Tennessee: Dusk or Dawn? by Hunter Wallace

Hunter Wallace has recently posted a synopsis on the fortune of conservative/white causes in the state of Tennessee.  While I agree with him that there is cause for hope, there are a few critiques I would like to offer.
First and foremost, I object to the term “progressive” being used for leftists or their ideas.  They are not “progressive”.  In truth, our ideas are progressive and those of leftists are old, rusty and impractical.  Leftist ideology has held sway for at least two generations.  Leftists are “the establishment” and they are the “old ways” that we now struggle to break away from.
Secondly, while it is true that mainstream “conservative” Americans (red Americans, if you will) share some of our concerns, I am not convinced that Mr. Wallace is justified in his optimism.  He sees such conservatism as a useful watered-down version of us.  As for me, I think that it can be a dangerous inoculation against us.  As a “weaker form” of our movement, it can have the same effect as administering an inert form of small-pox to a child;  it fools the body into creating anti-bodies against the real small-pox.  As long as Americans can feel good about themselves for supporting “conservative” ideas, they will feel no need to embrace the real thing.
Lastly, I do not understand why Mr. Wallace refers to the War between the States as “the Civil War”.  The latter term is not only inaccurate, but it does not show support for Southerners.  I think that, within a post dealing with Tennessee (a Southern state), we should have more deference to Southern sensibilities and show our support through the terms we use.
I hope, of course, that Mr. Wallace turns out to be justified in his optimism.  Aside from the above points, I say: keep up the good work Hunter!

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2 Responses to Tennessee: Dusk or Dawn? by Hunter Wallace

  1. Harvey says:

    I just today was made aware of a new book entitled “Lincoln uber Alles”. It is published by Pelican Press of Gretna, Louisiana. The author whose name escapes me right now is from Nashville, Tennessee.
    He does discuss the Paris Commune of 1848, of which I know little. But he addresses its affect on/in Germany, rather than France. I have been told I would be surprised at how many Generals in the Union Army had been members of the Commune in 1848. How true that is I know not.
    My friend found the book on ebay at around $10.00. S&H were about $3.50. Hardback. One may wish to review the volume for consideration…
    Best to all…

  2. fred says:

    It looks like Hunter at least has the good sense to discourage others from chasing after fringe groups. I think the idiocy by irrelevant radicals clamoring for attention is largely responsible for the bad taste most people have concerning white issues. I’d like to see a genuine shift to the right among mainstream conservatism such that those noisemakers get frozen out.

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