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Just visited my grandson in California

I wanted to share a few thoughts about my visit to Southern California to see my first grandson. It had been a while since I’d visited the Los Angeles area.  Most striking to me was the extent of the demographic … Continue reading

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Albert Speer and the "ice people"

A few years back, black nationalist Leonard Jeffries made his infamous remark that whites were ice people while blacks were sun people.  Many felt scandalized by those remarks.  Many others tried to interpret them, each according to his own views.  … Continue reading

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Sokal's nonsense,the Kabbalah and leftism

Long ago and far away I was a teenager attending a Lubavitcher yeshiva.  I plainly remember sitting among other students as the rabbi tried explaining a pivotal Kabbalistic concept to us.  Combining the most serious expression he could muster and … Continue reading

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E-cigarettes and copyleft

With millions of smokers eager to kick the habit, and the rest of us just as eager to help them, you would think that innovations such as e-cigarettes would be in good standing with the powers that be.  Apparently, this … Continue reading

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Shame on Vdare

While it is important to forge allies with those who share our beliefs, I think that some sort of standards should be upheld.  I find Vdare’s decision to feature the article “Let My Brothers-In-Law Go – Home” on their front … Continue reading

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Those pesky do-gooder Muslims

These days, it is easy to hate Islam and, by extension, to hate Muslims.  After all, they have been responsible for notorious terrorist attacks, for swamping white homelands with demanding immigrants and imposing a regime of fear upon most of … Continue reading

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Worshipping a mass murderer

Who was the worst mass murderer in recorded history?  Many people would instinctively answer “Hitler” – and they would be wrong.  Stalin was certainly worse in this regard; he was responsible for about twenty million deaths (mere statistics, in his … Continue reading

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Kosher and halal

In order for meat/poultry to be kosher, the animal must be slaughtered by an observant Jew.  Its throat must be cut using a sharp blade and in one stroke.  The animal is then inspected to verify it had no maladies … Continue reading

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The Jewish kingdom of Adiabene

Some of you may have noticed a new addition in the links section of this blog.  It is called “State of Exile” and it includes many articles and links of Jewish interest.  One of the links is to a website … Continue reading

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The confusion between SES and race

One of the most common tricks leftists use, in order to blind the public to the realities of race, is to imply that by controlling for SES (socioeconomic status), they can reveal that race is of little importance.  Examples of … Continue reading

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