Racist serial killers – by an anonymous guest contributer

I emailed JAY a question about Abuelazam and it sounded like he was open to me writing a post on it. So here goes.
This has been a busy couple of weeks as far as mass murderers go. First, we have Omar Thornton in Connecticut and then there were the serial murders allegedly committed by Elias Abuelazam. I say “allegedly” only because he hasn’t been convicted yet. Unless you just fell off a turnip truck you know both stories had a bit of a racial angle to them.
The facts in the Omar Thornton case are simple. Omar was a black delivery driver for a Connecticut beer distributor.  On August 3 he was given a choice of resignation or termination for systematically stealing and reselling beer. There is video of the thefts.  While being escorted from the building he pulled out two handguns, murdered 8 white coworkers, and injured 2 more.  While waiting for the police to arrive he made a 911 call and said his motive was retribution for “racism”.  And then he killed himself.
In the aftermath of the shootings, interviews with his white live-in girlfriend quote her as saying he was a “gentle man” and “would never hurt another creature”.  Thornton’s best friend said he “snapped after years of being subjected to racist taunts by co-workers” and that “No one should have had to endure what that company put him through. Stuff on walls. Racist comments. I saw it with my own eyes.” Which is to say Omar told him so and showed him pictures of the “stuff on walls”.  In response, mainstream newspapers wrote stories that “vengeance” for “racism” had been the motive.
The only problem is that it wasn’t true. There were no racist comments or pictures on the bathroom walls and his co-workers hadn’t taunted him.  He had never even filed a complaint with the company or his union.  If he had then he would have won a lot of money with a discrimination lawsuit.  It was all the creation of a paranoid and mentally disturbed mind.  The only reason his friends and family thought otherwise is because of what he had told them.  But I’m not inclined to take the allegations of a mass murderer at face value.
Now, contrast this with the way the Elias Abuelazam case unfolded.  When police were looking for the suspect, the reports said he was a “white man” who was apparently “targeting blacks”.  Because we all know only “white men” can be serial killers.  And yet when they actually found the guy he was an Israeli.  How do we know this?  The newspapers all said it repeatedly.  So he was an Israeli and Israeli means JEWS!  And no doubt about it, the guy had an Israeli passport.  What’s worse, the media tried to gloss it over by sneaking vague references to him being from the “mixed” Jewish / Arab city of Ramle. They even quoted “unnamed” neighbors from Ramle that he was Christian.  Indeed, numerous comments on blogs crowed about how the “nazis must be disappointed”.  And sounded almost gleeful that it was a “Christian Arab”. That’s two birds with one stone eh?
But I’ve never considered “unnamed” neighbors a reliable source.  So I researched it extensively and still couldn’t come up with a concrete source for these claims.  In fact, the only thing I could come up with was that his mother had given an interview to an Israeli radio station in Arabic.  A smoking gun?  Not when half the Jews in Israel are Mizrahi immigrants from Arabic countries.  I suspect there are plenty of Jewish Israelis who grew up in Iraq or Lebanon and speak Arabic as their first language.  I’m guessing that could account for a last name of Abuelazam as well.  What’s more, I uncovered an interview with his former mother in law.  Apparently, she and her daughter are named HIRTH.  Now, we’re getting to the nitty gritty.  So a Christian Arab immigrates to the United States to marry a Jewish girl, eh?  Not bloody likely.
Oh shades of Columbine!  Does anyone remember the news coverage of the Columbine murders?  For the first couple of days news reports said Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were members of a “skinhead gang” called the Trench Coat Mafia.  And then after the skinhead rumours were firmly planted the newscasters dropped all references to skinheads.  As it turned out, the two teens were actually Jewish.  I haven’t trusted the mainstream media to report honestly on racial issues since.  But who am I kidding?  I never trusted them to start with.
And so I emailed JAY to see if he knew.  I figured he’d know and he’s one of the few people I’d trust to tell the truth.  He answered that he wasn’t exactly sure and didn’t trust the media to get it right, either.  He suggested Elias might actually be mixed.  Maybe.  Who knows? But a couple of more days have passed and I’ve run across another interview with his ex mother law in which she says unequivocally that he was Catholic.  I’ve known several Catholic Arabs so I’m going with Elias being a Christian Arab after all.  Though I suppose it’s possible he could still be mixed.  Like I said, who knows?
But as far as I’m concerned Elias isn’t really the story any more.  The MEDIA is the story now. First they said he was a white racist targeting blacks.  And it turns out the guy wasn’t all that white and he actually stabbed some whites and Hispanics, too.  Then they said the guy was an Israeli which everyone automatically assumes to be Jewish – I know I did!  And it turns out the guy was actually a Catholic Arab.  And this is right after the media tried to portray a black mass murderer as a victim of “racism”.  So can anyone blame me for being skeptical when the newspapers use unnamed sources and vague claims?  They can make their argument that it’s “racist” to want to know and that it shouldn’t matter.  But the truth is that it’s the first thing everyone wanted to know.  And all they did is cause confusion by pussy-footing around with it.  The Lesson is to never take the media at face value on anything even remotely controversial.  They’ve long since proven that they’re just not up to it.

