Shame on Vdare

While it is important to forge allies with those who share our beliefs, I think that some sort of standards should be upheld.  I find Vdare’s decision to feature the article “Let My Brothers-In-Law Go – Home” on their front page disturbing.  The author of this piece, a certain Hal Netkin, boasts on his website that he…

… is Jewish, is married to a Latina who illegally immigrated from Mexico in 1989 (now a proud U.S. Citizen), and Hal and his wife have three adopted daughters whose combined ancestry is Mexican, Honduran, and Filipino. An older daughter of Hal’s is married to a Black-American, and Hal’s brother’s wife immigrated from El Salvador. How’s that for family diversity?

Mr. Netkin supposedly believes in principles that are “strong, traditional and decent”.  One wonders whose “tradition” he believes in since his own family seems to have no specific tradition it can call its own.  If he studied American history, he would know that this sort of “diversity” is not what made America great.  Instead, he would realize that the “diversity” he so celebrates is responsible for the very corruption he himself bemoans in Los Angeles.
Vdare is supposed to be one of our greatest allies in the struggle to preserve the white race and its civilizations.   There is no lack of competent writers who share this goal.  What would possess them to scoop sewage sludge from the gutters of Los Angeles in order to populate their website?

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11 Responses to Shame on Vdare

  1. fred says:

    A family finds strength in its heritage and community. What he’s done is to rob his family of that strength. By featuring him on their page they have given him their blessing. That’s not an example I would choose.

  2. Gaurav Ahuja says:

    I already stopped reading The editor of the website has sent his kids to government schools (in a state where home schooling is very easy). He is also hypocritical, since he calls for the complete privatisation of schools and yet has sent at least one of his children to a government school. We can stop giving the website hits, links (referring people to the website), and money. Then, we should discourage other people from reading the website. Content is widespread and dispersed. If any website disappoints you, you do not need to keep reading the website because there are many more websites that have similar content for just about any topic.

  3. Annoyed says:

    That is pretty bizarre.

  4. Bay Area Guy says:

    I go to VDare for articles by Paul Craig Roberts, as well as to look at old Sam Francis articles.
    But otherwise, I don’t bother.
    Alternative Right and Occidental Observer are much better.
    (though Alternative Right has been a bit stagnant lately)

  5. countenance says:

    Bay Area Guy:
    Like anything, you have to read carefully. I’m leery of AltRight, b/c Richard Spencer just took a swipe at Christine O’Donnell, rehashing all the bromides we heard for two weeks.
    Aside from that, there’s too much Anti-Semitism at AltRight and A3P.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Personally, I only go to Alternative Right for the occasional Alex Kurtagic article. Kurtagic usually writes excellent stuff. Elizabeth Wright (who is interestingly enough black) also has some good stuff, as well as Paul Gottfried.
      But I’ve never been a big fan of Richard Spencer. There was one point were Alt Right had nothing but articles by Richard Spencer, and it sucked.

  6. countenance says:

    V-Dare isn’t perfect, (I’ve had some online run-ins with them, the row being over Brimelow’s delusion that we can get the black vote based on immigration frustration), but the main reason I keep reading it is for the H-1B/outsourcing articles and Sailer.

  7. jewamongyou says:

    “I’d be down to just my own and yours.”
    Thanks countenance! As for their swipe at you, it looks like they missed the point entirely about associating with the NAACP.

  8. JL says:

    I read only Sailer’s pieces at Vdare and whatever he occasionally recommends there. I think Brimelow features people like Netkin so that when someone accuses Vdare of being a white nationalist site, he can point to them as evidence of how wonderfully diverse Vdare is.

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