Obesity and miscengenation

Today I saw a disturbing interracial couple that epitomizes the well-known stereotype: the black man was dumb-looking, primitive and brutish while the white woman was painfully ugly and obese.  As they walked down the street, the woman’s expression seemed to say, “look what all you white men have done to me!  Because so many of you rejected me, I am forced to date a negro.”  Though I have no way of knowing for sure, they did not appear to be a happy couple.
Some of us, having always been skinny, might be harsh toward the woman and blame her for not having lost weight.  After all, the vast majority of thin women are considered attractive by enough men that finding a decent match would not be too difficult for her.  Having been more or less svelte my entire life, it is difficult for me to imagine the great effort that must be expended in order to win the war against obesity.  I do, however, know at least one woman whose mating prospects are extremely dim due to her plus size.  Because of this (and some other things) she is a miserable person.  If it were easy to become thin, then surely people like her would have already done it.
I wonder if there would be any change in miscegenation rates if somebody invented a safe and cheap “skinny pill”.  Perhaps then obese white women would have more prospects among their own race and perhaps then black women would be more attractive to black men.
While I do not claim to have the answers to the above, I hope that the subject will be discussed and debated. It would be interesting to read some opinions on this.

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12 Responses to Obesity and miscengenation

  1. Peter says:

    Hi, first time commenter. While you see the interracial pairing as a result of the woman’s inability to lose weight and attract a decent mate among her rate, I see things slightly different than you. When I see a couple that looks as you describe (him brutish, her obese), I can’t help but think that her appearance is the RESULT of her coupling decision. That is, she might have been thin (if still stupid) to begin with, but the actual relationship instead caused her to become obese, as a result of:
    1. Black men’s penchant for big posteriors,
    2. Unhealthy black diets that focus on fried and barbecued foods,
    3. Sedentary lifestyles that eschew outdoors activities.
    I live in Germany and have seen enough of the pairings you have described above involving black soldiers and German women, the latter of whom tend to be thin or fit prior to their interracial relationship. After some period of time engaged in such relationships, however, their looks appear to have gone south on them, they’ve packed on the pounds, and they seem to have adopted the very same crabby persona of the black women that their mate originally shied away from.
    Great blog anyway!

  2. fred says:

    I’ve seen what the article suggests as well as what Peter suggests. I think the majority of the “before” pictures would show mostly unattractive women with a few moderately attractive and an occasional hottie. But the “after” pics would show every single one of them with a drastic decline in appearance. And that decline only increases with time.

  3. Ryan says:

    There is some truth to the fact that when you are with another race it feels a bit like payback, this coming from someone who was in a common law relationship with a white woman for about 5 years. She wasn’t at first a feminist but it got worse as the years went on, to the point where I who is very egaltarian and all for equality of the sexes felt like I was in the wrong just for being male. It’s experiences like that that if I find myself singe again from current wife, then I will be very cautious when getting involved with another White woman.
    White women are being brainwashed that they are exploited and men are wicked, evil, and abusive.

    • Frank says:

      I can understand why men of all races desire White women. They are most beautiful of all creatures. The most exquisite.
      But, Ryan, its a noble thing to get a woman in your race. You ought to have enough Pride in your own race to raise a child of your race with its Heritage, Beliefs, Traditions…etc..
      For a man to intentionally seek a woman of another race shows the lack of Character, Dignity and Integrity…Pride and Respect for who and what you are.
      Ofcourse thats just MY opinion. It wasnt meant to ridicule you in any way. Thats just how I feel.

      • Jenny says:

        Are you saying that it is worse for a White man to marry a Non-White woman than it is for a White woman to marry a Non-White man? Please clarify. Thanks.

      • Ryan says:

        Perhaps if you come from a place obsessed with racial purity, which I wasn’t at the time and still aren’t. I really don’t care what race of a person you are with or what race you are, so long as you’re happy and content.
        The point of my post was to point out how feminism is rampant in our society which more than anything has hurt our birthrates and demonized men. Where I live is one of the more liberal places on the planet, and we don’t have the legacy of the south, segregation, or much of a history of Black/White communities living side by side.
        I’m not American, and I don’t have the same culture as you guys down south. I bounced between extremes since I was a teen from hard core angry racist/kill all the non-whites to a liberal good hearted person, to what I am now which is a moderate good hearted person. I only actually researched racial politics since I started dating a non-white and I had my eyes opened to the reality of what is going on. So don’t assume I should have known better or think differently because of your world view which may have been more informed of the situation. I’m not you and we don’t have the same experiences.

  4. Spartan24 says:

    As someone who struggles with her weight I have heard all the comments about weight loss and let them roll off. I also have a medical condition that makes it difficult to get below a certain point although with exercise and medication I can maintain a size 12-14. I will say that women in interracial relationships tend to be abuse victims and as such tend to gain weight since eating often has an emotional aspect to it. When I finally got away from my horrible middle eastern ex I had ballooned to the point that I was invisible to men.

    • fred says:

      I personally prefer a woman with curves rather than a woman with the figure of a 12 yr old boy. Whether 12-14 is overweight depends on the person and frame size. After all, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14/16.

  5. kman says:

    We have a female family who decided to have a series of pregancies and children with black men. (unmarried all the while). Investigation easily shows that she engaged in this for the sole purpose of hurting her father whom she unreasonably resented for excercising normal and prudent parental discipline.
    The result? we now have a mixed race nephew and niece who have lowered the family standards of behavior and achievement.
    How many interacial pairings are the result of a dyfunctional female using her only asset to hurt others?

  6. tryclosan says:

    I doubt a “get thin quick” pill would decrease mating between white females and black males. Among the reasons:
    1. Obesity being banished, some other physical trait would be singled out for scorn and this group of women would find blacks as their only option. Fat women weren’t always considered unattractive. It used to be difficult to be fat because food was expensive. The standards of beauty changed as society changed and the same would happen if obesity was eliminated.
    2. Among other reasons, blacks court non-blacks because having a non-black girlfriend is a status symbol. Many whites do the same.
    3. It’s not just fat ugly white girls who want to have sex with black men. MTV, CNN, commercials and movies constantly depict blacks as superior and/or downtrodden by evil whites. Blacks are still the flavor of the month and this gives blacks, especially black males, an advantage as far as being attractive to the opposite sex.

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