Just visited my grandson in California

I wanted to share a few thoughts about my visit to Southern California to see my first grandson.
It had been a while since I’d visited the Los Angeles area.  Most striking to me was the extent of the demographic transformation.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been largely sheltered from this.  When I think of all the leftists who, when the subject of race, is brought up to them, love to reply, “I do not recognize ‘race’; it means nothing to me and it is therefore of no importance” – I wonder if their attitudes will change as they grow old and find themselves increasingly isolated in a dangerous world.  For, as we all know, race is very important to the mestizos, blacks and Asians who are inheriting this nation.  In their eyes, those isolated whites (leftist or not) are hostile aliens, to be dealt with accordingly.
My daughter, though not religious at all, decided to have my grandson circumcised by a rabbi.  I’m pleased to say it was obvious that he felt no pain at all and there was also very little blood.  The whole procedure was clean, painless and very informal.  Of course, this is not always the case but, apparently, it is not unusual either.  In any event, my grandson is just as cute as ever and none the worse for wear.
During a chat with a family elder about child-rearing, she mentioned that in her day there were no books or articles giving advice how to raise children other than Dr. Spock.  I told her that, back then, there was little need for such books; America was still 90% white and Western European tradition was still alive and well.  People simply raised their children as they, themselves, were raised.  For the most part, those children grew up to be productive and happy adults.  Only when massive numbers of non-European immigrants began flooding the country did Americans experience an identity crisis.  That’s when they started having doubts how to raise their children and it was this void that such books tried to fill.
As for the weather, it was interesting timing on my part: Los Angeles experienced its hottest day ever at 113 degrees (maybe more; the official thermometer stopped working at that point) during my visit.

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  1. latte island says:

    I disagree with your point about Dr. Spock. I was born in the 1950’s, when America was mostly white, and my immediate neighborhood was even more white. My parents raised me and my older brother according to Dr. Spock, i.e., more permissively than our parents were raised, by their religious, traditional Jewish immigrant parents. So people of my parents’ generation were not reacting against the demographic changes in America, they were more likely rebelling against the strict upbringing they got from their immigrant parents. This wouldn’t apply to non-immigrant families. I have no idea why established American families turned to Dr. Spock…maybe their parents were too strict, too? I’d say, just social change in general, related to WWII and technology, not non-European immigration, which didn’t happen ’til long after the first Dr. Spock generation.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Actually I wasn’t making any point about Dr. Spock; he was the exception back then since there was less need for books such as his. My point was about the proliferation of other books on the same subject that happened later. Not to say there was NO need for Dr. Spock’s books. The children of immigrants found him useful, as you point out.

  2. icr says:

    Only when massive numbers of non-European immigrants began flooding the country did Americans experience an identity crisis.
    No, it began during the Sixties Cultural Revolution of 1965-70-when the immigration laws were changed, but before the mass immigration began-when the Sexual Revolution and militant Minority Identity Politics arose. Thus began Second-Wave Feminism-which started with the destigmatization of illegitimacy and female promiscuity, this becoming mainstream in the ’70’s. Blacks became the first of the privileged state-sponsored “victims”, this leading inevitably to institutionalized Multiculti-Diversity.
    Her’s an unusual example of how civic cohesion has been lost:

  3. Bay Area Guy says:

    You can have diversity or you can have a functioning 1st world country, but you cannot have both.

    • Erranter says:

      You could probably put together a damn good state of East Asians, Whites and Jews, provided they had a similar culture.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Well, I guess I should have clarified.
      You cannot have “certain” kinds of diversity (ie. mainly black and to a smaller extent brown) and still have a 1st world nation.
      There is a 1st world city where whites and Asians predominate: It’s called San Francisco.

    • Beltway Boy says:

      I think you could certainly have diversity and maintain a poweful nation. All you have to do is limit the reprodution of these groups to their more intelligent members.

  4. Flossie says:

    Similarly, you can’t have both open borders and a welfare state — at least not for long.

  5. Pearlestein says:

    You guys should post some comments on the Village Voice site in relation to this appalling article. They seem to just assume that the demographic changes aren’t something to be concerned about.
    White America Has Lost its Mind

  6. Eman says:

    “My daughter, though not religious at all, decided to have my grandson circumcised by a rabbi.”
    When and if she has a daughter will she have her circumcised as well?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to compare male circumcision to female genital mutilation.
      A gentile acquaintance recently asked my opinion on whether or not he should have his newborn son circumcised. I advised him against it. I told him, “why not let him decide when he’s old enough to do so?” But I don’t see the problem with us Jews carrying on our ancient traditions whose risks are minimal.

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