Selling racial equalitarianism

I was in sales for much of my adult life.  I used to sell computers and, in the eyes of our bosses, it was as important to sell our extended warranties as it was to sell the actual hardware.  Generally, we offered two versions of our hardware warranty: the two year option and the four year option.  One of the techniques we were trained to use was the “either/or” technique.  We would give our presentation and then ask our customer, “so, would you like the two year protection plan or the four year protection plan?”  We were not to give him the option of “no protection plan”.  As long as all the listed options were profitable for our company, we could succeed in making money.
The mass media works in much the same way when selling its diversity agenda.  The New York Daily News recently ran an article about the lack of ethnic and gender diversity in the FDNY (Fire Department City of New York).  In essence, they were upset that too few minorities and women are in the Fire Department.  To the side of the main article is a survey:
As you can see, “minorities have, on average, lower I.Q.’s than whites” is not an option.  In the comments section, I politely pointed this out and also mentioned that women do not have, on average, as much upper body strength as men.  It is highly likely that my comment will be flagged and removed by the end of the day.

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4 Responses to Selling racial equalitarianism

  1. fred says:

    I’ve heard that called the “overton window”. The goal is to structure the range of acceptable opinions so as to continually push public opinion in the desired direction.

  2. fred says:

    I just realized the link I copied points to the section concerning “media”. And there is no mention of it actually being used in media. Only that Beck wrote a book called the “Overton Window”. Surely, wikipedia could have found some examples of newsmedia having been caught employing the tactic. After all, Bernie Goldberg has written several books about it.

  3. Erranter says:

    Been to a university lately? They have all these diversity requirement classes now that require you to make decisions just like this all the time. “Anthropology” pretty much only exists in blogs nowadays; in the university it has been hijacked by the political machine. And I fear there may not be much of the humanities left, save a few mavericks here and there, in less than twenty years’ time.

  4. Brian says:

    Your comments are still there, although the data free responses are fairly predictable.
    I’ve added another comment – will see if it provokes any outrage:
    “The reason for the disparity is the same reason why the majority of people over 6 foot 5 are men. There are average group differences. As Bruce Lahn & Lanny Ebenstein wrote last year in Nature, people need to accept human genetic diversity as a byproduct of diverse evolution.”

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