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  1. jewamongyou says:

    There are plenty of Mizrahi Jews who sport Arabic sir-names. However very few of them still use Arabic as their first language. One can still find this among the older folks who are dying off. So, in my opinion, it is not very likely that Elias is a Mizrahi Jew. Good article though – whoever you are!

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    Wait, the Columbine shooters were Jewish?
    That’s interesting.
    First they said he was a white racist targeting blacks. And it turns out the guy wasn’t all that white and he actually stabbed some whites and Hispanics, too. Then they said the guy was an Israeli which everyone automatically assumes to be Jewish – I know I did! And it turns out the guy was actually a Catholic Arab. And this is right after the media tried to portray a black mass murderer as a victim of “racism”.
    And yet there’s supposedly all this “white privilege” out there. Riight.
    He actually stabbed some whites and Hispanics as well?
    Could someone provide links to the info about the Columbine kids and this serial stabber?
    This stuff just makes your blood boil.

    • Eugenicist says:

      Dylan Klebold was half Jewish. His co-conspirator Eric Harris, by all acounts the plot’s mastermind, was from a Christian but non-observant family.
      The idea of the Columbine killers targeting jocks and blacks is an old myth from the initial confusion after the event. They targeted no one; their plan (i.e., Eric’s plan) was to blow up the cafeteria with two large propane bombs, then shoot survivors as they fled the burning building.
      Link: http://www.davecullen.com/columbine.htm

      • jewamongyou says:

        I think, if you look into it, you’ll find a lot of “half-Jews” who have done horrible things. My theory on that is that these halflings lack any real ethnic/cultural identity. There is nothing to anchor them to any particular moral code beyond the generic stuff they (supposedly) learn at school. This may be why half-Jews and alienated Jews are more vulnerable to destructive cults and creeds that pop up now and then.

      • Eugenicist says:

        Interesting theory, JAY. Harris was the psychopath, but Klebold’s lack of an identity/moral code might have made him more susceptible to Harris’s influence. Probably Harris picked up on Klebold’s personality and chose him to be his accomplice, instead of someone else.
        When you read Klebold’s journals, he doesn’t really strike you as a mass-murderer waiting to happen. Lots of typical teenage stuff, pining for a girl, angst, suicidal ideation, etc. Harris, on the other hand, opens his journal with “I hate the fucking world” and just continues in that vein.

  3. countenance says:

    Bay Area Guy,
    I did hear in a lot of the credible sources that one of the two Columbine killer’s grandmother was not only Jewish, but an actual German death camp survivor. The theory was that her grandson heavily immersed himself in Nazi periphenelia merely to shock her, and to whet his rebellious side.

