is it that when someone realizes that on average blacks arent that bright they have to go and idolize hitler… its so freaken insane… OF COURSE BLACKS ARENT THAT BRIGHT but that doesnt mean we have to do all sorts of crazy hitler stuff about that.
Visitor, your view is not represented in this blog because it is not well thought out.  To state that racial differences are real but that we should sit back and do nothing about it is like saying somebody has been diagnosed with cancer – but it has not yet spread to his lungs so there is no need to worry about it.  Western society has cancer and, instead of seeking treatment, government is actively making it worse.
Surely you can see the consequences of the course we are on.  Massive non-white immigration and differential birth rates will obviously lead to the eventual extinction of whites.  If you disagree, then please explain the flaw in our reasoning.  If the eventual extinction of the white race does not disturb you, then how can you describe yourself as pro-white?  As for “crazy Hitler stuff”, I’m not sure what you mean by that.  Nowhere, in this blog, have I suggested a “final solution”.    What you describe as “moderate” seems to be a sit-back-and-let-the-forces-of -evil-destroy-us attitude.  Are you familiar with the plight of whites in South Africa?  What do you propose be done about it?  Have you been reading the news from U.K. and France?  If so, do you not see a problem?  I am curious how a “moderate” would tackle these issues effectively.
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  1. Patrick says:

    OK I am the visitor who asked those questions. I am not worried about whites going extinct. There are many whites in the world and more whites than there were during medieval times. It’s very easy for whites to simply breed amongst themselves. The few whites who do interbreed with other races are working to create racial peace because the historic way separate tribes came to peace was for people from different tribes to marry one another.
    The only thing I propose that people have to work for is to get rid of affirmative action and fight for a reasonable immigration policy that is much less than the current one in America.
    As far as Europe is concerned those are their issues to deal with not mine. And as for South Africa again its not my business its a foreign country but if the Boer people are being racially persecuted over there they should be given refugee status.
    As for whites being a minority in America… whites are often minorities in various South American countries and they haven’t been exterminated… so I’m not going to worry about it.
    Latin America isn’t as wealthy as the USA but happiness isn’t measured by consumption. There are some beautiful areas in Latin america.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Richard Hoste makes the same argument (on his now defunct blog HBDbooks)that whites are in no danger of extinction. The flaw with his argument – and with yours – is that he looks at racial history from the perspective of two or three hundred years. I’m looking at it from the perspective of thousands of years. Yes, there are whites in South America but the odds of them surviving intact for thousands of years are slim to none in my opinion unless there are specific steps taken to ensure their survival.

  2. Patrick says:

    They’ll be fine

    • Gaurav Ahuja says:

      Whites in Latin America and across the world are not fine. Their civilizations are not growing as fast as they could be and some are just stagnating. And given the unprecedented opportunities for non-Whites to marry Whites, in a few short generations Whites may not have a chance to gather and be cohesive ever again in distinct groups or as one greater White race. It isn’t just a few Whites who interbreed. The percentage of Whites who unethically intermarry with non-Whites is huge just in America alone. In other places, they do not bother counting the miscegenation menace, but it is obvious to know that in Latin America and Europe it is increasing by leaps and bounds. Whites have gone extinct in other places such as India, Iraq, etc. You may find a White person here or there in these places, but there are no groups of Whites. If you think it can’t happen here because progress is always occurring, you have to stop believing in the Whig Theory of History. You seem to be short-sighted and not have a clue about racial differences and the things that need to be done about it.

      • Patrick says:

        There is nothing wrong with a civilization stagnating. It is absurd to worship progress.
        Whites will be fine there is nothing to worry about.

  3. Charles says:

    Whites are not fine. Most young whites today approve of miscegenation. Racial intermarriage has increased to its highest levels ever in human history. History shows that different groups cannot coexist in the same area eventually they intermarry and those groups are lost forever. This is common sense.
    Whites have always been only a small percentage of the world population. The white birthrate in Europe has already fallen below replacement levels. Non-whites around the world and in America are breeding more than whites.
    America can look forward to joining South Africa soon as a non-white majority third world country where whites are persecuted and eventually murdered and raped in the streets.
    The idea that somehow breeding with the blacks or Mestizos is desirable and will bring about “peace” is naive and deadly. When a white and a black mate the offspring is always black look at Barack Obama he identifies himself as exclusively black and did so on the census.
    We cannot hope to maintain our quality of life in a majority non white society. Mexico is a third world country because it is populated by Mestizos. When America is majority non white it won’t be much longer before the water isn’t safe to drink anymore.
    Most of the members of my race are like Patrick unfortunately. They don’t know what’s going on and they don’t care. When they finally do care it will be too late to do anything.