    • Eugenicist says:

      You heard wrong. Neither of the killers were really into Nazi paraphernalia. Eric Harris admired the Nazis only because they killed so many people. He thought they didn’t go far enough and should have wiped humans off the earth…maybe it’s a good thing he died at eighteen and not twenty-nine.

  4. anon says:

    Bay Area,
    I wrote the article and I have a responsibility to clarify the claims. The Columbine shootings were over 10 yrs ago and I was relying on memory. So I’ve been researching and there are a lot of contradictory claims regarding Nazism, Judaism, homosexuality and the “Trench Coat Mafia”. But I can’t find anything regarding Eric Harris’ ancestry or religion. So I retract that portion.
    Apparently Eric Harris did have a fascination with Hitler but as this Salon article points out, his fascination was motivated by his admiration of mass murder and not ideology. His journal entries clearly indicate he was a psychopath, not a nazi.
    “If you recall your history the Nazis came up with a ‘final solution’ to the Jewish problem: kill them all. Well in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I say ‘Kill mankind.’ No one should survive.”
    “We hate niggers, spicks … and let’s not forget you white P.O.S. [pieces of shit] also. We hate you.”
    “You know what I hate? Racism. Anyone who hates Asians, Mexicans, or people of any race because they’re different.”

    Though I found some claims that Dylan Klebold was a “Hitler admirer” I haven’t seen any evidence for this. I think people took some of Eric Harris’ quotes regarding nazism and lumped Dylan Klebold in with them. As far as Klebold’s ancestry and religion are concerned I’m actually going to cite two Jewish sources which are arguing against him being Jewish. They’re the best discussion of the topic I found.
    I don’t think nazism or judaism either one played a role in Harris’ or Klebold’s motives. If it had then they probably wouldn’t have been friends in the first place. My whole point with the graph on Columbine was not to say they did it because they were jewish. But to say the media falsely portrayed them as nazis and skinheads while ignoring the jewish connection.
    On the other hand, the Jewish sources I linked make a strong case that too much was made of the Jewish connection as well. In light of this I regret writing it the way I did.
    As it turned out, the two teens were actually Jewish.
    should read
    As it turned out, one of the teans even had a jewish background.

  5. anon says:

    Bay Area,
    He actually stabbed some whites and Hispanics as well?
    I thought there were several because of this NPR quote.
    Most of the victims were black but there were Hispanic and white people stabbed as well.
    But the Guardian says:
    All but two of the 18 targets were black. One was Hispanic and one white.
    I can’t find the link now but I saw an interview with the white victim saying he didn’t think it was racially motivated. And judging from the injuries he showed it didn’t look like the slasher had taken it easy on him.
    Also, the confusion continues. A lot of the headlines are still just calling him an “Israeli”. His ex mother in law says he’s “catholic”. And now this article says, Abuelazam, a member of Ramle’s Greek Orthodox community, attended two prestigious Catholic schools, they said. It’s been 4 days and people still don’t know what he is.
    I’m not the only one with this POV. I didn’t know it when I wrote the above article but I just saw an article on American Thinker making the same points I made. Though they were smart enough not to wade into Columbine territory! 🙂

  6. http://supporteliasabuelazam.wordpress.com/
    For the record, a traditional Jihadist would proclaim his love for Allah when he or she was arrested.
    Elias is a nice person and he does talk about God because he is Christian Orthodox. He quotes verses from the Bible, not the Koran. Their is a lot of mistakes in the “evidence” collected because none of this crap is true. Elias Abuelazam is innocent!
    By the way, Elias’ mom moved to the states so he could live and work here as a youngster. His former 2 wives were white women.

  7. WGoddess says:

    Since you idiots are basing your opinions and assertions about Harris& Klebold on the work of Dave Cullen, you should be aware that he’s nothing but a lying , opportunistic famewhore and his book is riddled with odious lies . Then again if you knew anything substantive about Columbine, you wouldn’t have quoted him in the first place would you?

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