    • Patrick says:

      Mexico is good, Mexico has a very low carbon footprint unlike America. There are white people in Mexico too and they are doing good. Here is a youtube video of whites in mexico where it has a picture slideshow and some nice music.

      • Portland Realist says:

        They have a smaller carbon footprint is just another way of saying they have a much less productive economy. They would love to have our carbon footprint. They are coming over the border in droves just to get a piece of it! The most productive economies in Latin America are also the whitest: Argentina, Brazil, Chile. Incidentally, the most advanced economies in the world are also the whitest, with the exception of Japan, with other East Asians closing in fast.
        I for one do not want white people in some third world future America only being remembered in some sad youtube video.
        Patrick, how old are you? No offense but I would guess around 15.

  4. Jack Burns says:

    Patrick, I’m curious to know what age you are.

  5. Charles says:

    Of course there are some whites who live in Mexico however they are only a tiny minority of the population.
    If Mexico is “good” why are there millions of illegal Mexican immigrants in the US, and why aren’t there millions of illegal US immigrants in Mexico?
    Mexico is a filthy dirty disgusting country, I speak from experience, I have been there. I suggest you take a trip to Tijuana and then come back and tell me Mexico is good. Last time I was in Mexico I saw poor people begging for money everywhere I went, trash all over the ground and I personally witnessed a case of a corrupt police officer extorting money from a US citizen.
    Patrick you obviously don’t know what you are talking about so I shall decline to dialogue with you further. In short you are the reason my race is doomed we have too many members like you.

  6. Patrick says:

    So because I am not hysterical I am the reason your race is doomed? Come again.
    Like I said in my initial statement which JAY posted: if I ever have kids I would prefer that the mother of my children is white and as for the racial nature of my grandkids and whether or not I have any grandkids that would be for my kids to decide(if I ever have kids). And that is moderately racially conscious I’d say.
    I support ending affirmative action and I also support reducing immigration. I support people taking measures to reduce their waste and carbon footprint. I support programs designed to plant trees in urban and suburban areas. I also support recycling initiatives and i think anti-littering laws should be strictly enforced.
    I really don’t see what is naive about those positions and am flabergasted that some would suggest I am in some way naive.
    As for the white race, i am moderately racist. There are exceptions to every stereotype in every race. There are some brilliant black people but yes on average blacks are not so bright.
    I am not worried about racial extinction. Sorry, I don’t share your hysteria but I like the way the world is and I am happy with the way things are. I for the most part stay out of politics except when it comes to things like recycling and littering and planting trees. If you are having trouble in your community plant a tree.

  7. Californian says:

    There are some neo-Nazis who are dangerous, deranged individuals. Given the chance, they would kill me and my loved ones.
    Consider this: how many Jews have been killed by neo-Nazis in the last 30 years? Then compare that with the number of Jews (or Whites in general) who have been killed by minorities in violent crimes. Or have been the victims of civil disturbances since the 1960s. Or have had their careers undermined by affirmative action. Or been sanctioned for “racism.”
    Look at the murder stats in post-apartheid South Africa. When Whites are a minority, they become the victim of a politicized crime wave. And other forms of dispossession, such as being driven from their farms and jobs.
    The bigger danger is indeed coming from Whites losing power in their own lands, not from neo-Nazis. But this is not how the situation is portrayed in the media, of course, where we must all cringe in the face of a revived Third Reich.

  8. Mark J says:

    Mexicans have their country. Blacks and Asians have many countries that are virtually 100% homogenous. Why are white nations the only one who must “diversify”. Who made up that stupid rule? A few hundred years from now, there will be very few genetically pure whites and billions and billions of blacks and asians. Is that what “we” want?

  9. Annoyed says:

    Patrick reality seems to elude you.
    Why do you care about the “carbon footprint” of a country?
    Is it becomes you believe that if environmental degradation continues irreversible environmental damage will occur?
    Why do you refuse to apply this train of thought to race?
    If you did you would be forced to take a different position.
    The cognitive dissonance must be painful.

    • Patrick says:

      I do not believe it is the role of the state to pre-occupy itself with matters of race. There is nothing stopping whites from breeding together if they want. I am not passsionte abot the issue of white racial preservation however I am not adverse to white racial prpeservation. Please read through all nmy statements before forming ideas about my positions.

  10. Bay Area Guy says:

    We already have Jews whose job it is to become hysterical: they call themselves the A.D.L.
    You’re killing me here, JAY!
    I just wonder whether or not they’re aware of how hypocritical they come across.

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